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Love N Care Portebebe

Love N Care Portebebe

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Great high chair.

Great high chair that we have as a second at the grandparents house. Love the ability to raise and lower the height of the chair, to the point where
A little toddler could climb in themselves if needed. Detachable tray is easy to clean. Only wish the straps and buckles weren't white- so hard to keep clean!

Best High Chair! Looks great, easy to clean.

I love this high chair. Got it as gift for my first one. Used for 2 kids still looks great! Blends with the furniture. Easy to clean and use. The storage basket is really handy to store bibs n hand towels. Extra tray is useful. Height adjustable feature makes it more useful to use when kids grow up.

A hazard!!!

Twice now, little pieces of plastic have come off, the first time I found a piece in my sons mouth! I loved this at first, it was a generous gift from a friend at my baby shower, and even though it's heavily used, it's never been through anything that would cause pieces to snap off. I just emailed them then, I know we aren't covered by warranty but I don't think this is a safe product at all!
It did the job for a few months

Excellent chair.

It just bought this chair for my son.i just loves all the function.its soo compact and free standing when folded.loves the five height position along with three recliner position.i highly recommend everyone to buy this chair and that little basket at the botton very useful.its better than all expensive highchairs.i just like to see moveable footrest which it doest not have.but it just perfect.

Great Pick!

Love this chair, adjustable seat, wheels for easy moving, great harness. I would highly recommend. The seat is comfortable and my son sits in his for ages!! He is now 14mths and we have used it since he was about 6 months. The large basket below fits all his bibs and a few toys as well. We happen to get ours on sale, so for under $100, I think it was a bargain.
Having wheels on a hight chair is a bonus, large basket, height adjustment!
A little hard to clean, but that is with most highchairs with the soft plastic seats.

Just brilliant!!

This is a fabulous high chair- adjustable tray height is a huge plus, easy to use buckles, and easy to clean.
soooo much better than our previous top of the range one which broke!! i highly recommend this love n care - it was just great!!!!


This chair was great when my son was younger as it didn't really get dirty, and he would often fall asleep in it. If he was fussy we would put him in it and lay it back and rock a little, and he would settle, but now he is older and starting with finger food it is much to fiddly to clean each day and gets really dirty. I think he is very comfortable in it as he was happy to sit in it and play with his toys when I did housework and didn't want him getting into things. It was fairly expensive (about $200) but I think worth it for younger babies. If you are planning on having more than one child and it is financial possible, then I would recommend using this for children who are not yet feeding themselves, and to get something simpler to clean (I am getting an IKEA chair) for when they are older. If you don't plan on having more children, and I wouldn't bother with this chair, it isn't worth the money for the 3 or 4 months use you would get out of it.

It is a great chair, just a pain to clean once they get older.
ery comfortable (I assume), height adjustable so I can feed him from couch, floor, dining chair, is easy to move around the house, lays back, has bit between legs to stop him sliding out even without the tray on, looks very nice, has 5 point harness, cover is removable and so are all straps, large tray.
is a pain to clean, because food gets under the cover in the gap around the bar that holds them in. Food and crumbs get into the creases at the back of the cover. Cover is fiddly to remove, and one of the studs that attaches it to the main chair broke shortly after purchase. We got a new cover and the same stud broke again. Does not fold up much smaller than already is, assembly instructions are poorly translated and one of the parts appears to be wrong as it does not fit (it was also not on the one in the store but is there simply for decoration anyway)cannot really be disassembled for storage or moving, is quite heavy to lift over any bumps in the floor (eg transition from lino to carpet).


This high chair seems to be one of the cheaper hi low chairs with good padding and support with a layback seat. It works great for infants and first foods as it can layback and you can feed them at any height, however I thought the fact that it had a material cover would be good, as you could just throw it in the washing machine, boy was I wrong! To take the cover off you have to fiddle about with taking out the 5 point harness, and getting it around the crouch bar. I also like the fact that it has a detachable/adjustable tray, so you can take it off when feeding an infant or when your toddler is learning to sit at the table. Compared to others this seems to do the job and seems a bit more compact than the rest. It also has a basket underneath which is great for storing bibs, burp clothes, and cutlery, which most don’t!
Cheaper alternative to most others on the market, storage basket underneath, easy to move around the house, and layback seat.
Cleaning (Im sure most Hi-lo comfortable high chairs are like that)


Overall this high chair is quite good but can be a pain to clean as all the crumbs seem to hide in all the crevices of the fabric. It is also a little bulky and takes up a bit of room. The Storage basket underneath is good for storing wipes and extra bibs. My daughter also enjoys the cup holder on the chair. Able to move the chair up and down to suit your height and the reclining seat is a good idea for bubs who fall asleep eating their lunch.
Nice and comfortable chair. The reclining seat if baby fell asleep. Also the height of the chair is able to be adjusted.
A little hard to clean.


I am happy with this high chair because it has the height adjustment feature which was really important to me. Toys R Us often has them half price so it becomes very inexpensive compared to other hi-lo high chairs. Apart from the cleaning I am very happy with it.
Looks good. The colours and designs match decor well. It is comfortable with padding. It has a H harness. It has height adjustment which is great for feeding when you are sitting in a lounge chair. It has a removable top tray which can be washed up. The seat can be adjusted into different recling positions.
It is hard to clean all the crumbs that get into the folds of the padding. The buckles are really stiff and hard to get opened.


Overall I love this high chair with all the features. Consider it has reasonable price with all this features. Plus it has nice design and colour. But the company need to improve the buckle. It really stiff and hard to open. Have to be very carefull not to clip my fingers or my baby fingers. Hard to clean the scrumbs that seem to hide in the folding fabrics. Love the basket underneath.
Love all the features. Love the design. I have the brown colour one. Love the colour.
Hate the buckles. It is stiff and hard to open. Couple times clip my finges. Hard to clean.

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Love N Care Portebebe
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