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Very happy with this chair

Bought this chair in desperation when bub 3 months old. He didn't like his swing, pram or lying on the floor for long periods due to reflux & it was difficult to get anything done when having to hold him all the time. Found he loves this chair & one of his favourite things is to watch us preparing dinner of an evening. he sits in the chair & laughs as we cook dinner.
Like the fact that its height adjustable so we can also sit him in chair in the lounge & he can join in whatever we are doing.
The recline is good as well & we were hoping bub might fall asleep in the chair but he doesn't.
Getting use as a high chair for feeding now & I could see that it could become filthy quite easily but i've been giving it a quick wipedown after each use. haven't had to wash the liner yet but looks like it would wash well.
Bub loves it. Height & reclione adjustable. Ok from 3 months onwards

Really happy with this high chair

I love how versatile this chair is with the 3 recline positions and the adjustable height. We can sit bub at the dining table, the kitchen bench, or next to the couch with us. It's really comfortable for him with the soft infant insert. I love the four castor wheels (the two back ones have brakes) which makes it a breeze to drag around. The two removable trays also makes for an easy clean up.
Very versatile
The tray, while adjustable, does not come in close enough or low enough yet for my 5 month old

Great home chair

Love how easy it s to adjust and also how can adjust high and chair tilt. Straps are loose as dd is on the tiny side. Friends has the same chair and also loves it. Would be nice to get covers for this chair as well. was a pain to assemble.
Chair tilt, seat height
Wheels stick! Tray doesn't adjust easily, pain to assemble.

Great chair!

I bought this because of it was the highest chair in the store! It also adjust to couch height if your sitting in the lounge room. I wish the tray will move in towards the baby as I am putting a pIllow behind my 6 mths old so food falls on the tray and not her lap. Two trays is great! All in all a great seat for the price.. Very happy with it!
The adjustable height
Tray only sits in one spot would be better if it moved towards your baby as it grew

Have I Missed Something?

I purchased this product based on the reviews on this website, which may I add have never given me the wrong advice thus far, except for this particular product. I have obviously missed something as I cannot see after using this highchair for two weeks why people would rave about it. Maybe my chair before this one was just so good I didn't realize how good it was (however my daughter outgrew it!).

So here we are with this chair which cost approx. $220. The tray table is a pain to get on and off and for some reason you have to take the whole thing off every time you put your child in and take them out of the chair (i don't know why but she just cannot swing her legs into it correctly. This problem is complicated by the fact that the tray is heavy, especially when you have both trays.

The straps do not fit correctly with the smaller insert (you need the smaller insert because the material on the chair is very, very hot (especially if you live in Darwin!) When you go to adjust the straps the adjuster gets stuck in the slot opening of the smaller insert and makes adjusting the straps impossible. We have had to keep lifting our daughter up to adjust them.

The brakes on the chair do not stop the chair from moving at all. Indeed my 15 month old is able to push her legs against me and move the chair backwards so i have to then grab the tray to stop the chair moving backwards... it is very annoying and frustrating, My annoyance and frustration has been exacerbated also by the fact that the people who sold it to me don't seem to understand how unsafe this product is!

Everything. Find something else and test your child in it first before purchasing!

Would recommend to everyone!

We bought this in 2008 and have used it for more than one baby, so it is durable. The adjustable height is fantastic for when you feed baby while you sit in different areas (dining table, sofa, on the floor).

The removable tray is good in that you can take it off as soon as baby has finished eating and voila you have an instant (clean) play table/tray underneath. The recline function is probably the best feature for when baby falls asleep after (or during) eating. The wheels are good too, making it easy to move around so you can pull it right up in front of you.

The cover is fully removable tor cleaning (for which i just scrubbed down with a scourer sponge and soap, and i hosed down the actual chair in the backyard. The storage basket is good for keeping a splash mat/picnic rug, bibs and facewashers. It folds up to push up against the wall to save space when stored.

Only issue might be if you have limited space, its a little bulky. But if you want something with good cushioning (especially good for a young baby) then the bulkiness is hard to avoid. I would recommend this to anyone.
Recline function, removable tray, adjustable height, storage basket


This highchair is amazing. It has height adjustment and recline adjustment. Its easy to keep clean and can be disassembled for a major cleanup. I usually just wipe clean with a Dettol wipe. Daughter seems to be quite comfortable. Also the tray has a double layer with easy storage behind the chair.
Best bit is how easy it is to keep clean.
Straps could be designed to fit more firmly. My child is slim, but at its tightest its still loose for my 20 mth old. Also tray could be closer to her.

