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Love N Care Baby Bath and Stand BP 520


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Does the bath comes with a tube? I'm planning to use it with the stand. Can't image lifting a full bath to empty it.
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Not that I know of. Keep in mind, we never put that much water in it so its not that heavy to lift for emptying. Alternatively, you could have a little bucket to scoop some of the water out if it is too heavy. But all in all, it was a very good bath and of great quality that has now been used for at least 5 toddlers and still going strong. (Not all the toddlers mine!!!!)Yes, the bath came with a tube. Hope that helps.Hi Mai, Yes it does come with a tube for easy draining. Just be careful not to drag the stand with the heavy tub of water. Over time my wheels started falling off and I had to keep attaching it back. Best if used near the shower/basin/bath so the tube can reach without dragging the stand. Hope this helps u decide.

Hi, I would just like to know if the bath has a plug at the bottom to drain the water or do you need to tip the water out manually? Thanks, Sarah
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Hi Sarah, Yes, it has a plug at the bottom which is very well designed for easily draining the water out.

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