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Would be perfect if it didn't move.

To secure the toilet seat, the instructions say to hand-tighten the nuts, but it still moves around. Maybe I need a special tool? Otherwise, it would be perfect if it didn't move.

Purchased in February 2019.

Worst purchase ever!! I hate this thing!!

I had been wanting this for a long time and when I finally got to install it the main lid doesn't stay up!! both hubby and I had a go and our measurements matched without needing a blind fitting.
it sat in cupboard for months until I dragged it out today. 20 mins of persisting in front of a toilet and it was set up so lid would stay! until I closed and reopened it!!! main lid would no longer stay which is useless.

Best toilet training product ever!

The Lupi Lu is sturdy, easy to clean, looks great and I wish I had used this for our older child. The price is a bit expensive (which is why I didn't by it the first time!), but SO worth it. This is so much better than an insert which I hated taking on and off. My oldest child is 6 and uses the Lupi Lu child seat over the adult/normal seat so I can see that we'll be using the Lupi Lu for many years to come.

My toilet has a top fixing toilet seat so I needed to purchase the blind fixing attachment. The staff at Lupi Lu were very helpful when I rang to ask them questions. When I received the kit it was easy enough to install... but I did have to watch the installation video a couple of times!

Overall, I think this is a great product and it is seriously one of the best parenting/kids products out there. Love it.

Well made, but not as good as the Mondela branded equivalent

With the overwhelming amount of products available for toilet training, I chose a dual toilet seat. I bought the Lupi Lu online through Nile.com as it was the cheapest stockist at the time (AU$76 - though I see the price is now back to AU$95). The seat itself is strong, if a little bulky, but the overall concept is great.

In our home we have Caroma 'Prima' toilet suites & unfotunately, thanks to our plumbers, the pan has been installed too close to the cistern, which meant that when I installed the Lupi Lu I could not stand the lid + junior seat up so that the adult seat could be used. So, make sure you do take particular notice of the recommended measurement for the gap between where your toilet seat fixes onto the pan & the cistern as this is what brought me unstuck. Also, I found the fixings for the seat a bit dicky, though not too bad in keeping the seat secure. The soft close function is on both the junior seat & the adult seat, but due to the design the lid is not soft closing.

Having found that I could not install the Lupi Lu, I have since purchased the Mondela 'Resonance' brand of dual/family toilet seat. Here are available from Bunnings for $68. In my honest opinion this seat is the better choice (& cheaper!). The fixings are a little trickier to install, but far more secure once in place. The seat itself snaps onto the fixings & is quite secure. The lid & the adult seat are soft closing, but the junior seat is not. The junior seat features an integrated, concealed magnet that means it connects itself to the underside of the lid, so it cannot fall back down when you need access to the adult seat. The only downside I could see is that the junior seat is not positioned as far forward as in the Lupi Lu seat, which is a shame, but a minor detail.

So overall, while the Lupi Lu is well made, I definitely prefer the Mondela 'Resonance' seat as I believe that it is more secure, the overall idea has been better executed & additionally it is cheaper.

Incompatible design with some newer toilets

We had to use the blind fixing kit to install the lupi lu to our wall facing toilet - I found the blind fixing installation quite fiddly and painful but was prepared to for what I thought would be a great end result. Unfortunately after finally installing everything the adult seat is not the right shape and does not cover the entirety of the rim of the bowl underneath - which is both unhygienic and impractical for adults sitting down to go to the loo. I wish I'd have known the seats might not fit before I went to all the effort of purchasing both the seat and blind fixing kit not to mention the installation itself. A paper cutout of the seat (or at least measurements) and instructions to check for compatibility before purchasing / installing really ought to be provided.

If you have a standard toilet bowl. Worth a go. If you have a blind fixing one, think really hard.

I bought a blind fixing version to fit my toilet bowl. All the measurements matches. It fits nicely too. There is no seat cover falling issues whatsoever.

And my kid sit on it comfortably. Very comfortably indeed. With a step ladder in front, my 2 and half year old can climb up by herself. She isn't scared of falling in whatsoever too. And she knows when the seat of her size is not down so there are no accidents so far. She is proud that she have her own kid potty shared with her parents one, upgraded from the baby potty she had before.

