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These are a life safer!

I bought several of the LTD swaddles both in small and medium neey 4 years ago for my daughter after hearing how good they were. As a first time Mum back then I was hopeless at swaddling my then baby and as soon as I got home I used them and she not only loved them but slept so well as it mimics the wrapped up tight feeling babies need in those early weeks.
Honestly don’t use any other product, I bought the lite and the normal versions and depending on the weather adjusted what my child wore underneath. I didn’t need to buy the large size or the ones that have the detachable arms, once my child started to roll I just went into a normal onsie with no issues.
For any expecting mother, baby shower gift these are a MUST and you will not be disappointed.

Love these swaddles!

Our baby slept thought the night (10hrs+) from 6 weeks in. As soon as I zip her into her little swaddle she sucks her hands and falls straight to sleep.
The few times we’ve been on the go (or it’s been in the wash) it has taken me over an hour to get her to sleep.

Helped our baby sleep

We started using this with day naps and then eventually night times and sleeping got better and better until we unswaddled completely. The quality of the fabric is fantastic and the two way zipper is great for infant night time nappy changes. These can be expensive to buy but are definitely worth the money.

My daughter loves it

My daughter started to use this from 4weeks. She completely love this swaddle ! Every night before go to the long sleep I just need to put it on and she knows it’s bed time. She sleeps all night through from 6 weeks . Thanks for love to dream save my sleep!!

Such an easy way to swaddle

Used this for my second child and it was such a breeze compared to the normal wraps i used to swaddle my first child. Easy to machjne wash. Lasted and wore well after daily use. Bub seemed to like it. Fuss free solution definately recommended for parents with little ones

Wish I has this for my first baby

These are a saviour for sleep. My son is such a better sleeper than my daughter ever was and I believe that this sleep suit has a lot to do with it.
He was forever getting out of muslin swaddles and hated the zip cocoons.
My son is a baby whom soothes by sucking his hands but also has a big startle reflex- enter the love to dream swaddle! As a bonus I think he looks super cute in it too

My son wouldn't sleep without it!

So much better than conventional swaddles that restrict the arms, the Love to Dream swaddles let my son suck on his hands for comfort but he was still all wrapped up and felt secure. They are so easy to use with the zips so no more wrapping. My son stayed in his LTD swaddles until he was 16 months old. Can't speak highly enough of these!

Bst thing I have ever bough for my baby!!!

I can say it was the solution for our sleepless nights.
Easy to put on and wash. Easy for midnight nappy changes.Love the material so soft.
My baby loves it. Sleeps through the night. Best product ever.
My baby wears it every night and it is magic off he goes to sleep.Highly recommended.

this is great for Houdini babies!!

love these swaddles...so quick and easy to use..perfect for babies who always come out of their swaddles. The sleeves do get a bit manly due to baby always chewing on it though. There's a double zip so you can change their nappy without taking the whole thing off. I would recommend this as an alternative to normal wraps and blankets.

Honestly the BEST baby item ever - have already gotten friends to purchase it!

Normal swaddling only worked when we were at the hospital and soon enough we were at home, wondering how we keep our baby in the swaddle! After watching many videos on the best swaddling, we bit the bullet and just put our baby in the Love To Dream Swaddles - he was a bit too small for it which is why we waited but we ended up just putting him in it anyway.
We have not looked back and 4 months on, he is still in them! He loves sleeping in his swaddle and even though he has lost most of his startle reflex, he can still wake himself up so using the swaddles have been a lifesaver, especially for his daytime naps.
He feels secure but not conflicted and we especially love that they are light for the hot summer days.
We love our swaddles and can't recommend them enough! I have already recommended them to many friends who are expecting!

Best thing I bought for our firstborn.

By far the best thing. Its been a lifesaver.
They were a little expensive so I just waited for the sales. Bub always had her hands in front of her face in utero and midwife said that she will fimd comfort in having her hands up. I was hopeless at wrapping her in a muslin and also it woke her up after spending so long trying to get her down. These give them just enough room to move without startling themselves. Great warm ones for middle winter and cool bamboo breathable ones for summer. Babies suck the hands on them and they go all gross but come out easy with nappy san. Very durable. Very good easy quiet 2way zip for mid night nappy changed. Little flap to check nappy situation. I just love them.