Very Hard to clean don't waste your money

is extremly hard to clean, i have to pull it apart completely to clean it,
and who has time to hand wash!! i put mine on the gentle cycle and the cuchion inside has folded up, and stared to disintergate, the stiching has come undone and i had to buy a grubby bubby cover to replace it as there is barelay any cushion left. the table is hard to click in with ons sidev working first then trying to get the other in with out the other side comming out and for some reason it will only go into one slot.

If it was't such a pain in the butt to clean the high would be pretty good
as in theory it does every thing you need
The heigh adjustable
Very hard to clean insert is poor qulity

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Same experience, what a nightmare to keep clean! Food goes in every little fold on the fabric and you need to dismantle it every time. Also just after one year and a bit of use one leg just fell off as plastic cracked. We were very lucky our child wasn't in at the time!!!

Good quality and practical

Does everything a highchair needs to do plus more! I liked the adjustable height - it was the only one that could go up to the height of the kitchen bench. Also reclines to three different settings but we didn't use that function much. Love the fact that you can take the tray off and push the arms up so you can push the highchair up against the kitchen table when bubs starts wanting to eat at the table with Mum and Dad!

The tray is large and has a cup holder which is handy. And unlike some cheaper highchairs, the tray is really easy to put on and take off. The harness is easy for adults to use but hard for little fingers to release. Can also be wheeled around easily which is good.

The vinyl type fabric is so easy to wipe clean and the whole thing comes apart easily if you need to clean underneath the fabric or if food gets stuck where the harness comes through. Good colour choice and modern designs so you can choose one that suits your decor.

Good quality - we've had ours for nearly 2 years and it still looks new.
Functional and practical, good quality, has wheels, cup holder, double tray, secure harness, adjustable height, can recline, easy to clean, nice colour choices
The only thing I've ever disliked about it is that the brakes don't seem to work very well. It still moves around when the brakes are on.

Fantastic chair!

This chair is comfortable, easy to wheel around and operate, and great for young and old children. I love that the tray can be taken off from handles at the sides, as well as at the front. The fabric seems durable and is relatively easy to clean. I found this highchair was well worth the money.
Reliable, Comfortable, Easy to Operate.
On the more expensive side.

Quite Happy with the purchase.

Love the features that comes with this high chair and absolutely love the color I chose (Brindle).

Some people would complain about how hard it is to clean the highchair. I would just simply vacuum all the crumps once a week and just give a quick wipe on the spot if there are any food residuals. Also my husband didn't find it hard at all to assemble it and haven't had any problems with the seat belt so far. (when I tried the seat belt on the Portebebe high chair in the store, it was very stiff!)

Overall we are really enjoying this high chair at the moment.
Full of features and great design and color (Brindle)
Not cheap

Good highchair but poor quality after 15 months

The highchair is very sturdy and good for a young baby but my child is now 20 months and I find he doesn't need the big sturdy highchair and a smaller one that takes up less room would be better, but it was fantastic when he was younger. Unfortunately less than 15 months after purchase the insert that he sits on has started to split and I was told by Love N Care that it's out of warranty and a replacement would be $35. I have taken very good care of this highchair and am disappointed by their response as $35 every 15 months for the next 5-6 years to get me through my planned next 2 children is unacceptable on a highchair that was one of the more expensive ones on the market.
Good basket underneath for holding bibs/wipes etc, the 2 trays is fantastic and a huge plus, height allows the seat to go very high which is great for allowing him to see what I'm doing the bench tops
Very hard to clean, padded seat is splitting after only 15 months,

Pretty good.

Techno highchair by lovencare is a durable and safe highchair. It offers at lease 6 different heights that you can set it at. It comes with two tables which can be easily taken off and cleaned.
The highest hieght setting fits easily at a table. Easy to clean.
Hard to understand manual to set it up.


So glad we decided to get this highchair - wouldn't swap it for anything. It took hours+++ of researching but worth every minute!!!
Extra high seat when in the highest position - excellent for taller people so you don't have to stoop to feed them or interact with them when you are standing. Easily adjustable seat positions - I can do this myself without help with bubs in the seat (she is currently 7kg). Sturdy clip which bubs can't undo but easily clips together. Very easy to clean straps - minimal places for crumbs/mush to get stuck in. Removable washable insert for spills. Easily wipeable vinyl seat cover. Very stylish looking! (looks like leather!). Removable top tray so bubs can keep playing after dinner. Tray sits close to bubs so she can reach everything or further away so she can't! :) Wheels roll easily & lock for safety. Very sturdy design - feel safe even when our 20kg dog jumps up to see what our bubs is eating that day :) Extremely comfy padding & seat reclines (easily) - excellent for those that start solids early & can't yet sit up by themselves. Barrier between legs to stop wiggly bodies from sliding out underneath!
When adjusting the position of the tray it doesn't click in very well in some positions. So far this hasn't been an issue though as once it is finally in place it stays there.