That's where the good part ends.

I read the instructions for both the standard fixing and blind fixing one. And the standard fixing one had a part of the attachments from the seat cover going directly into the holes of your toilet to screw it tight. Hence it seems far more sturdy.

The blind fixing one on the other hand. Have you fixed something on your toilet first. Then have the seat locked into that fixture.

It sounds alright at first. Only I realize the seat don't exactly lock in. Sure there is a lock button to push after you fit the seat. But the lock button will conveniently unlock as soon as you move the seat down a bit. That kind of defeat the purpose of locking it in position.

How easy is it to push it out of position then?
A bored kid who is pooping and for some reason decide to shake her bum bum while sitting on it.
A fairly average size man who aren't flexible enough to clean up after poop and need to move slightly.
A very very big sneeze while sitting on it.
Just adjusting yourself to be more comfortable.

You see, it is fairly easy to move it out of position.
You can keep it in position as long as you are really gentle when using it. Not much movements whatsoever. But I mostly have to adjust it every single day, sometimes thrice a day because my husband have a bad leg and would just heavily sit-drop on the toilet.

And the other down side is that, this seat don't have soft closing function.
For a seat that's design to be used by little toddlers. It can be considered negligence to not have soft closing function for a product like that. Every time my girl drops the seat down accidentally. She will be too scared to put the seat down by herself for a very very long time. Thank goodness she hadn't hurt her little fingers thus far.

Still, at the end of the day the seat still serve it's purpose if it isn't for the two fatal flaw mentioned above. After all, adjusting it once to thrice a day wins having to put up and down and adjusting the whole kid toilet seat every single time they use it.

Great product, high quality, very easy to install and use.

Great product, high quality, very easy to install and use. No dirty potties, no wobbly unsafe insert, no more swapping between seats. Very happy, my son used the loo without fuss once we got this. Convenient, easy to clean, sturdy construction, my boy loved it and this definitely made toilet training very easy. Very Happy.

Fail & Fail

The toddler seat and lid are prone to falling down onto ones back when sitting on the main seat. We switched to a Bemis brand toilet seat which had a different issue.

Penis-slamming danger. The Bemis was sturdier than the LupiLu but being solid/heavy construction and not having a soft-close feature meant that our toddler had his fingers slammed a couple of times. Consider the slam-factor on a toddler practicing stand-up wees and the Bemis is outright dangerous. Penis crushing injuries are very common in toilet training boys.

Next we tried the Bambino but the almost non-existent inner rim meant that the wee escapes between the Bambino seat and toilet seat and runs down the outside of the bowl onto the floor. So much clean up to do. Every time.

In the end, we went back to the Cushie U seat. With the generous inner rim, we have never had wee splash up or escape. Annoying and unglamorous as it is, we have to store it to the side of the toilet with the little toilet stool. Nonetheless, it does the job it is supposed to do - no leaks and does not pose a risk of slamming fingers or other body parts.

If there's a soft-close, light construction dual toilet seat out there that doesn't have any of the aforementioned issues, please tell me about it!

Functional and practical!

I love this for toilet training our boys. This has helped our 3 year old be independent with toilet training he puts the toddler seat down and comfortably sits on it all by himself. Because it's part of the toilet seat it doesn't move, it provides a stable surface for them to sit on without fear they will fall through it. We just needed to buy a step stool but apart from that it's perfect for promoting toilet training and independence in using the "big toilet" like grown ups do! also no messy potties or extra toilet seats lying around the toilet. We need to buy another one for our downstairs toilet where we current use a clip on toddler toilet seat but is not as stable and takes up too much room in the bathroom when not been used.


I feel that the quality of the seats is really poor. The plastic nut/bolt piece that connects the seat to the toilet keep popping loose. We try to tighten it up but if the seat moves slightly, one of the plastic nuts will pop down the bolt a couple of turns. and the seat slips even more.
The seat slips a lot on the bowl. There is no grip between the seat and the bowl.
It's also quite bulky. Much more than I was expecting it to be
I will be returning the seats and looking for a different brand.

