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Worst financial company ever.

Zero out of ten. I had a car loan with Macquarie as Holden uses them as their default finance company. Honestly they are terrible, way too many fees, poor customer service. Stay clear.

Really Bad Service

Hi had a car loan with Macquarie Leasing and I settled it in full. However, I am trying to sell my car, and they have not cleared up the finance on it yet.

When I called they say it is all cleared up. I requested for a letter from them stating this (where I wanted to sell my car) so the buyer needs to know, that there is no finance on the car. They said, it will take 03 business days to send me the letter via email. On the 03rd day, I called them again to make sure I receive the letter. The Customer Service agent said, it will be sent out to me within the closing day of business. I never received it :(. I called them again today morning (04th day), and the agent said, it will be sent to me within two hours. But I never received it. I called them again, to see they have not done anything yet. Based on the Customer Service Agent, it seems that they have received all the funds, but the finance has not been cleared yet. I requested them to direct debit it from my account the full outstanding payment (payout), which was taken out from my account on the 30th of April 2018. One full month has gone and they have not done their job to clear it out.

Me as a customer, has made all payments one time. Is this how you treat your customers Macquarie Leasing. Does this what you call Quality of Service??

Worst people and service

I would give them a zero star if I could. Do not even go near them. Extremely slow, heartless and liars.
They called and harass my references after 1 failed direct debit in five years after they blocked my account and I couldn't update my bank details.
Very unprofessional rippers who have no clue how to deal with people.
Please stay away from this rubbish in the name of a bank.
May you die slowly.

Stay away

Honestly the worst customer service and moraly unethical company I have ever dealt with, I have called up multiple times to organise a payment plan, yet they fail 3 times, dishonoring my balance again and again, seem to me none of them know how to do their job or their job is to purposely discouraged customers in dealing with long holds and blatant lies (3 phone recordings)

I would advise to stay away and go elsewhere, these people/bank don't care about your life, it's all about money!


I took my car loan out with Esanda and never had any issues until Macquarie Bank purchased the Esanda business form ANZ.

I have been making additional loan repayments to clear the loan and reduce the interest. I recently took a look at my bank statement and have found that the bank has reduced the agreed direct debit amount by the additional amounts i have been paying, therefore giving me no benefit of making additional repayments.

I also had an issues where my direct debit failed (for the first time in 5 years!) and I got a very rude letter within 1 day and a phone call form someone in their offshore call centre.

Overall, awful customer service and their products are not competitive.

Never had any issues at all. Easy to deal with them!

I had an Esanda financed car until Macquarie Bank took over. Contract number stayed the same, so no changes for me, really. Whenever I contacted Macquarie, the staff was very friendly and helpful. Got requested figures over the phone and in the mail after a few days. I paid out my secured car loan a few days ago (easier to sell a car when not under finance) and again, no problems at all. If their interest rate for a secured car loan was a little bit lower, I would definitely go with Macquarie Bank again! (sorry guys, need to go with another bank this time - interest rate is lower)

Wish will never deal with them

What a useless people I specify that I need a proper statement which show amount borrow every payments with interest and every balance and they refuse provide me this statement i will be contacting consumer affair and Australian tax office to investigate why you refuse documents that i require.

Too slow to reply

I was thinking they charged much hidden fees, but I'm wrong. All fees listed in contract, but you have to look very seriously. I wanted to get a statement of my account because I have to figure out where is my money. I sent an email, no reply; I sent an online enquiry, no reply; then I gave them a call, and they said they have to collect all data and send the statement 2 days later. I don't understand why this big company has no arranged statement for customer. Anyway, it's not a big problem, but I'm just not happy.


Originally they offered me 9.9% for a car loan with finance from the dealer. Told them this is garbage and to get back to me with a better rate, they came back with 9.5%. I said I'll go with someone else Pepper Finance can do it for 6.99%. They then said ok we can match it for 6.99%. Absolute disgrace, negotiate a better rate and threaten to go with someone else and they will give you a better deal. How do they get away with this trying to rip people off?

Not bad

Not bad. Was with Esanda before they bought my contract no issues so far. Call center is friendly, aussie staff, didnt have too wait long.

No compassion for the customer

I have made my payments religiously for three years of my four year loan. This month I am struggling to have the cash available and so I have called them to see if they can allow me to miss a payment. After waiting on hold for thirty minutes and speaking to two different people who couldn't understand what I wanted, I was told that by skipping one payment, ONE, that I would be in breach of the contract and so I would have to apply for financial hardship? I have never dealt with such a rigid organisation that doesn't take their customers previous payment history into account to try and help them out when they need it.

