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Having recently changed to a new Westinghouse Dishwasher as our LG died i thought I would spoil it by only using the premium brand products, which have worked perfectly. But after reading the glowing reports on Product Reviews I thought I would give Aldi a go. To be honest I was a bit sceptical as they are a quarter of the price.
To test, I cooked the Aldi slow cooked beef brisket in a bowl (very nice meal) which left that nearly burnt on gravy on the bowl. This would call for considerable work by hand.
To be fair I put the washer on "Intensive" and after the wash everything, bowl and all, were immaculate. So now I am an absolute convert. Their Rinse aid is equally as good. Do the math...Aldi tablets about .20 cents...Finish about .50 cents
Aldi Rinse aid $2+ a bottle...Finish...$8+ a bottle

Used both tablet and plain powder

I found the tablets did not dissolve, but then i switched to the norman bottle and measured it out. I now no longer have an issue with buildup powder at the bottom of my machine

Sorry, not suitable for my needs

Despite reading all the positive feedback that made me try these tablets, I was disappointed with the results.
I have a Miele dishwasher which has a special glass wash setting. After using a full pack of these tablets, they certainly cleaned everything but when used on fine wine glasses, have left markings that are only slowly disappearing now I'm back to Finish and Fairy Platinum.
Not recommended on anything delicate, stick to the daily workhorse uses.

Logix Platinum

Fantastic product and great value for money. I have switched from the more expensive brands due to the economic climate we are in and have NOT LOOKED back. This product is used in my Bosch Dishwasher and so far no issues - no complaint from me. Highly recommended product :)

Works like expensive brands

I started using the platinum tablets after purchasing the dishwasher at Aldi as it recommends logix products. They are great value for money and work just as well as the more expensive brand names.

Better than Finish Tablets!

I've used Finish for years due to our Dishwasher manufacturer recommending them. After choice reviewed them with very good reviews, i decided that i'd give them a go, much better than Finish tables and about 1/4 the price!! I don't like that the wrapper isn't dissolvable, but for the mega savings that i'll make (and cleaner dishes) i don't mind unwrapping them

Definatly give them a go!

Better than Finish

I have always used Finish tablets and powder because of their reputation. The Aldi ones came up on special and I thought I would give them a try. They work really well - much better than Finish. We have far fewer things that don't come out clean, no streaking, and the filter section stays clean now. We have a Meile dishwasher and I use these on the normal wash cycle.

Works fantastically!

After trying a few well known brands of tablets gels and powders, I have these tabs a go and they have worked the best out of all of them :-)
I currently have 300 sitting in my cupboard after buying the 100 pack special boxes they brought out briefly.
I won't be buying any other kind for a long time!


Tried for the first yime and was amazed with how clean my copper based pots came out. No trouble with the wrapper disolving. Previous reviews may be due to the temperature of the dishwasher. I have a meile and always use on eco setting without any problem. Will definitely be replacing my finish quantam and kirkland tablets

Wrapper not dissolving

Had been using finish tablets with no problem. Tried these Aldi tablets after all the good reviews and only to find that the wrappers doesn't dissolve probably leaving dishes unclean...

Great product

Having used finish quantum tablets for the last 5 years I was really reluctant to trying anything else. But because I started shopping at aldi for most of my shopping almost a year ago I decided to try these. I always use my dishwasher on the heavy duty cycle, so that its hotter because I NEVER pre rinse my dishes. After the first use, I knew I would not ever pay for finish again. The dishes always come out super clean, even my baking dishes. The finish ones never cleaned my baking dishes properly. Saves so much money and they are great. I have also tried the aldi dishwashing powder in the bottle. Cheaper again and same cleaning as tablets! I rave about this to EVERYBODY!!

These dishwasher tablets are a waste of money

Having gone through a bulk purchase of Quantum dishwashing tablets, I thought I would try the ALDI brand as they are sooo much cheaper. This was a mistake. Even though the advertising on the pack says the wrapper is dissolvable, at the end of my long heavy duty Bosch wash, the tablet has only slightly dissolved & sits in the front of the top rack. I have tried taking the wrapper off, tried positioning the tablet in the dispenser differently to no avail. I am returning my unopened pack for a refund.

Not good

Not only did these not dissolve but my cutlery had rust spots on them.

I have since gone back to using Woolworths Select or Earth Choice dishwashing tablets that both deliver superior performance.

Good quality product. Beats Finish tablets hands down.

Have been using Finish Quantum for a few years in our Omega dishwasher. Although it always cleaned I noticed small rust spots on cutlery after using the dishwasher ( I assume this is from the tablet residue). Decided to give Aldi's Logix Platinum a go. Been using them for a month. They are better than Finish. No rust spots from the tablet residue. Does an excellent clean and even noticed that the filter basket didn't have the usual fatty/greasy feel to it when emptying and cleaning. Recommended.

Cheap and works

Being a tight arse through and through I do a lot of shopping at Aldi. So after getting a dishwasher for the first time ever I purchased some of their dishwashing tablets. They do what they say. Clean my dishes in my dishwasher. At $7.99 for 40 that is go value.

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You need to pull it from the shelves. The tablets are not dissolving and leaving bits of tablet everywhere. Dishes have a dried rough chemical feel. Should get it tested. Your tablets dont give that clean feel. Not safe to use if they are leaving bits of tablets on stuff you eat and drink off
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Will the logix platinum dishwashing tablets suit Envirocycle units? thank you.
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Sorry I am no expert on dishwashers. I have a Fisher & Paykel. The other popular brands cleaned my dishes but I thought I'd try the Aldi one, but as I said in my review I had to literally wash everything before I put them in the dishwasher.Dorothy thank u ,try a husband they are used to washing dishes.

Is your product Chemical Free?
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Sorry I don't know, I threw the box away. I found Logix a complete waste of money.

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