Wonderful: don't waste time & money on anything else

We initially purchased the bambino toilet seat: what a waste of money! Wish I had purchased this in the first place, but living in a town house had resisted as I viewed (having to buy x2) it as too expensive...not so: this is worth every cent!
It's easy to install, fuss free for all family members using the toilet & most importantly: stable! Our little man LOVES using this: and, after seeing how unsteady & nervous he was on the other style, am so thankful to have found it.
I'd recommend this to everyone!

Great idea but not well designed

Great in theory. However this doesn't fit perfectly on our seat. The edges of the toilet rim can be seen on the outside of the adult toilet seat. It works fine but doesn't look great.
When the seats are up (for adult or male usage), the seats don't stay up.
But the box does say the screws need to be 70mm from the cistern so the seats stay up. Ours is just under that.
I have seen another product that may work better if this measurement isn't right.
That said - our toddler loves it, but the adults hate it!
Great for toddler. Easy for little ones to use.
Expensive. Doesn't work properly on our toilet. Should be more adaptable to fit other standard toilet seats.

Specifications are available on the Lupi Lu website to ensure your toilet is suitable for a Lupi Lu. Please visit www.lupilu.com.auLoopyLulu, the fixing bolts on your Lupi Lu are adjustable to allow the seat forward or back on the pan for the best fit. Rotating these bolts may move the seat forward enough to allow the seats to stay up when lifted.

Be aware this doesn't fit wall hung toilets

After much research on getting the best and easiest seat for toilet training, I was excited to be getting the Lupi Lu seat - all the comments on the web were positive and there was no additional cleaning.

Sadly, I was disappointed when the pins didn't fit in the holes of my wall hung toilet - they were too long and you also can't get underneath to screw them tight... This would have been nice to know, but I would still recommend this to friends.

Doesn't fit wall hung toilets. Expensive

The Lupi Lu can fit wall hung toilets, you just need to get the blind fixing hinge attachment. Refer to www.lupilu.com.au for details.Yes, there are blind fixing kits available for a Lupi Lu if you get home and realise you have a blind fixing toilet pan (bolts are not visible from underneath). These are simple to swap over and the kits come with step by step instructions. Visit the Lupi Lu website for more information www.lupilu.com.au

one of the best child products out there

Balked at the price for ages then after several friends had recommended it I finally gave in (when it was on sale). Hands down this is one of the best products out there for kids. Looks great in the bathroom, easy to clean, kids love it and doesn't pinch or make them feel insecure. Worth every penny!!
Looks good, easy to use and install, easy to clean and kids love it

Truely integrated toilet seat

Found it at a Baby Expo a couple of years ago, and bought one home to try it. It is very easy to install, and easy to clean and looks great. All the visitors praised on how it integrated so seemlessly.
In terms ease of use, My daughter started using it by herself since 2.5 years old, with help of a little stool of course. It is very stable without me worrying my little girl will flip over or drop into the toilet.
ease of use, safety and finish quality.
more expensive than other removable options


This has been a Godsend! I only wish I had realised there was such a thing 18 months before I found it! My almost 4 year old has always baulked at the toddler seats that go onto the toilet and prefered to perch precariously over the loo unaided. Suddenly at 3.5 he stopped pooing in the loo at all, waiting for a night nappy or if he couldn't hold on, hiding and going in his pants. The Lupi Lu totally solved this instantly. He loves it. I don't even know hes gone to the toilet unless he needs help wiping his bottom. He takes all his friends to see it! I simply cannot recommend it enough.
There is never a need to remove it if they outgrow it - other small visitors will always appreciate it and the adult seat is always there. Such a simple idea. FANTASTIC!
Brilliant, simple solution to a really annoying issue. Easy to clean, stays on the toilet - nothing to clean or store seperately, looks good, a very comfortable adult seat as well as toddler seat, soft close.
Toddlers & Pre Schoolers LOVE it!


A really good product. Much nicer to use and to have in the toilet. Looks really nice as well. Would highly recommend this product if you have toddlers
I found it a lot cleaner than the seats that just sit on top of the toilet. Easier to use, for both toddler and adults. I found it a pain to constantly all day put the old style toddler seats onto the toilet and then remove it when adults go to use the toilet. My daughter felt really special, like she was using the toilet the same as adults do.
My soft close stopped working within a couple of weeks, but didn't really find it a problem not having it.

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