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FURminator Long Hair Dog deShedding Tool

FURminator Long Hair Dog deShedding Tool

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  • Effectively removes loose hair

  • Easy to use

  • Leaves fur looking clean


15 reviews

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David M.
David M.
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FURminator dog hair deshedding brushes are overpriced and absolute rubbish! You will absolutely regret buying one because you will never use it. You'd be better off with any other kind of brush or comb. So don't buy one.

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Purchased in May 2018 for $59.99.

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Anne S
Anne SMelbourne
  • 5 reviews

More hair shed


Furminator markets as no more hair on your carpet. I have a small retriever, who is an inside dog (apart from night bed) who is washed/groomed every 3 weeks. Each time I use FURminator it pulls out heaps of fine hair, which looks more like new growth than "dead" hair. Problem is that for next 2 weeks I end up with hair all over the carpets. Rather than stop hair, I seem to end up with more hair on carpet.
Pulls out lots of fine hair
End up with heaps more hair shedding for next 2 weeks

Questions & Answers

Long Hair Dog deShedding Tool

What size furminator is best for a Japanese spitz?

4 answers
David M.
David M.

I wouldn't buy any Furminator for any dog.


Thanks David. Why do you say this? is it too rough? I'm new to this.

Dena F.
Dena F.

I would not use a furminator on any spitz breed. Don't use them on puppies either. Spitz dogs are double coated, with very long, fine, soft fur. The furminator is supposed to pull dead hair out, the double comb system will tangle in the fine, soft fur and pull chunks out. I would expect this will hurt your dog. Google best brush for spitz and check out the recommendations for combs and pin brushes, which you can get at all pet food & supplier shops.

Lotus L.
Lotus L.asked
Long Hair Dog deShedding Tool

My dog's breed is mum: blue cattle dog, dad: red cattle cross dingo. Although I am suspicious that grandma or grandad could have had husky or german shepherd judging by his coat. He is 3 years old and 20kg. Which furminator should I buy?

2 answers
Dena F.
Dena F.

Hi, it seems like your dog has a medium length coat and is medium size. I would stick to a medium size Furminator because the small will break. If your do is stocky you could get the large. Remember the "blade" doesn't curve so won't wrap round him/her. You just want strength in the teeth.


My dog is a Siberian husky x alpine dingo. Got the husky eyes but rest can't deny dingo so didn't get the long thick coat. But the fur OMG it never stops. I tried EVERY tool on the market and it wasn't until we got a medium (the large tool didn't for big dogs wouldn't get around the dog as kindly) Didn't get the one for long fur either. And your dogs coats aren't technically long coated.
The great thing about the Furninator is that it gets the "wool" base layer coat too, and 2nd level and the longer top. Mine has 3 layers. Don't brush vigorously and fast like many do with regular grooming tools nor push too hard, more a stroking glide over your dog/s and not too much focus on 1 spot to "get all those hairs out" .... i did make this error and noticed bruising/ reddened skin damage on my boos back straps in areas once where obviously ive brushed too much too long. Over groomed for the week, was malting (spaying fur , every day its just fur flys off him even as he walks - it turns out Dingos acctually malt worse than huskies do. More constantly anyhow) I never do anything but glide, let the weight of the brush almost be it to drop and hold its own weight on pooch and pull softly over. Could just be my boy has thinner skin or that... the micro teeth on the blade do scape the skin and micro scratches occur. That's the only caution i could give about this product.
You will never ever regret buying one of these. They do the cats marvellously also. They look harsh but they aren't and they don't damage any of the fur. But .... heres an example, ive shown people how i can brush from top of my head , wavey medium length fine hair, right through to the ends and not have snags, breakages or damage to mine. So.... a medium size brush, medium/short coat grade will work for you and yours

Ann S.
Ann S.asked
Long Hair Dog deShedding Tool

What is the difference between a cat and a dog fulminator. The pets are the same size.

1 answer
Dena F.
Dena F.

Technically, if the same width and length of "bristles" they are the same, but I wouldn't be using the dog's Furminator on your cat. If your cat could talk, he/she would be telling you that the dog's smell is on the brush, and so it's not fair to then spread it all over your cat. I have separate brushes for my cat and dogs. We humans have about 5 million olfactory receptors in our noses (microscopic proteins that allow us to detect odors). Cats have 45 million to 80 million receptors, but they can't measure up to the average dog, whose snout holds between 149 million and 300 million receptors. Thinking about it, I bet your dog doesn't want the cat's smell brushed onto him/her either.

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FURminator Long Hair Dog deShedding Tool



  • The FURminator Long Hair Dog deShedding Tool comes in a range of sizes - from small to “giant” - making it suitable for use on pooches of all sizes.
  • It features a stainless steel edge which easily reaches beneath the topcoat to gently remove loose hair - and it does all this without nicking your dog’s skin.
  • It also reduces loose hair from shedding up to 90% when you use it regularly.
  • The tool has an ergonomic handle, making it easy and comfortable to remove your dog’s undercoat hair.
  • A curved edge on the deShedding tool makes it glide over and follow your pet’s natural shape, so you know grooming is comfortable for your canine as well.
  • You can release hair from the tool’s edge at the push of a FURejector button, allowing for an easy and fuss-free clean up.
  • The deShedding Tool can range from $43 to $73, depending on the size of the brush.

Points of praise:

  • Most reviewers said that the deShedding Tool effectively removed loose hair from their dog’s undercoat - some said after they started using the tool they didn’t need to vacuum as much.
  • They also said it was easy to use, citing the ergonomic design as one reason for this.
  • Some reviewers said it left their pooch’s fur looking clean and as if they had just bathed their dog.
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