Love to dream swaddles!

Wow wish these amazing swaddles were around for my first born! No more baby startling herself so scratching her face. The love to dream original swaddle is so easy to use, washes up lovely and soft and one of my highly washed and used items for my little miss. I have just purchased some in next size up

Best baby purchase.

My LTD was a live saver! Both my boys LOVED being swaddled. I loved the stretchy soft material. Was super easy to just zip it up at bedtime and know my boys were secure, warm and safe. No stress about blankets and wraps! I would highly recommend to all first time mummas.

Love to Dream saved my sleep!

I bought the swaddles at one of the expos while I was pregnant, at the recommendation of a friend. The expo special was 3 for $99. When we first brought our daughter home, about a week after we tried to use the swaddle and she did not like it. We tried again when she was a bit older, roughly between 4-5 weeks old and she loved it. It keeps her snug, the design allows for her arms to be up so she can suck on her hands, the stretchy material allows her to flex her hips and most importantly it keeps the startle reflex under control, which is what was waking my baby regularly. My daughter cannot sleep without her bags anymore. She is now 13 weeks and we have just purchased stage 2 (50/50) as she is starting to roll. I cannot recommend this highly enough. The other bags are just imitation and no where near as great as these bags. It is a little pricey but they are all roughly around the same price, but the sleep you will get with these is priceless.

We couldn't SLEEP without it

When it came to bedtime we wanted to make sure our baby and us got a great nights sleep. We tried a lot if different swaddles/wraps and nothing could compare to Love to Dream Swaddles. The were perfect, our baby sleep straight trough with one of these ones. Definitely a great buy.

Best swaddles in my opinion!

My baby boy loved these swaddles! Having the arms up style is great as he liked to suck on his hands for comfort. The two way zip made night time nappy changes easy. It washes well and kept its shape. Would recommend this swaddle to anyone considering buying one for their bub!

Happy Sleepy Nights for an arms up baby

From day 2 bubs did not like being swaddled with her arms down... we couldn't master the swaddling skills either. We were given a hand me down LoveToDream Swaddle Up and she slept for a few hours in it straight away and gosh just zipping her in made it easier. We found at first she was quite small for it so would still startle now she is larger and the swaddle is tighter it works a treat. We've now bought several so we have a spare including the winter version. We still have a Muslin cloth and blanket over the top tucked into the sides mattress to sort of hold her down but ok sure that will change as it gets warmer and she startles less.... 10 weeks in and wouldn't sleep without it. Ads to the bedtime ritual aswell which we like.

Great Product

Used this product for my baby .. Now my baby sleeps good and comfortably and if I know earlier about this I will buy this... and I recommend parents to use this product and get know how useful it is and... Good Cheers Kudos to who invent this ... !!

The best invention ever

I have used these for all three of my children and we used them from newborn until they could roll ,, noevits great because they have the extra tog ratings fabrics and zip in and zip out arms .. my babies have always settled so well and sleep like a dream I wish they had them in adult sizes haha

Simple and soft

Mum of 3. Used it for 2 of my 3 babies. If i knew what they were with my first i would have got one. My babies love to sleep with hands up. This swaddle gives the 'womb' feeling. Keeps small babies from scratching their face. Very soft stretchy material. Definitely worth the money. Would recommend for sure.

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Questions & Answers

We are based in Melbourne with the weather being freezing and having the thermostat set to a constant 19 degrees. What tog rating would I use and what clothes underneath?
1 answer
They are thin. Probably around 2 tog thinking of my other bags. In Sydney we also have the house around 18 in winter, I put them in long sleeve arms onesie, a thick Bonds onesie and socks.

I have the swaddle up in size small for my 6 week old baby, he weighs 4kg. I have noticed that the material under the zipper is bunching up and almost pushes towards his chin. I'm worried this could be a potential hazard. Has anyone else had this problem? Is it because the swaddle is too big/small?
No answers

I noticed with my little guy when he was first born I got him the small and the back of the neck used to dig into his skin and leave red marks, he would pull his arms forward and do it worse.. it wasn’t to small either.
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Love To Swaddle UP Original
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