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Luvion Supreme Connect

Luvion Supreme Connect

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Good monitor - few pieces of feedback to improve

This is a good monitor. Nice picture quality however it does lose connection quite often despite no issues with wifi in the house. App feature is good.
Downsides are:
- would like to see the time on the screen and app.
- the lowest sound level is quite high. I often get asked to turn it down.
- even though my phone is on silent, when I launch the app, the sound ALWAYS blasts! So I have to quickly go in and mute it. This is annoying because I sometimes check it when I’m in bed and my baby is in his cot. I just like to see him without getting out of bed :)
- it’s difficult to add another network as I have taken the monitor on holidays and to other houses.

Purchased in May 2019 for $350.00.

Build Quality
Value for Money
Ease of Use
Connectivity / Reliability
Audio Quality
Video Quality
Battery Life

Fantastic range

Monitor is fantastic. We live on 2000sqm and bub is at the opposite end of the house to our room and it never cuts out. The screen quality is so clear and all the added features are amazing.
Love that it rotates so well and I can have bubs entire cot on the screen, and that it's portable.
Could improve on the battery life, but other than that I highly recommend it

Purchased in June 2018 at Baby Monitor Direct for $300.00.

Build Quality
Value for Money
Ease of Use
Connectivity / Reliability
Audio Quality
Video Quality
Battery Life

Works well but could improve on battery

Image of the monitor is great, and pan of the camera is also very useful. The battery saving mode allows the screen to auto off when not in use. It also automatically comes back on when a noise is detected. There is a night light on the base of the unit, which can be remotely controlled by the parent unit. This is very handy when checking on bub in the middle of the night. It is also soft enough for bub to sleep with if so preferred.

The battery is a dud, only lasted 2 months and stops charging all together. The range of this product is also not the best but reasonable. My old monitor would function in the garage but this one would be out of range around 10 to 15 meters away. The other problem is the phone connection app is pretty rubbish. For some strange reason there's never any sound and drops off all the time.
My son dropped the parent unit and the screen broke. Now I can only see a blur. My last monitor was dropped several times but never had this happen. The other thing is the lullaby function is also useless as the sound quality of the monitor is terrible. It is not soothing for anyone do not use it.

Purchased in March 2019 for $200.00.

Build Quality
Value for Money
Ease of Use
Connectivity / Reliability
Audio Quality
Video Quality
Battery Life


Best monitor I have seen! If you are looking for a video monitor with excellent image quality this is the one for you!!! Easy to set up and so reliable! Everyone who has seen ours asks about it!!! I think it’s reasonably priced due to the quality of this product! We have been using this for 2.5 years and Cannot fault! Easy to take away with you also!!!

Best monitor - no complaints at all!

Could not be happier with this monitor - have just bought a 2nd camera as we are having another bub! Great picture and sound, love that you can switch the monitor off for overnight (but still hear the sound). Really good reception and decent battery life. Highly recommend this monitor!

Love this Monitor!!

Previously tried 2 different brands of baby monitors (both with video). The range of these were poor, video quality was terrible and they weren’t exactly cheap!! And neither of these had the ability to add extra cameras!

The luvion has excellent video quality and I now have 2 cameras attached, one in each of my babies rooms. I can easily see what they are up to and I love that it switches between cameras. I love that you can turn the screen off and still have the audio so when I go to bed I don’t have a screen lighting up my room all night.
The range is amazing.... no more dropping out of range like the previous monitors did! Set up is super easy, even with two cameras... we take it when we travel!

Couldn’t live without my luvion!!!

Fantastic Monitor and Awesome Range

We have been so happy with our Luvion Supreme Connect. We take it with us when we travel or go anywhere. It has fantastic range. So great being able to see not just hear with this monitor. It was great when our children were babies but also when they got bigger and you could see if they were really asleep or just playing! I absolutely highly recommend this monitor.

Absolutely LOVE this baby monitor

Highly recommend i brought mine from baby monitors direct. Just bought my second camera for my second baby. The range is amazing, the quality of the picture is great and the sound is perfect. Ive tried 2 other popular brand monitors and this brand is by far the best. Couldnt be happier.

A must have

We bought this monitor 4 years ago, for our second child (upgraded from the grand elite). We pulled it out again the other day for our third child and its still fantastic. The audio and image quality are perfect. The range also works fantastic all throughout our new house. It was easy to set up even after so long, and without the instructions (lost over time). I spent a lot of time researching everything when we first got it, and I am still happy with our choice! the only issue I have had is that the battery has stopped holding charge (but that is totally acceptable after so much use and time), but Baby monitors have helped us out with a new one, and we have now also purchased the wifi bridge and look forward to using this added feature.


Coming from a IT background-i have a bit of a understanding of these devices. The quality of the product is quite high. Without going into to much detail, we have the extra cam and WIFI bridge, so you can use this as a duel purpose monitor, in home or by apps outside. No negatives,it works well for us, the App is basic, but they may have done that on purpose-keep it simple. Lovely pan and tilt cameras with wall mounts included, you can take video and photos to a SD card. We really like and rely on it.


Very dissappointed with my Luvion Sumpreme Connect well the lack of customer Service actually.......
I spent a lot of time researching and it wasn't cheap!
About a year i purchased the battery died and I couldn't leave the handset unplugged, I contacted Luvion and they said they would send a new battery out..... I never received it!
2 years on..... Everything stopped working, I couldn't turn on/off, couldn't alter the volume, couldn't even change the settings! It did turn on and pick up sound for about another two weeks but now I have nothing!
I've tried to contact Luvion 4 different times now with 2 different email address and I haven't had a reply!
Disgusting service!!

