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Luvele Supreme Vacuum Sealer LSVS130G

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A Must Have!!!

After many many hours of website reading, online comparison sites, YouTube research etc, I decided on the Luvele Supreme vacuum sealer and it was the best decision I’ve made in a long time. The money I’ve saved in the last 4 months has more than paid for the machine. $$$ Brilliant. I now throw out way less food and we’re actually eating better as a family. The Supreme is very easy to use and the bags are great quality and value when you consider they can be reused for certain food items. We’ve also bought a few sets of the glass containers and have found them invaluable for prolonging the life of biscuits, popcorn, muffins, cake etc. The Supreme is a permanent fixture in the kitchen and is used EVERY day. I can’t fault the build quality so far and it’s been nothing but reliable. Buy one, you won’t be disappointed.

Date PurchasedJan 2018

Luvele Supreme Vacuum Sealer LSVS130G is fantastic

They are fantastic . I've had cheaper vac sealers and there've done the job , but the Luvele Supreme Vacuum Sealer LSVS130G is amazing I've used it about 20 times and it seals every time first and the bag roll and cutter are so handy and easy to use I've told all my friends how amazing they are and a few of them have bought them . thanks Luvele for a wonderful product . cheers ALLAN

Date PurchasedMay 2018
Thanks Allan, your a valued customer. Thanks for your support and kind words :)Was very happy with the Luvele Supreme Vacuum Sealer LSVS130G but the last couple of months I've been finding bags in the freezer with air in . and today the heat strip is'nt sealing I will let luvele know on mondayNo problem Allan, no doubt a few small adjustments and we will have you back to 100% operating capacity again. I'll keep an eye out for your message in support. Be sure to email it through to: support@luvele.com

Brilliant !

The Luvele vacuum sealer is excellent but their service especially Tim Davy’s is just exceptionally! Had a problem , probably due to my own lack of technical inability, n Tim went all the way out to help me with promptness n understanding ! Three cheers for the company n Tim ! Chris

Date PurchasedNov 2017
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Thanks Chris, appreciate the kind words mate. All the best with it :)


Wow absolutely amazing.This is my first food vac sealer I absolutely love it and can't believe how fast and easy it is to operate., I'm very impressed and highly recommend this company. The customer service & speed of delivery were amazingly prompt and reliable, I very much appreciate the way I was contacted & updated throughout the whole process - very good communication.

Date PurchasedMay 2018
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Cheers Dee, your a great customer :)

Excellent vacuum sealer and faultless customer service.

The vacuum sealer is great. I had a Maxkon before which served well as a "proof of concept" (as it was my first one) but it stopped working properly in less than 12 months. Now I can compare the Luvele with it and the Luvele is far superior. Cutting the bags is much, much simpler. Importantly, the sealing process is far easier as I can see where I am placing the bag to seal. Also, takes up less room. So far, so good!! Excellent price and superb service.

Date PurchasedApr 2018
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Thanks Michael, appreciate the kind words :)

Top notch vaco - it really sucks.

It isn’t often you can say a product really sucks - and mean it in a good way.
I'm very happy with the luvelle vacuum food packer - it works far better than the sunbeam one I previously purchased - and it was half the price.
The low power setting works well for the sourdough bread I make - which previously was crushed in the process and the built in bag trimmer saves a lot of hassle and gives you nice straight edges.
The vac bags are also excellent value.

Date PurchasedFeb 2018
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haha, luv it. Thanks for sharing

Very impressed

Steve Searancke

Apr 13, 2:04 PM AEST

Hey Joe, first off I couldn't believe how quick the vacuum packer arrived. I live in NZ and the product only took 4 days to arrive and 2 of those days were Saturday and Sunday. The quality of the packer is first class. As of yet I haven't used it but I will be in the near future and I will send you a short note on how things eventually go. I bought the Luvele packer because of the ratings posted on line. Everyone stated how good and easy to use the machine is. Keep up the good work

Cheers Steve

April 27th 2018 Update: Excellent product

Finally got to use the vacuum packer today and it worked brilliantly.

The instructions were easy to read and understand.

(Yes some males know how to read and follow instructions.)

(Sick of my wife telling me to read the damn instructions lol) .

Couldn't be happier.

Once again thanks very much for the vacuum packer

Cheers Steve

Date PurchasedApr 2018
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Cheers Steve! Great news :)

The Best Sealer I have owned

I have owned two FoodSaver sealers before and getting support for them is nigh on impossible. Sunbeam are unhelpful here and FoodSaver in the US have the attitude - if it's out of warranty it's not their problem.

Not only is this Luvele food sealer amazingly quick and easy to use, it's much much faster to seal than the others I've owned and it's so fast on the cannisters that at first I really thought there had been a mistake.