Error after error

I am coming to the end of my lease and have had to request the payout letter three times, as each time the balance has been incorrect or the date of the payout was not included.
For a large company I don't understand how they can get this wrong each time.

Make sure you check everything when dealing with them.

Stay away unless you're desperate or had no other option

Lots of hidden fee's and request for information that frankly isn't required. It seems like they want to know an awful lot about you and expect you to sign over full direct debit access to your bank account, no questions asked...

Multiple phone calls and still terrible customer service

I had my account set up for direct debit but due to a change in financial situations, I had spoken to them to stop direct debiting as I need to manually pay from a savings account. The following fortnight they tried to direct debit (even though I had manually paid already) and hit me with a fee. Again, I called and told them about my previous conversation so they wiped my fee. This happened a couple more times before they understood. I dealt with months of them calling me to only say "oops your account is up to date, sorry". I transferred money over on the day it was due and received a phone call a few days later, this time telling me they tried to direct debit again so I need to pay my account plus another fee. I said I had already paid it this week and I'm not paying a fee because they keep making mistakes only for them to pretty much tell me too bad. I was busy at the time and asked for an email to be sent to me so I could call back and speak to management. I never received an email and apparently I still owe this weeks payment plus a fee when my bank statement clearly has a payment made to them for this week. I will never use them again as they have been painful. They are only getting one star because no stars isn't an option.

So far so good

After shopping around a bit and being offered 15% with a competitor, the dealership was able to get me a really good deal at around 10% with Macquarie. For my first loan I thought this was a pretty decent rate. I've had no issues with them so far and they are extremely flexible if you keep communication open with them if you feel like you won't be able to make a payment. I had an issue a couple of weeks ago where a bill got taken out when it shouldn't have so I called their customer service (which is Australian based I might add) and explained what had happened and the person I spoke to said they would extend the payment for my until I needed to so that I wasn't financially stressed.

Loan Sharks are less dodgy

If I could give them no stars I would. Financed a car through a dealer to save time and paperwork. Ha ! Was told an interest rate close to bank rates so went with them. Paperwork doesn't spell out hidden fees, setup costs and the actual interest rate - our Accountant thinks this is not legal. Anyway we closed the bank account that payments came out of and I tried to call their number but after a week of hanging on for over 20 minutes each time I gave up. They also didn't respond to emails. A week later someone from a call centre in Asia rings me and demands to know my DOB and personal details before she will even talk to me about why she is calling me ! Other phone calls follow and finally they send me a direct debit form to fill out new details addressed to somebody else with a different contract number. Excellent privacy there.
I finally get through to them to give them new details and wow, what a surprise ! there is a $50 fee for missing the payment even though it is rectified within 10 days from my constantly chasing them.
Run very fast and never use these people they don't care about the customer and just rip you off.

So simple, great rates and customer service

We have 2 car loans with Macquarie leasing, their customer service is excellent, their call centre in based in Australia. Obtaining finance is such a simple stress free process.
So far we have no complaints at all

Sneaky Payout Letters

Macquarie Leasing sent me a payout letter with an expiry date. Several days later they send another payout letter that I didn't request with an expiry date more than 14 days earlier than the last one. I think it is an effort to try to catch you out so they can add on some fees.

Shark loan

Struggling paying the car already, I have paid 1500 already and still get charge of 380.88 for the investigator for them to come to my house endlessly treating you of repossession of the car. Despite of asking for financial difficulty as I have had my baby recently. Emotionally distress at the moment. Wouldn't recommend to finance from these shark loan.

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Questions & Answers

Can you tell me if I want to pay out my novated lease early, will it save me interest charges? thanks john
1 answer
Hi John, I paid out my car loan early and saved on interest but there was a fee to pay the loan out early. I paid out approx 8 months early. The total fortnightly payments remaining was cheaper than the total amount I paid out early.

How can I pay off the loan completely? I am paying way too much interest. I pay 325 a month and 113 of that is interest. Help please!
No answers

VW dealership is pushing me to go through Macquarie finance. Reviews are all terrible from what I’ve seen... Who has financed with Macquarie from Volkswagen?
3 answers
The reason why car dealerships push for a particular financier is because they receive a fat commission from them and you end up paying for. This is called an "origination fee" and forms part of your loan. My advise is to look for your own financier.Do not use them you will be sorry....Do not use them. Go with anyone else but them.

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