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Luvele Supreme Vacuum Sealer LSVS130G

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Hi there, can smooth\clear bags be used instead of the rippled rolls?
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Hi there, thanks for your question. No, smooth bags will not work. Only the Luvele designed channel bags are suitable. Cheers.

Is this an Australian product? Are bags readily available? Where? Are bags biodegradable? What size do bags come in? Is there a small size? How often do you expect to have to replace a part on the machine?
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The bags are reusable, (but get smaller everytime). I wash them and reuse. Don't know if biodegradable. Come in two sizes, have not had to buy anymore yet, but expect no problems getting via internet. Also expect no problems with parts but have not had to get any.Thanks for the message, Yes this is an Aussie brand, but we manufacture in China. Our office is in Sydney Mona Vale, where all design marketing and customer service is based :) Bags can be found on eBay, Amazon, & Luvele.com.au The bags are not biodegradable Widths and lengths are 22cm x 20m and 28cm wide x 20m You should have to replace anything as long as the lid is stored unclipped and the gaskets wiped down if needed after each use. Hope that helpsThank you. Would consider a purchase but the amount of non-biodegradable plastic used is concerning.

Where can I buy a new bottom sealing gasket for a LSVS130G?
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Hi Travis, Thanks for your message. You can buy through our website here: https://www.luvele.com.au/products/supreme-gasket If you want to replace the upper gasket you best email us first at: support@luvele.com.au Here is a video on how to replace the lower gasket: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oPoPTgLat48 Regards TimWhy would you need to replace a gasket? And how often?Thanks for your message, You shouldn't as long as they are gently wiped down if any food gets on them. Also if the lid is stored clipped shut this over compresses them unnecessarily. If you follow the basic user recommendations they should last 3-5 years no problems

Hello, can this sealer fit standard plastic rolls bought online or do they have to be bought from Luvelle directly please?
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Thanks for your message, You can't use mylar bags with these sealers. Also our sizes are 22 and 28cm wide. We can only recommend using our bags and sizes as we have tested them without fault. Also worth noting our bags are tested for freezer burn, they are also Re-usable, Dishwasher safe, BPA Free, Phthalate Free, And Plasticizer Free, Sous Vide Compatible, Truly Food Safe Bags. You can't go wrong :) Cheers Tim

Hello, I was given a LSVS130G as a gift earlier this year. It was working fine up until last week, it vacuums all the air out, but when it switches over to do the manual seal, all the air is released back in. I have always stored with the lid open as recommended. Can you please advise why this might be happening and how it can be fixed? Thanks Liz
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Hey Liz, Thanks for your message, have you tried flipping the lower gasket over? Also please ensure there is 5cm between the food and the seal line to ensure the bag is sitting 100% flat on the seal strip. Finally you need to make sure that you are using bag rolls that are the sizes provided 22cm or 28cm. We sometime have customers try to customize smaller bags which can create some irregularities. Here is a video on how to flip the lower gasket over: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oPoPTgLat48 Thanks Tim

I would be using this predominately for fish fillets and have managed to burn out three sunbeams and a kmart version over last 6 years , are spare parts available for these in the event the pumps and heat strips die ?
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Hey Adrian, Thanks for your email, yes we have replacement foam gaskets, and cutting blades. However if looked after you won't have any issues. I can't remember having a faulty pump on this model and out of the thousands sold we rarely have any issues in general. Any issues that have accrued from a manufactures warranty perspective get replaced. We do have a couple of questions we generally ask first. Some users will clip the lid shut in storage over compressing the foam gaskets unnecessarily, which can create some issues, but is an easy fix. Hope that helps TimHI Adrian.... Looks like Tim was able to answer you question regarding replacement parts for the vacuum sealer. I am using mine at least twice weekly..follow the instructions given, store with the lid open and have experienced no problems at all. Like you, I purchased other brands to include sunbeam, all which were a horrible waste of money. I can't predict the future but will tell you I am crazy about this sealer. My only complaint is wishing I had a larger freezer and unlimited food budget. I have no doubt you should buy a Luvele Supreme!! Just a heads up....I press to click close one side at a time. Do keep in mind it becomes easier to click close the more you use. My took about 3 uses and now the click close offers no resistance. Good luck.

Are these sealers hard to close as I have read a few people are having problems as the closing mechanism is so tight that it might damage the lid of machine. Is this true ? I'm looking at buying the Supreme model. Thanks
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Hi Christine, Thanks for your message, Yes that is very normal for the first handful of uses while the gaskets wear in a little, clipping down the lid will require a firm amount of pressure. Once you have used it 5-10 times they will loosen up a little. It would be extremely hard to break the lid and I have never seen a warranty return with a broken lid :) Regards TimI haven't really noticed. I usually push each side to close. I'm usually sitting down to when I close the lid so no need for upper body strength! I hope this helps.

