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Love N Care Playland

Love N Care Playland

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Great little portacot

This ones a great little portacot. Great price. Easy to assemble and disassemble. Easy to clean (spot clean) also very good to store away when it’s not being used. I’ve taken mine to hotels and it’s been great.
I don’t like the middle part where you pull it up as it’s very hard and the thin mattress doesn’t have enough padding so it is still very hard. I put a thick underlay over it then a sheet and it’s ok for a few nights.

Terrible customer service/ cot unsafe

Only had for 3 months my son slipped and fell in the cot and one of the boards broke. Took it back to find out that not only is the mat not covered under warranty but the boards are just thick cardboard.

Would not recommend to anyone for safety reasons

Instructions are NOT helpful

Thank goodness for web sites like this. I struggled for ages to put this together based on the instructions from the manufacturer. Piece of cake once I read this review
Other than that cot is portable and easy to carry around.
Clearer instructions would make this cot a better product.

Pretty average portacot

Its handy to have but have had a lot of trouble with the sides getting stuck.. I know how to get it up and down so thats not the issue, there is just one side that jams most of the time.
The matress isnt very good either but still does the job

Great simple portacot.

Like any portacot..once you read the instructions and learn how to put it up and down correctly it becomes very easy to do so. Simple to use, sturdy base (thin mattress but all the portacots we've used have this), great value for the price.
Mattress is quite noisy fabric but otherwise no issues :)

Does what is should do.

To the few complainers about not being able to unlatch the sides - they are very difficult to unlatch without lifting the centre base. A child who is *inside* the cot can't do this, so can't collapse the cot on themselves ... get it?

Lift the centre first and the latches are the easiest part.
The hardest part is obviously getting impatient people to read the instructions.
It's strong and safe
Bit heavy to transport.

Easy when you know how!

Once you know the knack to putting this port cot up and down it is so simple. You need to unlock the base fully by turning the red handle anit-clock wise until it unlocks and then pull it right up. I had to phone Lovencare because I just couldn't get mine down, they were very helpful and talked me through it on the phone. Other than that its been great. Very sturdy and good size. Im using mine as a playpen/portacot.
Inexpensive, sturdy and simple to put up when you know how.
Instructions are a bit brief.

Read for easy assembly!

After struggling for ages to get the cot set up we finally realized the one simple thing we were doing wrong. The instructions are so misleading.

Once removed from carry bag, to snap the sides into place you do not need the base to be flat, ensure the centre is 'peaked', then snap the in and flatten the base once the sides are assembled.

We are now laughing at how easy it is to put up and take down.
Looks good, compact, easy to transport, fast set up and pack down, good value for money.
Instructions are very misleading in regards to set up. Provided base is very hard, needs extra mattress.


I rang the company's - Love N Care - help line - they were very supportive and got someone to ring me back. I also had to look up the instructions again, which are on their website. But at the end of the day, I still just can't get the hang of the catches that control the folding mechanism.
Safe, looks good, great cot when it is up.
BUT, it just took me an hour to get the thing folded up! The problem is mechanism that makes the side rails fold is really, really fiddly. I finally got it but not without almost doing myself an injury and taking to it with an axe! There is a definite knack to it - you have to pull up and squeeze in at the same time, whilst making sure that the centre pull thing remains up.


We purchased this product when it was on special at a really good price. It was one of the brands recommended by choice. It was very difficult to put up and down especially initially, but we have done it a few times now, so we are much quicker at it now. We haven't used it very much so far, as to put our baby down or pick her up, it is a very long way to lean over the sides, and our bassinet collapses flat, so we find it easier. I do thin we will get a lot more use out of it once our baby is a bit older and is starting to move around a lot more. It might be worth considering a port-a-cot which has the option to elevate the base to make it more friendly for younger babies.
Good Price. The cot met most of the criteria for features to looks for recommended by the Choice website, and the brand was also recommended.
Setting this up and collapsing it down is very complicated and clumsy.


We were really unhappy with this porta cot and got rid of it for a Kinder cot. It was hard to get up and close. The side locks kept sticking and you needed a lot of force to close it. I don't recommend traveling with a cot of this size, especially if you are flying with your carseat and pram. It makes it very difficult for a small family to carry all their luggage. I highly recommend a smaller, light weight cot for a fraction more. It is worth investing in a better product.
It was a cheap product.
It was heavy, clumsy and retained odours.


This is great, my husband loves it more than our Phil & Ted portacot because it's so easy to set up & collapse. My son sleeps in it without any problems when we stay at my parents for long weekends. Would highly recommend as a no-frills alternative!
Easy to set-up, take down. Comfortable enough to sleep in without additional portacot matress. Weight limit is more than most other portacots (up to 20 kg). Relatively compact when folded. Carry case allows the portacot to be wheeled around once it is closed.
None so far


Looking at other reviews I can see that we didn't lift the base before closing, but this is on the instructions and who takes them around with them everywhere? It should be written somewhere on the actual product. Never buying this brand again.
Liked the see through mesh
It is the most crappy piece of engineering and very un-user friendly. My husband bashed the thing up with a hammer when we could not work out how to close it.


This portacot is a bit more comfortable for baby as the mattress is thicker than some others i've used. It is also safer than some as it has added safety features to do with the base and the locking mechanism of the sides but this can also make it a bit harder to use if you dont know how. A very safe and reliable product.
Slightly larger and mattress is thicker than some other brand portacots. Carry bag has thick fabric compared to most other carry bags that come with cots.
Safety features and lack of detailed instructions can make the cot harder to put up correctly.

Questions & Answers

Has this brand caused any babies harm or potential death?
No answers

I opened the playland incorrectly as one of the short rails remained unlocked. I neither can lock it or unlock the other rails. What should I do?
3 answers
Only ever lock/unlock the outside rails with the centre up.By pressing the centre of the rail you can unlock it. Press in the centre and you will feel it give and hear a click, then you should be able to collapse sides. Good luck :)"Only ever lock/unlock the outside rails with the centre up." However ALSO make sure the handle is turned as it pulls something that unlocks the sides. It makes it difficult to do with one person. but you pull handle, twist then with other hand press the white button. Then do this for each side.


Love N Care Playland
Release dateOct 2006
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