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Can u use this for vaginal infections???
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Hello Henry I am not a healthcare professional so I am unable to answer your query.For an infection - I would highly recommend to go to the doctor. Alternatively you could try canesten anti fungal cream or mycrospore - mycrospore anti fungal cream is the best but ,it's expensive though, it's worth it and only have to apply once a day. There's other treatments as well - even if you have to see a skin specialist doctor

Can you use this pawpaw cream on skin ulcers/rash to treat it or is this cream only to soothe the itch and keep it clean from bacteria getting into skin sores??
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It's really greasy and I'm not an expert but I can imagine it would attract dirt & dust, so it may add to your problem and not help, get well soon!

would it help cracked fingers?
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Definitely, even better if you use cotton gloves over night. You can by cotton gloves in WooliesIt will help cracked fingers though, I've noticed invite vitamin e cream to the best to help skin problems however, the catch is - you have to continue to use it

Can I get a allergic reaction from using papaw ointment for my dry and chapped lips? If so what do I do?
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I haven't heard of anyone getting a reaction from it. I'd suggest to check the ingredients. If you don't normally get a reaction from any of the ingredients you should be fine. After checking ingredients, if you're still unsure, try using a small amount somewhere like your arm firstNo it willll healYes. I used Lucas pawpaw ointment on my face last year and I came out in a huge rash. I thought it might be a coincidence, but when I tried it with another tube this winter I again felt a tingly burning sensation on my skin within seconds. I washed it off and threw it away. I haven't found anyone else with the same reaction, but it definitely was painful. And I've used petroleum jelly products on my lips before.

Can I use the pawpaw ointment on the outer of my itching female sex organ, I feel the itchness only outside it is not itching me when I urinate, can I apply this?
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You can for sure. I use apple cider vinegar as a wash because it is antibacterial and antifungal too but once dry some paw paw feels great. Salt baths also help but you need half a cup of salt to make it worth it so could be done as a wash before the paw pawJust use plain old olive oil. I used this after childbirth. Put some oil on a cotton ball and apply. No chemicals, natural.It seems like a quack is good idea I would highly recommend to go to the doctor - even if you have to see a female doctor.

Can we use it for vaginal herpes??
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No. Get to a doctor for Antibiotics

I cant get the tube open is there a trick ?
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unscrew the cap. The closed end has an indentation same shape as the triangular piece on the tube . Place the indented cap end over the triangular piece on the tube and screw off. Easy Hope you can follow that

Can I use this for infected nose piercings or is it dangerous?
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The Paw Paw will not clear the infection but is completely safe for use on the face. It's great for lips or any dry skin areas. If you want a natural antibacterial product try apple cider vinegar. You can buy it for about $5 in the supermarket where the other vinegars are. You can dilute 2 tablespoons in half a cup of warm water. Or use half a tablespoon of salt in 2 cups of water.

I have a corn on my foot and toes and have a verruca, does this ointment work?
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Lucas Paw Paw might help soften skin of your corn. The thickening is caused by pressure not dryness so how effective it would be is unclear. But using a corn file then putting Paw Paw onto the clean dry area as a strong moisturiser could be benificial. The verucca is viral and due to pressure grows into your foot. So I don't think Paw Paw would be of benifit. Your body should over time resolve the verucca itself. But a trip to the Chiropidist could be in order to discuss freeze sprays and other treatment options. Just remember never to use a corn file on your verucca as they are 2 different causes resulting in 2 different structures. Filing a verucca could make it spread or risk infection.

I used a hair removal cream and after it left me with red burns and boils. Will paw paw ointment heal it and if so how long would it take if applied daily?
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I'm not sure as I'm not a doctor. If it's bad you need to see a doctor. I found it to be soothing and it healed my cold sore quicker than normal by a few days.Again I'm not sure either but I know you can use this if you have heat burnes by a fan oven when opening the oven door like I did once and it reduced the redness out of the burn and soothed it quickly but I'd check with your doctor before applying first. Hope this helps.15 plus grade manuka honey should help with that but, if symptoms persist or worsen - feel free to go to the local doctor

Is it safe to put Lucas papaw ointment inside my dry nose?
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I don't know, haven't a clue.Yes it is very safe I have done it numerous times and there has been no reactionJust use a bit of olive oil on a cotton bud.