Hi Tim if I seal fresh red meat for example rump in 250 gram portions what would be the use by if kept only in the fridge I would rather not freeze Thanks Tracie
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Thanks Tracie, I would suggest your used by dates would remain similar if only refrigerated. It will keep it fresher for longer, and you will also notice a considerable improvement in taste (even when frozen) however I wouldn't want to recommend anything outside the norm. Hope you understand. Regards Tim

Hi, does the Luvele supreme have a moisture seal ? for sous vide ( confit ect..)?
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Thanks for your question. Yes it can be used for Sous Vide, also it does indeed have a moist button for foods that have a little more moisture in them. However you will want to remove most liquids before vacuum sealing. Hope this helps TimThank you for your answer, but, then it is not suitable for confit? witch involves cooking in liquid, usually oils?Hi Pat. Yes it does have a moisture function which we haven't yet used. We have sealed pre-frozen home made stock on the dry setting and defrosted it again without any leakage. We have also sealed blanched fresh vegetables and cooked them from frozen in the bag straight into a pot of boiling water without any moisture getting in. Also Tim didn't mention it but there is another model which hasn't come out yet. It has a double seal. We didn't pre-order it as it has so many functions we probably wouldn't use. Hope this helps. Kate

I have ordered an anova for cooking sous vide, and intend to cook to cook large roasts, around 5kg . Are the sealer bags or rolls bags big enough for this, and will the vac sealer cope with this? Many thanks Sue
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Hi Sue, I have ever only got my roasts cut to 3kg the most as that suits our family size needs. I would think as long as the meat fits through the opening of the bag which it should then it wouldn't be a problem. The machine didn't have a problem with our 3kg meats and that included Silverside roasts as well. Wow 5kg meat is that for a feast? Or large party? Hope this helpsThanks for that answerHi Sue, Thanks for your question :) Our bag width openings are 22cm and 28cm wide. As long as you can get the meat in it won't be a problem :) Regards Tim

Will this vacuum and seal moist products like steak, diced chicken, mince and fish? I've tried 2 different ones that say they will but they don't - not unless you put lots of paper towel in the bag or freeze prior, which makes it a bigger job. I just want to buy my food, vacuum, seal and freeze.
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Thanks for your message, i'll be happy to help:) Yes the machine has a moist option however you can't vacuum seal large amounts of any liquid unless it's in our canisters. We always recommend to remove as much liquid as possible before using the moist function. The food really just needs to be moist not wet.. Hope that makes sense. In regards to the food mentioned, yes it's perfect for meats like steak, chicken, mince and fish :) You shouldn't have to freeze the meat.Yes, the Supreme will vac moist foods. All you need to do is select the ‘Gentle Pressure’ / ‘Moist Food’ option and you’ll be fine. I also cut the bags about 5cm longer than normal and I’ve never had a problem.

Can this food vacuum sealer be used to vacuum and seal mylar bags as well as the pkastic ones?
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Hi Pam, Thanks for your message, Unfortunately our vacuum sealer is not compatible with mylar bags. Regards Tim

hi I just ordered a luvele deluxe vac sealer does it come with bags
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Mine did. One small roll and one larger. Should say if it does. Just email luvele directly if that's where you ordered it fromHi, I ordered mine through Luvele and it came with 5 rolls of smaller and 5 rolls larger bags! Yippe!!Hi Phil, I just ordered a vac sealer through about 10 days ago. I ordered the vac sealer & bag offer. If you ordered the delux vac sealer just on it's own $134.95 it doesn't say that there are bags with it. You will need to order some. The bags are really great. Very good quality. You could pop luvele a line & order bags before they ship your order out. It may save on postage & you can get cracking with the vac sealing. Cheers!

I have Luvele Supreme Vacuum Sealer LSVS130G, I bought a Luvele Vacuum Storage Canister but unfortunately it does not work. The tip just does not come in, why?
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Make sure and press the end of the tubing right into the canister hole on the right of the sealer.Ooops, I was putting it in the wrong hole ^-^ ... omg what kind of a woman am I?! hahaha Thank you for your help! :)

Hi, i was wondering how long pretty pre cooked meals last sealed and refrigerated for for fresh pre made weekly meals?
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Hi Kay, Sorry for the delay on this, there are many variables that can effect the quality of vacuum sealed foods. I would treat most food in the same way you would if they weren't vacuum sealed. Some Boneless red meat may last for a few weeks, however I would never recommend going past the used by date. Also depending on how they have been handled may change the level of bacteria etc. To be safe I would only allow a few extra days past your normal way of life :) Vacuum Sealers are great for keeping leftovers fresh for example a few more days than just the following. Hope that helps. Tim

where can i get one in uk?
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Hey Nobby, You can buy off the website, here is the link: https://www.luvele.co.uk/collections/vacuum-sealers Cheers Tim

where can I buy a new gasket for my Luvele sealer ???
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Hi Flecther, Thanks for your message, can you please email support@luvele.com with your address and contact number so we can orgnaise a invoice for you. Please also mention in the email what machine. Thanks Tim

Where can I purchase a luvele supreme vacuum sealer in central Victoria?
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Here is the link to the collection, https://www.luvele.com.au/collections/vacuum-sealers Shipping is free :)

I just bought the LSVS130G and find it very hard to close the lid. I practically have to stand over the appliance and put my body weight (80kg) on each corner of the lid to click into place. Yes it closes, but I'm worried that the plastic lid will soon crack with continued use. Does anyone have a similar problem?
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Yes I also found the lid to be slightly hard to close but thought that it is meant to be that way and will loosen over time the more you use it.I had the same problem and at first ,couldn’t get it to close at all. Now I do one side at a time as I found it just about impossible to do both at the same time

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