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I have been using this product for years now, it is affordable for a good band.
About the foundation, I am not too sure but its lipsticks are too good.

Product Quality
Return Claim MadeNo

Poor product packaging

MAC has always been my “go to” makeup - particularly for lipsticks. Today I was in the market for a new one and went into Myer Castle Hill. There was only one rep and she was quite rushed. I was interested in the Retro Matte Liquid Lipcolour. I accidentally dropped the Tester and it broke at the wand. I cleaned it up myself using their wipes and did proceed to buy it - $42. I unpackaged it and put it in my handbag & put it on at the shopping centre. It fell out of my handbag in the lift to my apartment and shattered again! Big packaging flaw MAC. Not happy.!

One on one makeup session

I booked a one on one makeup session with MAC sydney to learn some techniques to apply makeup. They made me look like zombie and i learnt zero from them. I contacted their customer service and believe me they have horrible horrible customer service. I have been promised to be contacted by regional manager several times but still no contact. Its a brand with the most pathetic customer service.

MISMATCHED no refund

I'm very disappointed with your service at two Mac stores in Doncaster and Northland. Both places I got tested for a colour concealer and both gave me a wrong colour that when I went home turned out very dark or very dark red. On wanting a refund or exchange I was told it had to be in resellable condition and I showed her the product which was untouched basically clean resellable and she said no sorry. They mismatched me and now I've wasted $80 down the drain. I have been a good customer because you guys had our dark or brown shades but because of this poor service. I will never buy Mac again I'm going to Rihannas line and getting myself tested their and to Mecca services who gives samples at least if you don't see the right match till later use.

Mac mascara

I purchased a lipstick matte from mac online and the lipstick arrived along with a sample mascara the lipstick wasn't even matte then because I liked the mascara went into highpoint myer to purchase the actual mascara told her the sample and she went to grab it I paid for it only when I got home I realised it's the wrong one she sold me

Terrible Customer Care!

I ordered a package from MAC Cosmetics which was left at the wrong address (I had given them the right address, the driver had left it at the wrong address). I called Aus post and they told me they would open an investigation but for me to also speak with MAC if they could also call Aus post about the issue. I called MAC and their customer care consultant was not only incredibly rude she kept saying it was “my fault” and they would do nothing about the situation. All I was asking for was help in the situation and for them to call Aus post to help me. I spend A LOT of money with MAC but after this experience, the fact they will not help long long term returning customers is disgraceful!

Aware of your failed product! Still selling it

Took the fix + matte setting spray back for refund. Reported to customer service and they told me MAC is AWARE of the formulation error. Not only aware but still selling it and pushing the sales to woman everywhere. You might package it in a shiny box doesn't make it a quality product.

Awful online store customer service

Bought 3 lipsticks nearly one and half weeks ago, still haven’t received. The online store shows it only takes 4 business day for shipping in QLD metro area, but my order still shows status “in warehouse“, so I called them after I wait 6 business days. And one guy in the phone said that “oh, we need you to send us your payment card last four digital number and you card expire day, or you can cancel your order”! What a joke customer service! First, I never receive any email says I need to send them anything after the payment actually already go through! Second, how they sounds like do not care you at all, like “if you are not happy the product hasn’t been sent, then cancel it and go away!”
What a terrible customer service! Do not buy anything from their online store, never see a customer service like this!

Stolen package from my door, M.A.C was understanding and fantastic!!!

I had order makeup from M.A.C and the items were left at my door by Australia Post, I have never had anything stolen in the 10 years I have lived there but this particular time my parcel was stolen. I rang Aus Post to ask where my parcel was as I had received an email saying it was delivered, they had sent me a picture of where they left and told me it looks like it had been stolen. I went to the police know they wouldnt be able to do much and they gave me a case number, I contacted M.A.C the next day and emailed through the picture Aus Post sent and the Police Report and they resent the goods no questions asked I was extremely impressed with their service and I will be very happy to go through them again. This time though I am getting it sent to my work address

Bad Customer Service at MAC Sydney Myer

Went there with my friend to look for a lip liner thats long lasting. Was a bit indecisive of which lip liner to choose from; the normal lip liner ($30) and the pro lipliner ($42). So we were waiting for the salesgirls to stop chatting with each other at the counter to help us out, up until this girl came to help. Thought she was kind etc, so I asked few simple questions of the differences between the lipliners. Then she rudely responded with the answers, I mean why do you have to be so rude for I just saw you giggling with your colleagues behind the counter few minutes back. And then she just stormed off to chat with her colleagues behind the counter, and ignoring us when me and my friend has decided on the lip liner.

Hence, we just drop the product there right away and went to buy a lip liner from the brand thats in front of their booth that has way better customer service than MAC Sydney Myer.

Disappointing experience.

