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Cost Effective Product that Works!

Have used this product for years.
Great all rounder for itchy skin, burns, scratches, mozzie bites, lips & even for kids & pets.
Have one in my bag, bathroom & car. Very affordable.

A must have in my cupboard

I've been using Lucas paw paw ointment for many years for itchy skin, as soon as I apply it the itching stops. It is just so reliable to have handy, is cheap and natural, I wouldn't be without it. So many other products claim to do this or that and nearly always fail I find, but not this ointment. I love it.

Loved this

I have been through 3 tubes now, it is always in my handbag. Perfect for my lips and dry elbows but i also use it for so many other reasons as well. The kids also like it and we use for first aid as well. The scent and feel of it are great.

First aid

I use Lucas' Papaw Ointment as a first aid for all the family, even for pats. The texture is really thick and oily but it's OK. It works really well on rash, burns, scratches. Happy with results. Must have one!

Two or Three Tubes (or Tubs) On The Go At Any Time

I have been using Lucas' Papaw Ointment for years and on anything from dry skin to burns to cuts. I currently have a tube in my bag and one in the car, and a small tub on my bedhead. I love the smell and texture and I believe this natural fruit derivative has magic healing properties for all manner of skin irritations and injuries - although I've never tried it on a bruise. The tube size is good and is reasonably priced. It also lasts a long time. The only downside is that it is very oily and takes a while to soak in, so I always make a mess of the steering wheel! But my skin feels super soft and moisturised after. Highly recommended.

Perfect for cracked lips

Everyone I know recommends this and I can see why! Handy for those with cracked lips, and for minor cuts and scraps. Product is a bit thick, sticky and oily hence probably not best for face use except on the lips. Very affordable and handy to carry around. What I like most about it is that it contains papaya and is an Australia company/product

Great stuff!

Always keep a pot of this in my medicine cupboard and a tube in my handbag. Great for small burns as it stops the pain and the skin from blistering. Great for itchy skin and rashes, dry skin and small cuts. Best lip balm ever as it lasts for hours and is soothing on dry lips. Lucas PawPaw Ointment works when other products don't.

Can't live without it!

This product is cheap, easy to use, compact and effective. I use it on my lips generally however has come in handy for small scratches and chaffing on my baby. The package is distinct and easy to find in your handbag.


Lucas papaw ointment is Fantastic whether its for sore or dry lips.. great for dry elbows.. Your cracked heals.. even great for chafing. .always have one handy in the medicine draw and carry one in my handbag...


Love this product, it comes in a compact red tube, easy to use, cheap price, available at almost any store. The papaw ingredient is very versatile. I use it on my lips when i have cracked lips, heals within within 24 hours. It has a pleasant smell. I use it on scars, i use it on cuts.

Handy bag size

I have a handy size in my desk at work, you never know when you will scratch or cut yourself and it goes on easy and aids with healing. I also have it at home and in my car.

Fantastic All-rounder!

I have been using Lucas' Papaw Ointment for quite a number of years now & I can definitely say that it is one of the most versatile healing products I have ever used. From dry, chapped lips through to cuts & scratches, it is an awesome product. I also apply it on my cuticles before bed if they are rough.

It is available in different sizes which is great, but I prefer to buy the small tube because a) it fits in my handbag perfectly & 2) it's more hygienic than the tub.

I highly recommend this product as it's suitable for a wide variety of uses.

nothing magical

Not really sure if it's extremely if at all better than regular vaseline? Not quite sure what the fuss is about. Very handy in cold weather and the packaging is convenient. A tube goes a long way.

Hydrating and soothing

Excellent ointment and moisturises to soft lips. Its a must have during the winter months and I use it as a multi functional product when I travel - as a lip balm, hand moisturiser and cut protectant

Perfect for chap lips

The product clears chap lips within a few days. Excellent for moisturising lips and great for sensitive skin. I also used it on my super dry elbows and it fixed the problem in about a week

Great for sensitive, dry skin

After a home upper lip wax job gone wrong (dry, irritated, flaking skin), I used some of this. It has improved my skin in less than a day without further irritation to already angry skin. I just kept applying every time my skin felt dry again. Great product with many different uses, a must have!

Soft and smooth lips

I have used this product on my lips for the whole of winter as I usually get dry, cracked lips. It is amazing and has kept my lips plump and moist. The only downfall is that I it blocks the tiny pores around my mouth and I tend to get the odd pimple. Otherwise, brilliant!

Very hydrating!

Although it has a weird smell. Lucas paw pas truly does the work. I use it to moisture my lips before I go to sleep or before wearing matte lipstick, my lips become soft and plump, love it!

this is good natural ointment

love this product , its good , we buy more after 1st use and its cheap
absolutely love lucas pawpaw ointment ,not the other brand.I am also use for my dry skin and cracked feet
it works.

Not for me!

Sorry to say but I find this grease & sticky overload, I wouldn't mind that if I felt it did me some benefit to my skin, but it just made me feel horrible & dirty, sorry give me Vaseline any day, not a winner for me.

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Questions & Answers

Can you use pawpaw ointment on cracked corns
1 answer
Hi Brian. Try it & see. You have nothing to lose, & everything to gain. It worked on the deep, painful cracks on the corners of my mouth, due to my auto immune disorder. I haven't had to put up with the cracks ever since. It is wonderful. As well as using pawpaw ointment on your corns, try using goat soap when you shower. I've found the goat soap seems to have healing properties in it, & is much better than the other soaps that are full of chemicals & additives. I don't use any other soap now. Only goat soap. Any brand of goat soap is as good as another, I think. Good luck :) I hope my suggestions help you.

Can you use on cracked corns
No answers

I hv scars on my legs .due to itchy skin Is this papaw cream work on it
4 answers
maybe depends, if your scars are young it will help healing but if scars are old, you will have to try and see,Ok thanxHi Roshni, I would try the pawpaw ointment on your scars. You have nothing to lose, & everything to gain. If it doesn't work, I'd suggest you go into a chemist shop & talk to the girls behind the counter at the pharmacy. They usually have lots of good advice on what products to us for this & that. Their advice is always free, too :)


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