Range Range Range

Tried two others, so called leading brands, my tip is, if they dont get range the product is worthless. Fortunately this one does, with no drop outs and we live in a standard double story house. So far it continues to purr along after six months. The standard features are very good, and i must say the night vision quality is as clear as day, the pan and tilt of the camera is a great feature, extra cam options and internet capability, no worries here and i thought the price we paid was value in what it offer to our family.

Very good Product! One of the best i have tried

Bought a Luvion 3.5 years ago. Tried to upgrade to other brands for baby number 2 with fancier extras however we ended up taking them back because the Luvion had the best quality. So we are now going to use the Luvion for baby number 2. The night vision is definitely best we have tested and we have tried 3 brands.

Good unit, works well, no regrets. Long term user.

We've had this for almost 3 years now and just adding on another camera for our next baby, overall its a good unit, it has been reliable and done anything we've wanted. The display is good and clear.
It's not perfect, getting the volume right can be tricky between the kids being able to hear you when you talk through the unit, or blasting them with music when you press the music button. But we don't regret the purchase in any way.

Best Baby Monitor

We bought this monitor 2 years ago and will be buying an extra camera for it - we couldn't be happier.

The picture (including low light) is excellent.
Sound is clear.
The range is excellent - The camera is at the back of the house and I get excellent reception at the front of the house (about 20m away), through multiple brick walls.
The ability to control the camera remotely has been unexpectedly useful.
We have video of our baby learning to roll around and stand in her cot thanks to the SD card slot!
The night light was useful early on, especially being able to turn it on and off without going into the room.

The best baby monitor!

We love this baby monitor! I did my research and saw our friends Luvion they had bought 2 years earlier and thought it was perfect.
The image and audio quality is really good and the size of the screen means we can easily see our daughter and even zoom in on her.
I really like the option to move the camera around and surprisingly we use that feature a lot.
Set up was easy and we've never had any issues with it.
Battery life in the screen has always been good too.
We did look at other monitors in baby shops but the screen size, image/audio quality and different functions make this one the best by far!

My only baby buy regret.

I never write negative reviews so this is a first. I am a n easy going person, sometimes you win and sometimes you lose, get on with it, but I have never been this dissatisfied in a product. I did all my research on all the purchases I was going to buy for my first born wanting to get it right for my situation. This seemed to tick all the boxes, especially the long distance that is advertised. From day 1 the battery never fully charged or held its charge, even though we followed the correct set up instructions. as the time went on the battery only got worse quickly. By 6months into the purchase the minute the power supply cord came away from the monitor, the monitor died. So ultimately only worked if plugged in. Over 12 months the cord jack into the monitor got lose and would not hold in, so easily bumped and it would turn off no power no cord. Ended up super glueing heavy duty tape to hold in jack, bubs was 18 months old and I couldn't risk the cord falling out while we were asleep and her waking up in distress. The range shocking only a room between bubs and I and cuts out and distorts. Because I have spent $300 on it and received no communication from the company I brought it from when I questioned for help, left me in a position not being able to afford to replace this with another monitor system as we only planned on one child and had planned for this to last her through the years needed at the price invested.
Video quality when in range and Plugged in was fabulous. The ability to move camera and night vision fine. Two way is handy.
The reason I brought this monitor was for the range and the mobility of cordless monitor. These 2 reasons didn't live up to expectations at all. Out of all the purchases setting up for a child this was my most disappointing. My daughter is nearly 3 it still works but with multiple FYI adjustments to the jack to ensure power to the monitor.

Best baby monitor there is

The monitor is unreal.
The picture quality is top class and the range of the monitor is what especially impressed me.
the ability to take pictures and videos with the SD card slot is also a great function of the camera. those are some of the funniest and memorable pics caught of our boys.

Very happy great unit great service

Very happy no issues, great unit. Using it to monitor an adult with a disability so needed something realiable.
Good service and happy to help. Postage not an issue, delivered well packed.
Video quality good, night time excellent and has perfect sound quality.
Easy to use and reliable.

Thanks BMD

Worst monitor I've ever had

Since the day we bought this monitor we have had nothing but problems and for the price I am not impressed. It never held its charge so always had to be plugged into the power point which kind of defeats the purpose of a baby monitor. Had to get a new battery but I don't think that was the issue as the problem just persisted. Only seems to be getting worse. So annoyed as I paid the extra money to have something last after issues with my previous monitor only to have more problems for more money. I still need a monitor but as my son is 2.5 there is no point in buying another one. Would definitely not recommend this brand

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Questions & Answers

Hello! I'd like to know if somebody could help me in this doubt. How long is the durability of the parents monitor battery? I'm asking because I thought that it could be enough to take during all night and after 2 or 3 hours it simply went off with low bat. And I have the safe battery mode on. Can somebody tell that if this is normal? Thank you for your help.
2 answers
Yeh mine is the same (after finally getting it fixed!) You will only get 2-3 hours battery life max out of the monitor. If you want to use it all night you'll need to have it plugged in. I thought it would be like a phone/ipad and have a longer battery life too, but they don't!You will get longer life out of it if you set the volume lower and turn the screen off. We usually have ours on vol3 and get about 4hrs out of it woth the screen off (flicking it on when we hear them move). For overnight tho you'll have to plug it in. Mine sits on my bedside table with the screen off, and i put some blutack over the lights so its not glaring in my face lol. Excellent quality tho, at vol3 and mounted on a bookshelf beside the cot i can hear her breathing, and we've had this one since our oldest was one (so two years now) no issues


Luvion Supreme Connect
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