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Ana S.
Ana S.聽路聽Compact 3200 XL

Hi, just bought magimix 3200 compact xl. I was woundering does it make smooth dip sauces? Also is it reliable for making nut butters?


Hi Ana, indeed you can use the mini bowl (smallest bowl) to make smooth dips. If making in larger quantities, the main bowl works great too. We also suggest to use the main bowl for nut butters. Hope this helps!

Linda S.
Linda S.聽路聽4200 XL

My processor is working fine, but it鈥檚 noisy and has a pulsating knock/judder as if the blades are labouring on unprocessed food.


Hi there Linda, if you're based in Australia, kindly fill in the form and we will do our best to help: external link

jane N.
jane N.聽路聽XL Range

What is the difference between the 3200NXL and the 3200XL and why is the NXL 6.7kg and the XL is 9.3kg.


Hi Jane, the main difference is the size of the feed tube. The XL versions also come with more slicing and grating discs. Hope this helps!

Teresa聽路聽XL Range

I did a review and still waiting on the scales that was promised !!


Hi Teresa, if you have sent your details to us as instructed you will receive your scales in the next few weeks. Our apologies as there has been some delays with the stock! Rest assured it will be processed asap. If you have any further questions please get in touch at info@magimix.com.au. Thank you!

Toby聽路聽4200 XL

Can the 4200xl lid be used on the 4200 I want a larger feed tube


Hi Toby, unfortunately the 4200XL lid will not fit the 4200. Kindly get in touch at info@magimix.com.au and we will do our best to help you out. :)


Hi Toby, sorry I can't help you, ours is a 5200XL


Same I have 5200XL

Selma S.
Selma S.聽路聽5200 XL

How durable are the bowls?


Hi Selma, the bowls are made with Tritan material -- the same material used for motorcycle helmets. They are very durable if cared for correctly.

dipti m.
dipti m.聽路聽Compact 3200 XL

Is it possible to grate the cabbage in small thin form ? I don't see that type of disc for that.


Yes you can. 2mm and 4mm discs.

Sherone Glanville
Sherone Glanville聽路聽XL Range

I had to purchase an XL bowls replacement for my Magimix5100 when the original bowl began breaking pieces off the rim. All working fine except the blades now tend to float upwards at the commencement of use so the pulse function is ineffective as it takes a few seconds to get up to speed. The instructions said to just remove the pointed caps from the blades. Is there a solution to this? I used to love my Magimix but now find it annoying.

Nicky N.
Nicky N.聽路聽4200 XL

I'm trying to make a pavlova . The whisk attachment gets stuck , is hot at the point I'm adding sugar . It's a 4 egg white / 225g caster sugar recipe . There appears plastic debris in the mix. It appears the whisk can't cope with the density . Any feedback appreciated . My machine is under a year old and this is the 2nd attempt at trying this recipe .

Mai H.
Mai H.聽路聽XL Range

Hi I am trying to decide between a 4200xl, a 5200xl and a 5200. I can get the 5200 at a good price but can鈥檛 seem to find any info about it, just about the xl. Can you advise please. Thanks


The main different between 5200 and 4200 is the motor. 5200 and 5200xl are 1100w motor but 4200 is 950w motor.
The XL version means they have extra large feed tube which make slicing larger foods more easier. Yes I also saw the attractive cheap price for 5200. It depends on whether the large feed tube is important to you or not.

Mai H.
Mai H.聽聽

Thanks, that is very helpful. The issue re deciding on the basis of the feed tube size is that I can't see any info on how big the 5200 feed tube is, to compare! Can you advise where I might be able to get those dimensions please?


I think it is better to have a look in the store, so u can see the different. I cant find the dimension for the tube size. last time, I check the size for normal version feed tube is about palm size, the XL version feed tube is about a whole hand size.

Clara B.
Clara B.聽聽

Can i buy extra 5200xl lid for my 5200 Magimix and will it fit?