Great chair other than the problems with clicking the tray into place. The various adjustments you can do with the chair are very handy to have in a high chair.
My baby gets her food everywhere and thankfully this chair is very easy to keep clean. The tray is removable which is a bonus. This chair is good for young babies as you can lay the chair right back. You can remove the tray and fold the arms up to then slide the chair to your dining table. The chair can be adjusted up or down so that you have your child at a comfortable height for when feeding.
I have problems when clicking the tray into place. It never seems to click right in and then moves which can be very annoying. You have to give it a good yank to make sure its in place.


This is a great high chair. i wanted a high and low high chair, so i could feed my child while i was sitting on the couch, but we could also have it at the dining table. we used it in the low position up until our child started doing finger food, and getting a little bit more messy. he now loves to be able to sit at the dinner table. Often i use the vacuum cleaner to clean it out, and considering the amount of mess my child makes. I'm surprised it has stayed clean. i have the black chair, with the gray table. I like the fact that i will be able to use this for any future kids. I use the basket underneath to keep bibs. and now when my son is hungry he walks up to it and grabs a bib....! I would recommend this high chair to anyone. I'm very pleased with it!
easy to clean, adjustable height, reclining back, cloth liner for young child, removable tray, wheels to move it around, very large basket underneath.


Overall I think this is a fantastic highchair. My bub has given it a thrashing and I'm sure it will last the distance for number 2 as well.
Easy to clean and the reclining seat is great for when they are smaller. The adjustable height is great, we can feed bub at the dining table, breakfast bar, outdoor table or the couch and have her at a height to suit. The storage basket underneath is great for bibs and wipes. I purchased mine in a grey swirl colour, and love that its not a garish horrible colour like most other highchairs I looked at!


It is a great chair and I would buy it again. I love that it can go up to our breakfast bar, at dining table height or next to the sofa. My baby seems happy and comfortable in it. We store bibs and wipes in the basket under it. I don't know what the retail price is, but I bought mine second hand online very cheaply - there are a few around so get a bargain!
There are many features on this highchair - adjustable height, storage, removable cover, 5 point harness.
I can't seem to get some of the food stains off the harness straps.


Overall i havent had any problems with the high chair and i have been using it for 2.5 months now. My daughter sits comfortably, its easy to use and clean and i am happy with the product.
Like like all the features, its easy to use and it looks gr8!
I bought it home and it was faulty so i had to take it back to the shop i bought it from and they gave me another 1. The instruction manual does not have in it how you attach the chair to the frame. Lucky for me my husband is cluey and he knew how to attach it. Other than that nothing.


This is the highest high chair I could find which we wanted so that bub could sit in it at the breakfast nook (I was surprised how hard it was to find one the does). It's height options are really useful. He can watch me cook from the breakfast nook, be feed from a dinning chair or the lounge or hang out in it in front of the TV. It has three back rest positions, the most reclined of which we find useful for giving him his bottle.
It is really good value and has all the features that you would want from a high chair.
This chair is taller than any other we could find and it fit in budget. The height options are really handy.
It has a larger tray with a removable cover with a cup holder. We find the removable cover is great for food time and we love the tray without it for giving him space to play with his toys.
The chair reclines which we also find really useful for feeding him his bottles.
Being on wheels is really handy for moving it from room to room.
I like the look of the chair as well. Some chairs are too baby-ish to fit in with the house and dinning set, and others are trying too hard to be stylish and look arrogant.
There is a basket that hangs under the seat that is a great place to put bub’s bids when not on use.
Bub really over heats in the high chair and gets really sweating really quick. I don’t know if there is a seat on the market made from a better fabric but this one doesn’t breathe at all, not even the infant insert. I have made a cotton cover for mine that I can just chuck in the washing machine.
When the seat has been on it’s lowest setting and you raise it with the tray hanging on it’s spot on the back of the chair, the basket hanging underneath knocks the tray off. It can make a really loud clunk hitting the ground.

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