The heating band is really close to the sealing space so you lose very little of the bag when you seal and vacuum. I've filled bags with coffee beans really close to the top and was still able to seal perfectly.

The support from Luvele is great. I wrote to them to see if I could make sure that my old FoodSaver canisters would work and they were happy to sell me a spare cannister hose for me to try. (Tip - to do this you need a spare Luvele hose, remove one Luvele end and place it on one end of the FoodSaver Canister hose)

They have been so responsive with all my questions that I'm totally confident that I will have no problems with spare parts in years to come.

Also I should mention that their canisters are really good. They are glass and very easy to use.

Date PurchasedApr 2018
Wow thanks Andrew! Means alot. Glad your happy :)Still generally happy after many months, but I have one reservation. The canisters are lovely but there is a flaw in the vacuuming of cannisters. Often the machine will stop and the canister is not really airtight. Other sealers I have used will just keep sucking air until the seal is done so you know if there's a bad connection because it keeps sucking. But the Luvele seems to time out and you get the impression that the canister is sealed when it isn't. Even though the glass canisters are pretty I don't think they seal very well. I've reverted to using my Vacpro ones.

Best I've found

I bought a Maxkon vacuum sealer some months ago. It had all the features. However almost immediately, the cutter fell apart.
It is also a much larger piece of equipment than the luvele.
The Luvele is much better in my opinion. the cutter works perfectly and it is much easier to see where you are sealing the bags. In the Maxkon you push the bag into a slot so don't really know how it is fitting.
I like that you can see where you are putting the bag in the luvele.
Also the Luvele is much smaller and lighter and looks much better on the counter.
Finally the canisters are great. I especially like the small indicator rubber that tells you it is vacuum sealed. I've put a piece of pumpkin and a fresh salad in them over a week and they are still good.

Thanks for a great product.

Date PurchasedApr 2018
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Awesome review Anglead, were always here to help :)

Love this vacuum sealer

I bought a cheaper one to use and see if it fitted with my life style. Yes, I use it a lot but it doesn't have great vacuum and items would float in the Sous Vide. This sealer has fabulous vacuum and all my items sink into the luscious warm swirling bath of my Sous Vide! Love this a lot. Many thanks, Susan

Date PurchasedMar 2018
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perfect SusN, thanks for the review :)

Excellent Product

I purchased this product direct from Luvele. It came exactly when they predicted. I was surprised because I live in a small county town, so I wasn't expecting it on time. I have never used a vacuum sealer before & I found this product very easy to use. It is very efficient & the bags are really good quality. Very happy with it. My freezer & fridge look ever so tidy now & I know I will have much less food wastage & a much better shelf life for food in my pantry. Together with the new Luvele Biltong Dehydrator ... I look forward to much more money efficient kitchen. The customer service is fantastic too ... I had a question & all I did was email and almost immediately Luvele support responded & helped me solve my problem ... I am a happy little vegemite!!! :)

Date PurchasedMar 2018
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Thanks Monika, your a great customer. Appreciate the kind words :)

Should have got one ages ago

I've just started paternity leave and my wife has gone back to work and I've set about finding ways to make my life easier. One of our biggest issues has been food storage and waste so I researched ways to improve.

I purchased this sealer online together with the glass canisters and it was all dispatched same day and received a day later. I've started portioning out cold meats, blanching and freezing sliced vegetables and saving meal leftovers in the freezer. In just a week we've started to notice how much time we are saving in meal prep and how much fresher the food is after being vacuumed and put back in the fridge or freezer, rather than using cling wrap.

The team at Luvele followed up to make sure I was satisfied and responded to questions within a few hours. I've been so impressed I've now ordered the meat slicer so I can slice and vacuum home smoked bacon.

If you are thinking about which sealer to get, don't. Just buy this one.

Date PurchasedMar 2018
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Great to hear Mark, thanks for taking the time to give us an awesome review :) Means a lot

A good quality vacuum sealer that works

A great product as it seals moist as well as dry food well and holds it’s seal, the optional canisters are pantry moth proof and ideal for bread crumbs, flower, rice and many other items that attract moth lava.
Previous sealer l had the bags would not hold vacuum and would not seal with the slight bit of moisture
Buy a Luvelle, I’m sure you will be pleased

Date PurchasedOct 2017
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Thanks Nick appreciate the great review. Glad we can help with the moths :)

Wish I’d Bought One Sooner

I recently purchased this vacuum sealer from Luvele. The company has been fantastic to deal with and the vacuum sealer is everything it should be. Very easy to use and well made. I would highly recommend it! I’m sure it will be a very well used item in my kitchen.

