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Lumina (Aldi) Overlocker

Lumina (Aldi) Overlocker

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no help

I had this bought as a gift for Christmas in the Derby store, and it came threaded up prior to my purchase Great.My joy soon turned to disappointment because of the poor quality thread that it had been pr threaded with which which was very thin and broke off as i was taking it through. I am now struggling to get anyone to help with this

Date PurchasedDec 2016

Re-badged Janome - What's not to like?

Well, it is a pain to thread, more so than our Bernina 800DL, but I bought 3 for the school I teach at and they have been great. Considering that they are used by a succession of students who don't "own" them, the have been trouble free. They are serviced every 3 months with out other machines and the service guy says that there is no difference between them and the Janome branded one - no lower quality parts, no shortcuts. It's the self same machine. An absolute windfall, I was able to get the three (having to go to 2 stores, as each store only had 2 delivered - cleaned out one store, one from the other) for what had been allowed in the budget for one.

Date PurchasedMar 2016

Rebranded Janome, excellent entry level overlocker

As other reviewers have stated, this overlocker is actually a rebranded Janome machine. As such, it is made with Janome quality and you can contact Janome for customer support.
I have had it for over a year and found it reliable. Any overlocker will be difficult to thread but this machine's threading mechanism is no different to that of any other overlocker I have seen. In fact it comes pre-threaded so you don't have to rethread it; merely tie the new thread onto the old and pull through.
Its features include 3 and 4 thread overlock, rolled hem, narrow hem and picot edging. You can gather fabric with a tighter tension and it handles fabrics from fine to thick, wovens and knits well.
The only caution I would add is that it takes HA-1SP needles which can be difficult to find in shops. I buy mine online.

Alright for beginners

I got this for my 18th bday after I first started studying fashion. Still works fine (6 years later with moderate use) on basic cottons when you can get the tension right. I had a lot of trouble threading it and getting the tension right, might just be me though. It's great for someone not needing to sew a lot of varying fabrics or if you want one but don't NEED one. If you sew a lot I'd suggest getting something like a Janome that is more reliable. I am upgrading to a Janome MyLock 644D. It was suggested by a sewing machine repairman (who had a very strong opinion against the Aldi overlocker I might add!) and a friend of mine who makes and sells hand made dresses for a living.

worked good for 14 months

I was very happy with this machine worked well!8 weeks out of 1 year warranty just stopped working i was very disapointed !At $199 not worth paying to fix!now i know why the warranty is only 12 months!The repair bill would be more than it cost for the machine!Great little overlocker when it was working!It just cost me $500 for a more reliable brand with 3 years warranty !

Moving parts bend, then no more sewing

I used my overlocker 5 times, at first it was brilliant, then for some unknown reason it jammed, after removing the offending material from under the foot and needle it didn't work the same, it broke 5 needles, then moving parts started hitting each other and finally no thread chains would be made. So, would I recommend it? based on my initial experience yes, but based on how easy it suffers critical operational damage, then NO. it may be worth spending a bit more for a higher quality build machine.

Overall good :)

The Lumina Overlocker from Aldi is in fact the Janome 8002D. Aldi buys them and puts their own name on them (if you search for the youtube video of the 8002D you will see it has exactly the same look and inner, outer and features). If you google for the Janome 8002D Manual you will be happy, as this explains threading etc a lot better, see here: http://content.janome.com/documents/File/ManualFile/Inst%20book%208002D%28Eng%29.pdf . Yes the lower looper is a pain to thread, but with lots (and lots!) of practise (and patience!) you will get the hang out of it. Machine itself runs like an old Mercedes - shakes a bit when speeding to the max, but never fails. Have it now for two years and I love love love my Lumina (Janome) Overlocker.
Never fails, always works like a Pro.
Lower Looper threading is a pain, but manageable.

Works well and good value

While threading the lopper is a pain the rest of the machine is great. Love using it, good value, should have bought on sooner. Would like to have more information in the booklet which is a bit basic. The machine looks a lot like a Janome8002D serger. Curious to see if that is what it really is.
cost was very reasonable
hard to thread looper

A nightmare!

Have spent 1 hour trying to thread the lower looper. It is so inaccessible, it is impossible. When I purchased it the machine sewed well, but now the lower looper thread has broken and that is the end of sewing!
Am now looking to dispose of it and buy a more user friendly brand.
A bad design for the lower looper threading. It is hidden in the works and hard to access.

my mum brought me one of these and I love it but I spent most of high school textiles classed threading overlockers for the price it is excellent only downside no two thread overlocking Can you help with what settings you have it in Bernieboy? I am struggling!all tensions on 3, stich lenght 3 and your differential three 1.0

This overlocker is terible

I have previously owned a brother overlocker, 3 threads, when it was thirty years old I decided to buy the 4 thread Lumina from Aldi. This has been a major disappointment.I finally convinced my husband that I needed this machine and it would be great. No so. The threading mechanism is terrible, so cumbersome and the thread keeps breaking. I have spent so much time rethreading and very little sewing. When sewing fine fabric the trick is not to have to sew it many times. I wouldn't recommend this machine to anyone.
In expensive
Terrible threading mechanism


This is an overlocker that Janome provides the majority of parts for and Aldi then assembles. Any parts are usually available at your Janome stockist. It is a basic overlocker and wont hem overlock but you have to pay a larger amount for an overlocker with that feature. It is a good basic machine for overlocking edges to be used in conjuction with your sewing machine.
Clear and easy to read threading diagrams.
Threading the lower looper.

Love it!!

Only new to overlockers and turned it on and off I went. Brilliant job. Still need sewing machine for some things but overall it is wonderful. Haven't yet had to thread it though.
It was affordable and easy to read instructions

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wonder if Ginnyg still loves her overlocker


I found this machine a challenge to use. Threading took a while to learn and the thread cut quite frequently, so often I spent more time threading than actually sewing. I read the user guide carefully and found getting the tension right very delicate balancing act if I used anything other than basic cotton fabrics. It lasted only 9 months of infrequent use and then something in the alignment of the needles gave up and it kept knotting thread very frequently. Decided not to even try fixing it as it had been so challenging to use it.
Price and when all the settings were just right, the finish was fine
Temperamental machine, found threading a challenge.

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Poor quality- rubbish I previously owned a singer 3 thread overlocker which worked fantastically well for 20 years. Thought I would upgrade to a 4 thread so I bought the Lumina from Aldi. Kept breaking cotton underneath which was extremely difficult to rethread. Next the needle broke. Last straw the arm underneath just snapped while sewing. All this in just over an hour. Not covered by warranty because I purchased it just before we moved houses and wasn't used till after we built our house.


I havent used it for anything major just yet but it seems like a good machine. Havent tried any other overlocks but im assuming for under 200 its something thats going to get the job done but nothing more.
The price. Only $199
its hard adjusting to after many years on my mums industrial overlock

Questions & Answers

Where can I get a foot pedal for a Lumina 8002D overlocker please
No answers

My needle broke while sewing last night I replaced it it broke again replaced it no w it won't sew at all can you give me detailed instructions for no 1 threading as I know all the others are right thanks
No answers

I need a power cord and foot piece. Does anyone know where I can get one from?
1 answer
I would contact aldi and adk where youcan get spare parts!


Lumina (Aldi) Overlocker
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Release dateFeb 2009

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