EJN聽路聽Compact 3200 XL

I plan to buy a 3200 xl. Does it grind chickpeas into floor ?. Same for lupine ? If yest what plate/blade is needed?

Sonya Cerny
Sonya Cerny聽聽

I haven't tried grinding things into flours, sorry! I'm sure you could contact Magimix directly and ask them :)

Ata聽路聽XL Range

Is the S Blade stainless steel or plastic?


Hi there Ata, thanks for reaching out! The main and mini blades are made with Sabatier stainless steel. If you are based in Australia, please do not hesitate to reach out to us at info@magimix.com.au if you have any other questions. Thank you!

Elaine V.
Elaine V.聽路聽5200 XL

Trying to whisk eggs but is making loud knocking noise and barely rotating. Any help?


Hi Elaine, if you are based in Australia please contact our support team by following the instructions on this page: external link

Dawn S
Dawn S聽路聽4200 XL

Hiya, I dropped the lid of my Magimix and the big black bit has come off, but doesn't seem to be chipped or broken at all.. Is it possible to get it back on? Thanks!


Hi Dawn, thanks for reaching out! Kindly send an email to info@magimix.com.au or ring us at 1300624469 so we can assist. :)

Sue R
Sue R聽路聽4200 XL

Can the Magimix 4200 XL crush ice? please

Andre聽路聽4200 XL

I noticed a lot of reviewers with positive reviews stated they were offered an incentive for their reviews.
How genuine/credible are these reviews then?


My answer is genuine. Magimix offered an incentive but that was for good or bad reviews. I love my Magimix it is a great machine and I use my weekly. It's great how it has 3 bowls also inside each other. It is quality made, not made in China like most things these days and offers good warranty.

Ali聽路聽4200 XL

I have a 4200XL food processor winging its way to me. I contacted Magimix directly and was told NOT to put frozen, or even semi-frozen items in, as they would blunt the blade. This put paid to my nice whizzed banana fake ice-cream, but reading these questions, it seems others are putting such items in theirs, so a second Magimix opinion would be appreciated, please! I'd been thinking of buying a separate (other brand) blender that specifically says it will crush ice. Thank you.


Ali, there are a 2 x recipes that I found in the book that comes with the machine and they both mention using partially frozen food and ice cubes. One was for a manjo ice cream and uses partially thawed mangos. The other one was for a Coffee milkshake and that uses 5 x ice cubes with the other ingredients in the bowl with the main blade. Perhaps have a good browse through the recipe book (and also check out the Magimix App) when your machine arrives for ideas on what you can do in the machine. Although I don't think you could specifically use it to crush ice.


Thank you for that reply - I appreciate it. I'll have a good hunt around, in the recipe book and online, and see what I can find out. (Mango ice cream sounds nice!). Happy New Year!


Hi Ali, I don't put semi or frozen things in my Magimix as I have a stick blender I use for this. I would use a stick blender or get a blender to process frozen food especially if Magimix recommends this. I find if I do smoothie's it is better done with a stick blender.


Thank you - that sounds like a good idea.

Stella C.
Stella C.聽路聽4200 XL

my whisking attachment is not working and making a terrible sound?


Hi Stella, if you're based in Australia, kindly give us a call on 1300 624469 or send us an email info@magimix.com.au and we will do our best to assist you.

Sophie聽路聽4200 XL

Hiya, I dropped the lid of my Magimix and the big black bit has come off, but doesn't seem to be chipped or broken at all.. Is it possible to get it back on? Thanks!

Maureen M
Maureen M聽路聽XL Range

We have a Magimix C 3200XL and recently bought the Citrus Press Kit. On the box it says it is suitable for the C 3200 and C 3200XL but it is too small for the bowl on our machine and the lock doesn't comply either. I've just come back from investigating the problem at John Lewis and it looks to me as though the size and lock would only fit the smaller C 3200? Hope you can help. Maureen


Hi Maureen, thanks for your message! The reference code of the Citrus Press that would fit into your C 3200XL is 17423. For more information if you're based in the UK, please reach out via external link

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