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Love N Care Classic

Love N Care Classic

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Awful cot

The recommended cot mattress (grotime) does not fit the cot well. The mattress slides in the cot, there is a 5cm gap in areas between cot and mattress. I called love n care HQ and they said oh you need room to tuck the blankets. Well once baby starts moving you don't use blankets anymore. The gap is dangerous. The cot is heavy and bulky. I wouldn't even sell this cot on Gumtree to someone else because it is that bad. I don't recommend it at all.

Purchased in October 2017 at Baby Bounce for $400.00.

fabulous versatile cot

Great quality, easy to use, functional and also beautiful to look at - our love n care cot has been a great investment with our children. The drawer underneath is brilliant for storing nappies, clothes and linen. We loved the versatility of the 2 levels (baby and toddler) and the drop side to save your back.

Loved this cot!

We used this cot for both of our children who are now 6.5 and 3. We have had no trouble with it at all. It has been fantastic, especially with the bonus storage drawer.

Despite being a few years old now, ours has minimal scratch marks. The kids never really chomped on it, so there's really only a bit of wear and tear at the one end they stood most of the time.

When in the cot position it was a little bit hard, at first, to get used to putting one side of the railing up or down, but it was a matter of just getting used to it. But, we found the firmness was a good thing, as the baby could not rattle the side or hurt themselves in any way.

We are about to finally sell this cot (goodbye bonus storage draw) and will be sad to see it go. We would recommend it to anyone.

Terrible quality and unsafe

I bought this from My Baby Warehouse in WA, within a week of being assembled, I noticed cracks on the paintwork of my brand new cot which has not even been used yet! I complained in store, was offered 4 replacements - ALL of which were faulty also! Each and every potential replacement had cracks in the wood and/or paint - this is a major safety issue for a product aimed for children! I question how such products even made it out of their factory and into the shop.
I sought a refund which is proving to be a nightmare to obtain - I have been waiting over 3 weeks and to date, I have received no refund. This is not a cheap cot so I need my refund in order to buy a replacement.
Now here I am, 9 months pregnant, due to give birth any day and I have no cot for when my baby arrives thanks to this company's lack of customer service.
Do not buy from this company, customer service is terrible. They will happily take your money and provide you with a lemon in exchange!


We love this cot, it was used for both of our daughters with absolutely no problems at all. Once you know how to put it together its not hard to do it again. Taking the side rails off was easy. We used it for a toddler bed as well with no problems. The side rails for the toddler bed just stored under the cot while it was in cot mode, with no problems at all. The drawer underneath was so very handy for us as we had limited cupboard/storage space. Would highly recommend.
Looks great, easy to slide rail up and down, the storage drawer underneath is wonderful for that little bit of extra storage. It converts to a toddler bed once your little one starts climbing out but still isn't big enough for a single!
It did take a little while to put together but just needs some attention and patience - like anything you need to construct yourself!


Took us forever to put the cot together as the instructions were hard to follow and some steps were wrong. Took us hours to assemble the cot! It is a sturdy cot. We chose the dark heritage teak colour. The colour is uneven. Some parts are heaps lighter and some parts is so dark it looks black even in sunlight. There were dings in the wood even before it was taken out of box (minor dings though, not really noticable). Overall, value for money! Not a bad cot, quite sturdy. Cots will have dings in it anyway once baby starts chewing on everything :o)
The cot is quite sturdy and good range of colours to choose from. The price includes the bottom drawer unlike boori, it cost another $250 or more for the drawer!!
Drawer is very hard to slide in and out. The drop side rail is a little noisy. Instructions were hard to follow when putting the cot together and some parts of the instructions were wrong! (Told us to use the wrong screws!)


We love this cot. It looks great and wears well. We also got the matching change table and both are very easy to put together and move around the nursery.
We chose this cot because of its classic design and the ease in which we can lift and drop the side rail. This cot is very sturdy and comes in a range of colours. We chose the dark wood to match our other furniture and it looks great. Theis cot is not overpriced for the quality compared to other cots in the same price range that are just flimsy.
The bottom drawer is hard to slide in and out.


Disappointed with cot & change table not matching. Have taken issue up direct with Love n care but they havent been able to switch the change table or cot - dont think they want too either! Dont like how easy it is to mark the cot. Cant hang/attach mobiles etc. Happy that it converts to bed & has adjustable base. Recommend you buy it in white - easier to touch up paint.
Looks good. Like the draw for storing sheets & blankets. Got the heritage teak colour which is really dark.
Had no end of problems putting it together. Box was missing several of the bolts. The draw kept falling off. It scratches/dents to easily. Shop we bought from was no help - failed to give us the cot & change table from the same batch so our heritage cot is very dark stain & the change table is a light honey colour. Drop down rail scratches sides every time you drop it or pull it up.


Perfect cot. It is safer than most as my other children have managed to climb out of other cheaper cots by age of 1 but my 2yr old is still enjoying this cot. It looks stylish, not too boxy looking. Love the fact that it comes with a drawer and converts to a toddler bed. It doesn't rock or bang against the wall the bub is a bit unsettled. I find it to be a safe cot even for those over active bubs. I have 2 family members purchase the same cot after seeing mine for their little bubs. Great quality for money cot.
Sturdy, strong and solid cot. Convenient large drawer for sheets and quilts. Looks great. 2 position height and converts to toddler bed.


Beautiful looking, and very sturdy, my son bangs the sides and jumps up and dowm, and the cot doesn't move unlike a cheap one I got initially. My cot has solid end panels, not bars, which I like because he cant see my if I walk into his room when he is tryng to sleep. Its great that I can use it later as a bed, makes the purchase worthwhile. I dont have wheels, not sure if you can get them, but I like it better this way, and you cant move cots thru doors once they are assembled anyway. Under the mattress is a slat base, which seems very supportive and not flimsy.
Solid. Looks good.Draw underneath for sheets and blankets. Can convert to toddler bed later on.(with a side rail to help stop them falling out)
Chipped finish where i tried to attach mobile to side railings. In the end I couldnt fit any mobiles on without scratching the wood, so I put cloth under the attachment, but now I still have ugly dent on one side.


Great - Ideal cot - has everything you could possibly need plus it turns into a junior bed and sofa. Would highly recommend this to any one looking to purchase a cot.
I bought this cot because it was so easy to move the side up and down without too much effort plus it's quiet and won't wake the baby. The draw underneath is handy for storing sheets and rugs etc.
My husband and I had a slightly annoying time putting it together because a few of the bolts were bent out of shape, but other then that nothing. Suggestion for manufacturer would be to check the bolts and maybe include lockable wheels - only thing missing.

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