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Magimix Cook Expert 7CO18900A

Magimix Cook Expert 7CO18900A

4.9 from 213 reviews

Excellent Product - Magimix Cook Expert

Best all in one cooking machine I have used. Not only does it cook, it can also food process. Beautiful slicing and grating. It has a huge cooking bowl, induction cooking, french design, 30 year motor warranty and much more!

Game changer! Life changer!

Couldn't be more happy with the Cook Expert. Having all the functionality of a food processor and the ability to cook has made life in the kitchen easier and more enjoyable. Quality unit, easy to use, simple to clean and indestructible. With a family of four, the Cook Expert cooks ample amounts for us plus guests. Unlike other machines, the Cook Expert really does do it all, I am yet to find something 'wrong' or that it doesn't do well, I am completely satisfied and the Cook Expert and surpassed my expectations. Highly recommended!

Finally found the appliance of me dreams.

I'm wrapped with the capabilities of the Cook Expert by Magimix. The huge cooking bowl is perfect for my large family The double wall on the bowl keeps my food warm and it will stop when finished, which means I can put it on, leave the house and return to a hot meal. I was impressed with the free recipe app too though would like to see a lot more recipes. I had been looking around for ages at Thermomix style appliances, but nothing has compared to all the features and warranty and value for money you get with this, plus it's very straight forward to use. The food processor is state of the art and it's included in the price.

Very happy

I have used my Cook Expert for a month or so now. It's main benefit for me is being both a thermal cooker and a food processor. It has meant l need less appliances in the kitchen which is great.

I like the induction cooking and the higher temperature range and the self rinsing function is very handy.

The bowl is great being so wide for larger cooking quantities but at times it can be a bit tricky with evenly chopping items. I am slowly getting the hang of which speeds work well for this.

Overall l highly recommend it.

Better than I expected

Very happy with this machine. It's quieter than other thermal cooker/processors I have used. The inbuilt programmes which I did not expect to use are being heavily utilized. Everything is very sturdy, especially the whisk, with a great locking mechanism, which will please anyone who's had experience with other models! The double walled bowl is huge and will cook a decent sized curry brilliantly without mincing ingredients, then keep it warm. It excels at thirty minute soups. The food processor is what you would expect from Magimix - very powerful. The beeps and alarms can be turned down and/or off. The glass lid is a serious winner for me; I can observe and adjust without stopping the machine and the cap/centre lid is, once again, very sturdy and a good, safe and robust design. No danger of this lid going anywhere. The induction heating is extremely precise as are the scales which come with the machine. Worth the dollars for this all-in-one kitchen power tool!

Love the new Cook Expert

I love my Cook Expert, so easy to use and the rinse cycle makes it easy to clean. Fastest soups i have ever made. the unit looks good too. I now have started to enjoy cooking so much more. The Cook Expert comes with a food processor which is amazing.

Love my Magimix Cook Expert

I absolutely love my new Magimix Cook Expert. It is safe, easy to use and comes with a free recipe app for my phone/ipad. The included 5200xl food processor is an added bonus. I leave the entire machine on my bench and use it daily for food processing, slicing, grating and cooking - all from the one appliance. The metal bowl is large enough for our needs (family of 6) and I made a wonderful Thai red chicken curry from scratch. Also when I've had questions about the Cook Expert, the staff at Magimix Australia where very helpful, friendly and knowledgeable. I would highly recommend this product.

Love my cook expert

Have had my MM Cook Expert 3 weeks and love it,have made pastry for the first time in years.The food prosessor is brillant and the s/steel cooking bowl is a great size,I always cook large amounts and freeze for another day.I had been thinking about a thermo cooker for a couple of years but always unsure about the cost and quality of the meals,didn't want mush.I have had no problem with the meat staying unmushed(if thats a word?)The programs are great and I'm really enjoying cooking again.Making my own jams,stocks and sauces,never cooked them before.Great Machine.

Date PurchasedAug 2016

Magnificent machine

I love my CookExpert.
The Cook Expert is so easy to use and makes all our family favourite meals simply and without fuss. The induction heating allows precision cooking and the rinsing program tops it off for me, especially when making bread dough. The food processor part sold me. It is so powerful and slices and grates with ease. My best purchase yet.

Date PurchasedJul 2016

Great Food ! So Easy !

It is my first cooking food processor, I can cook extremely quickly delicious and healthy meals, my cooking skills are improving.
The Product is intuitive to use, powerful, build to last and so versatile, I recommend to everyone who want to cook at home. The app and recipe book are clear and inspiring too !
You will need to adjust certain recipes to your taste and cooking timing depending of your ingredients.

A must from my POV !

Date PurchasedJul 2016

Love ❤️❤️❤️

I have had the Magimix since April 2016 and absolutely love it! It is so easy to create beautiful meals! Simple as adding ingredients, set the time, temperature and speed and walk away till it turns itself off! Also the Food Processor is fantastic and clean up is a breeze!

Date PurchasedApr 2016

Enjoying it

I am not a great cook so haven't used it as much as others in this group but I have found the instructions easy to follow. I have used the fp part more than the thermal part but am wanting to do more. I need full instructions as it is not natural for me as it is for others to experiment. I like the rinse cycle. All I want is more recipes and I need to just go for it.

Date PurchasedSep 2016

Worth Every Cent!

I have had my Cook Expert since May (a Mother's Day present) and have loved it every time I use it. I was considering another brand of "thermal cooker" of similar price but was enticed by the bigger bowl, wider temperature range, induction heating, see through glass lid, separate 3 bowl food processor for more uniform slicing and grating and separate scales. I was reassured by the 30 year motor warranty and the very good reputation that Magimix have on all their kitchen appliances.