Date PurchasedMar 2018
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Hey Chris, much appreciated :)

Very compatible with anova

Was comparing with the sunbeam food saver and do not regret purchasing this product.
Easy to use and vacuum set up works efficiently.
Very handy for storing left overs and keeping it bacterial free.
Easy to wash and prompt delivery.
Use at least three times a week.
highly recommend this sealer

Date PurchasedJan 2018
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Thanks Mandyyy... :)

A MUST HAVE in every kitchen!

I've had a vacuum sealer for over 15 years and just bought a new Luvele unit which is a lot more compact and easy to clean. I use my sealer every week for meat, cheese, my dog food portions, but its particularly good for fresh fish. Because there is no freezer burn, the fish will taste just as good in 12 months time (in a deep freezer) as when first frozen. When we go camping or away on our boat, I pre-cook meals and vacuum seal and freeze them and not only do they last longer, they pack easier and never leave any leakages in the bottom of the Engel fridge or esky.

Date PurchasedOct 2017
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Luv it! Thanks for taking the time :)

Excellent Vacuum Sealing Machine

This is our first vacuum sealer and I must say we are very impressed. We decided to get a vacuum sealer because we were tired of throwing frozen food out that had freezer burn from using the zip lock bags. The dog ate well anyway! This unit is very easy to use. We decided to buy the Luvele after doing a lot of research on the internet. There are cheaper options available but the reviews of these cheaper options did not stack up against the Luvele. We've gone through 8 rolls of bags in the short time we've had the sealer and use it to extend shelf life for refrigerated items as well. Just a tip when cutting the bags and that is to make them at least 2 inches larger than required. That way you can wash and reuse the bags.

Date PurchasedNov 2017
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Great tip!!!! Also use the code: BAG LUV to get 10% on your next bag roll order. Thanks for the great review.

Does the job well, compact and easy to use.

I bought an anova, and needed a vacuum sealer to go with it. I was really tempted to just buy the cheapest one I could find and just make do, but looking at the other reviews online, some of the other brands had very inconsistent reviews, whereas the Luvele generally got great reviews. The Luvele Supreme is more expensive, but I think the flexibility with the different sealing options is important for some foods, and I haven't had any problem sealing moist products - not a single bag leak so far. The integrated bag dispenser is also a good convenience for my compact kitchen. Well recommended!

Date PurchasedDec 2017
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Thanks Sam, much appreciated. Enjoy!

Easy to use food saver - no more waste

I bought this product to replace a faulty one, after much research and some hesitation. Excellent for vacuum sealing food or just sealing anything to keep it airtight. Reliable and easy to use. Superior to my old sunbeam at a better price. So far happy with my choice and saving on food wastage.

Date PurchasedDec 2017

This machine is a lifesaver!

100 main meals & 48 m bags vacced for a remote trip. Amazingly easy to use!
Just refer to the straight forward instruction book - it is all there.
Found the pre freezing essential & kept things tidier - also roll upper bag edge inside out to the outside for easier packing with larger volumes - shake out the excess air to settle bulky ingredients.
I used it on everything - found the gentle setting still firm on un prechilled stuff like breads / sausage rolls.
I absolutely love this machine. Buy more bags than you think you'll need ... you will use them :)

Date PurchasedJan 2018

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Questions & Answers

Hi there, can smooth\clear bags be used instead of the rippled rolls?
1 answer
Hi there, thanks for your question. No, smooth bags will not work. Only the Luvele designed channel bags are suitable. Cheers.

Is this an Australian product? Are bags readily available? Where? Are bags biodegradable? What size do bags come in? Is there a small size? How often do you expect to have to replace a part on the machine?
5 answers
The bags are reusable, (but get smaller everytime). I wash them and reuse. Don't know if biodegradable. Come in two sizes, have not had to buy anymore yet, but expect no problems getting via internet. Also expect no problems with parts but have not had to get any.Thanks for the message, Yes this is an Aussie brand, but we manufacture in China. Our office is in Sydney Mona Vale, where all design marketing and customer service is based :) Bags can be found on eBay, Amazon, & Luvele.com.au The bags are not biodegradable Widths and lengths are 22cm x 20m and 28cm wide x 20m You should have to replace anything as long as the lid is stored unclipped and the gaskets wiped down if needed after each use. Hope that helpsThank you. Would consider a purchase but the amount of non-biodegradable plastic used is concerning.

Where can I buy a new bottom sealing gasket for a LSVS130G?
3 answers
Hi Travis, Thanks for your message. You can buy through our website here: https://www.luvele.com.au/products/supreme-gasket If you want to replace the upper gasket you best email us first at: support@luvele.com.au Here is a video on how to replace the lower gasket: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oPoPTgLat48 Regards TimWhy would you need to replace a gasket? And how often?Thanks for your message, You shouldn't as long as they are gently wiped down if any food gets on them. Also if the lid is stored clipped shut this over compresses them unnecessarily. If you follow the basic user recommendations they should last 3-5 years no problems