So i have a problem with cold sores and i just started using pawpaw cream yesterday and i was wondering how long does it take to heal? because in 3 days i have a prize giving and im receiving an award and they take photos and i do not want to go on stage and take a photo with a cold sore on my face! please help me asap!!!
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Yes you can use this to help heal the sores and most types of skin conditions. Try applying it at night and leave it to soak in while you sleep and apply daily as to time I have personally not used it for this issue myself so can't answer that question but if you go on google and type it in as a question including the product name you may be able to get an answer if someone else has already used it for cold sores in the past. Hope this helps you.thanks so much i really appreciate it :)You are best off using zovirax which you can get at any chemist which is specifically made for cold sores. Lucas paw paw is not made for cold sores and may assist with healing but wont work as quick as zovirax which i find stops the growth of cold sores. If zovirax is used when you start to get tingles, in most cases the cold sore wont break, but if it does its minimal and is no where near as painful. I would use zovirax over paw paw any day as its made specially for cold sores.

What's the shelf life on this product? Mine only says it will expire on Feb. 19, but didn't say the year.
1 answer
I think that means Feb 2019. It's giving you month and year respectively.

Does Paw Paw work on school sores?
1 answer
school sores you say! absolutely YES they do!! and believe it or not i had major school sores all over my face and in 3 - 4 days it healed and it was gone and i was ready to go back to school! :)

Is pawpaw cream for a 2 month old baby??...my baby has skin red rashes and boils for weeks now and I've tried many creams but nothing works...please advice
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On the package, it says you can use it on nappy rashes. So should be all good!

Has anyone used this for shingles rash? I am using it as I use it for all other ailments. But would welcome advise
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I've got heat rash and I place curash cream or dematazen cream but , it's not infected - if the area of skin is infected then I would recommend to go to the doctor.

Thoughts on using paw paw on scalp pscoriasis? Haven't used it just wondering if it might help. My pscoriasis isn't severe but irritating and itchy. I use novosone lotion every night but need something to relieve the day time itch and possibly flakes?
4 answers
Hi Leah98. I think Lucas paw paw ointment is just the thing for your psoriasis.Its emolient qualities will soothe the itch of dry flaking skin and also it will benefit to use it as a emulsifier of the removal of the build up of the scaling of your skin. So soft and gentle the texture is really tactile and. It also helps to protect your skin from it breaking down further. feels wonderful when you apply it .The only downfall is that it may make your hair look greasy ,but if you can style your hair in a way that it hides this then you will be fine. Good Luck DidHi Leah, I suffer mildly from psoriasis, and i use the pawpaw ointment for it. I encourage you to try it, it cant hurt you. Good luck CynthiaThanks for the responses definatly trying it now.

My 13 year old dog has a sore eye that crusts and sticks shut if i don't clean with boiled salt wayer daily. Can i use paw paw ointment on it?
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Hi Jill What you are doing is exactly right but you may need to take your dog to the Vet as your dog may have an eye infection such as conjunctivitis.The pawpaw ointment may be helpful in softening the really hardened crusting but should be removed you could apply as a softening agent then clean with the cooled boiled salty water.Hope this is helpful .Also now that your dog is a little older he/she tear ducts may not be working so well so a lubricating solution might help.Let me know how you go. DIDI personally would use paw paw ointment on my dog yes, as it only contains natural product. However, if the issue still persists after 3 dsys, you need to see your vet. Good luck.Salt water or contact wash is working well along with paw paw ointment now and again. The ointment helps clear crust on outer eye.

I put the ointment on my baby's (4 month) eyes closed by mistake. She was sleeping and I cleaned with the baby's wipes. Should I go to see a doctor?
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You really shouldn.t put any ointments near baby eyes especially if you have not used the product before there is always a possibility that you baby may have a reaction to it .Even though lucas papaw oint is a great product for little rashes and dry skin be careful when using it on your brand new baby always try on small area firstJust stick with cooled boiled water with cotton ball is probably best. Regards DidBabies are tougher than they seem. A little paw paw ointment won't kill em. Trust me, I've tried.

what is the price?
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A small tube is about 5 dollars or so last time I checked though if there is bigger tubes they are likely to be more money so check with a stockist of Lucas paw paw cream at maybe a chemist or you could check online on the internet perhaps you could find a better deal though with low priced items they would be the delivery charges so it's best to go into a Lucas paw paw cream stockist unless you are planning to buy in bulk though it's best to test the product by buying up to 75 grams worth to see if it helps your skin problems

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