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M&M's Peanut

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These are a great occasional snack and easy to eat because you can just pop them into your mouth one by one. They have a great crisp shell and inside there's a bit of chocolate and then finally a peanut. Theres nothing I dont like about these. They come in a range of pack sizes and are often on sale.
These are probably my favourite chocolate treat which have been around for so many years. I like the crunch and the taste. They are supposed to not melt in your hands, and thats true, unless your hands are slightly wet or if you keep them in your hands for a long time.
They are fattening, so I dont have them regularly.

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does each colour taste different?
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No it's just food colouring not flavored ones so they all taste the same....yummy of course!!! The best ones are the Peanut Butter orange packets which are available in the USA. Enjoy!


M&M's Peanut
Release dateJun 2010

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