My Mum bought a lipstick for $46 the sales person even stated this is the last 1 we have in stock the idiot sales girl wrapped it in the ridiculously long receipt like a cocoon when my mum has gone to put in her bag at the counter it must have slipped out on the floor & she didn't notice. She looked everywhere in her bag & car for the lipstick nowhere to be found but the cocoon receipt was still in her bag ...this was on a Saturday at 2:30pm 1st thing Monday morning my mum rang MAC to ask how many of that lipstick is in stock, again was told we have 1 left...then she proceeded to tell the manager what she thought had happened with her purchase on the Saturday her immediate reply was "oh no we received a stock transfer that arrived this morning".
What a load of crap.. my mum rang the head office explained the situation they were nice enough but didn't really care. Head office advised to see the manager about camera footage at the time of purchase. When my mum spoke to the manager about that she basically said no point as the 1 that's left there in stock was from a stock transfer. All this over a $46 Lipstick well done MAC! I have 2 young adult daughters who spend a lot of money every year on MAC.. not anymore we all will be buying other brands from here on in. It really is disappointing a brand such as this would treat a customer this way over a lipstick (I myself work for the biggest retailer in Australia & sometimes you just have to give the customer the benefit of the doubt it's called good will).

M.A.C. Matchmaster foundation

The shade I used is 7.0 (these foundations are named differently to other Mac foundations that have names like NW42). My advice - always ask for a sample. The sales assistant was unfriendly and unhelpful, but I'm glad I didn't let that put me off and asked outright for a sample, as it meant I could give this foundation a really good trial over a week and see if it was right for me before spending over $60 for a full bottle.
The Good: Excellent coverage. You only need a tiny amount so it's good value for money, even though it is expensive. Looks natural if applied well.
The Bad: Dries quickly, so can be difficult to blend. Also has a chemical smell which may bother some.
The Ugly: Oxidises after a few hours and makes me look orange, even with a good primer underneath :-(

Products That Don't Even Work - Never Buy Eyeliner

Usually i am a lover of Mac products, however i am very turned off after this experience. Yesterday i bought a new eye liner as i had been in search to find a new one - which i apparently and sadly made the wrong decision. I go home as I'm getting ready for a night out and i had been sold the tester which was all dried up!!! Mac has told me i can exchange it however at this point i am expecting a full refund. I really don't want another Mac eyeliner as this is the second bad experience i have had.

Way more difficult than it should be.

I went into a Mac store to buy an eye shadow pallet, it was not in stock which from what I hear from others is quite common. Salesperson was totally unapologetic and unconcerned, suggested I get it online, when I asked whether that would incur a shipping fee she just shrugged and said she had no idea. Went home, checked and it did, so I called another store near me but the number had been disconnected. Called a further one and they didn't pick up on two occasions. I emailed Mac and after 3 days they did finally respond and provided a free shipping code but gave no explanation about their stock levels and didn't even address my questions about the other two stores I tried and whether they still exist. All too hard, and from the sound of these other reviews maybe their products aren't worth it.

stop selling in china

I used to only wear M.A.C products because I loved how they felt on my skin but also the colour range, however after discovering that products sold in China must be tested on animals. Since learning this and until MAC stop selling to China I will boycott these products.

Bad customer service at Mac Macarthur Square.

I have gone numerous times to Mac in David Jones Macarthur Square and never get served. Always get ignored. I was looking for lip primer at Mac today and I got there before these other two women which were served before me. I knew what I wanted but because the other two women were fussing around unable to make up their mind I was waiting 15 more minutes. Finally the sales girl acknowledged me and said she will be with me in a moment. Still waiting, so I finally left. It is not like they were even that busy, but there were only two sales people on, the other one busy fussing doing a girls makeup. I think Ill stick to ordering online. Love mac products, but customer service is extremely poor.

Appalling customer service - Sydney CBD

After waiting for 15 minutes to be served (simply to buy a foundation that I had the name of but that wasn't on display), I was finally able to ask someone to get it for me and did mention (very politely) how long I had been waiting. She proceeded to slam the product down in front of me and was extremely rude and dismissive. it was a busy time in the store but there were many staff serving. Second time I have had such appalling service there. Won't be going back.

Really Shocking Customer Service

ORDERED ONLINE and called them to say they had sent out wrong product - the girl was not interested and told me i must have ordered the wrong item by mistake.
After reading all bad reviews with customer service they have very big issues that need to be addressed from management down to staff.

Store Manager

I was not able to get my makeup done due to the store manager booking in 5 of her own friends for a free make over, I did speak with one another of the makeup artists who said that there is nothing they could do. It's common for the store Manager and 2IC to do this.

Foundation does not wash out

I am really disappointed that MAC has not responded to my email about their liquid foundation and how to remove this if it comes in contact with your clothes. I have had one top spoilt from a drop of foundation and cannot remove this. I have enquired at Myer but was told to use an oil based makeup remover. I have done a test on a scrap piece of fabric and again it made a permanent mark that I cannot remove with cold water. Most foundations can be removed very easily. If it makes a permanent stain then please MAC state this on your packaging.

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