The base and metal bowl both feel sturdy and robust. It is easy to clean using the built in rinse cycle or when need be can be totally disassembled for a more thorough cleaning of every nook and crany.

The menus are easy and intuitive to use.

My two favourite things is to use it to prove breads and doughs when it is too cold in the house (of course after making them in the Cook Expert first!) and for quick, easy, smooth soups.

The iPad app has recipes being constantly added as well as a friendly FB group where we exchange tips and recipes. I have also converted many regular and other "thermal cooker" recipes easily.

You won't regret it!!

Date PurchasedApr 2016

Great time saver and has taken the pain out of daily cooking

I have recently purchased the Magimix and so far I have been very happy with it. It is very handy to be able to get home and throw everything in and leave it for 45 minutes and the dinner is ready without having to stand by a stove. We have also used it extensively for pastry, bread, pizza dough and cakes. Great results. I have found the recipes need a little altering to make them exactly to our taste but the support from magimix has been excellent. Easy to clean and the food processor is an added extra!

Date PurchasedOct 2016

Multifuction at its best

Stewed apples are a breeze, then you use the quick rinse and then make custard Voila. Was a little disappointed in the Bolognese sauce we prefer ours with some texture and found it to mushy but it its great for Lasagne. Love the Rinse cycle this was a great idea. The quality is amazing no plastic this was only one of the reasons for purchasing Magimix being an owner of the food processor it was a no brainer.

Date PurchasedSep 2016

My new kitchen favourite

I struggled to decide between the thermomix and the Magimix and decided that a food processor was what I wanted best and that the cooking part was an added bonus.
The food processor is fantastic. cutting up vegetables is my least favorite kitchen chore and it is completes in seconds. I am saving up for the extra attachments so I can made chips and julienne vegetables.
The Magimix is fairly easy to clean. I was a little disappointed that despite being dishwasher safe that they advise not to put it in the dishwasher. Saying that it is relatively easy to clean and the self clean function works well.
The frozen desert function is a favorite. I love the fact that is you use a programmed function that you press a button and it does all of the speed changes etc for you. The beep at the end is also inoffensive.
The lemon curd and meringue is brilliant.
I have to learn how to use it for healthy food only :)
It will be great as they add more recipes to the site but it is very easy to convert recipes from the thermomix.

Date PurchasedSep 2016

Money well spent, replaces so many appliances

Like many busy mums, I've heard much about the competition and was tempted....until I heard about the Cook Expert. After seeing both machines in action, it was a no-brainer. I was won over by the large bowl size, the glass lid (no puree surprises), the full food-processor (slicing, grating, meat mincing etc), the warranty and Magimix reputation, even the single polite "beep" that won't wake a sleeping baby! In operation, the Cook Expert is a quieter machine which is important in open plan homes, the sleek looking base is solid - you won't want to move it on and off your bench - but it won't "walk" when kneading dough either. Recipes are easily adapted too, and all components are easy to clean. If I had to pick a fault, it would be the way the double-bowl holds water inside when washing in the sink, but I leave it drain in the sink. But this machine does so much, so well and while saving me time, so I love it.

Date PurchasedJun 2016

Everything you'd expect from Magimix..

Having inherited my mother's 1970's Magimix Food Processor and used it until a couple of years ago, I was already convinced of the superior reliability and quality of Magimix products. I have also owned the previous model of another 'all-in-one' cooking machine; once the Magimix was released I sold this and replaced it with a shiny red Cook Expert. There is no denying that any of these machines represent a considerable outlay, but I can honestly say that the Magimix beats the others by a long shot. Reliability, a 30 year warranty on the motor, beautiful stainless steel components, and all of the wizadry of a full-sized processor; the decision is one you'll never regret. I write a food blog and have a bespoke baking business, the all round excellence of the Cook Expert makes it the most used piece of equipment in my kitchen. As I use it several times a day, I also love the rinse function; it's efficient and time-saving. With Christmas coming, I urge you to put it on the top of your wish list..

March 20th 2019 Update: The best of them all...

The CE’s outstanding feature is it’s versatility; soup, cakes, breads, biscuits, curries, ice cream - you name it, CE can do it! I’ve had another well-known similar machine and for me, there’s no comparison. I’ve been a Magimix user for more than 25 years and the amazing reputation of the company is another reason to put your trust in the CE.

Purchased for $1,999.00.

Build Quality
Value for Money
Ease of Use
Cleaning & Maintenance
Noise Level
Product is used: Several times a week
Used for: Dips & Condiments, Dough, Ground Nuts / Nut Butters and Soups

Love our magic machine

I had been researching thermal cookers for quite a while and was just about to order one when I came across the cook expert. I am so very glad that I decided to wait until it as released as I couldn't be happier :) My daughter has nicknamed it the Magic Machine as she says it can do everything. I absolutely love the food processor, it is so handy to have the different sized inserts. We have tried many different recipes from both the book/app and by converting recipes for other thermal cookers, and it has performed wonderfully, the cleaning function is handy as well.

My only complaint would be the water that gets into the bowl when cleaning, but as someone else said, it's easy enough to leave to drain and even if I forget and put it back on the base it's not a big deal.

Overall we are very happy with our purchase, it has been a lifesaver with a family of 5 with after-school activities almost every day, I'd even say it is made it easier and quicker to whip up something healthy for dinner than it is to drag everyone out to get take away.

Date PurchasedJun 2016

Food Processor with Benefits.

We primarily purchased the Cook Expert for its quality food processor. The three bowls, various discs and two blades means I don't need to wash items before moving onto the next dish. It also means we can use more raw food and be a little creative with shapes for the kids. Thermal cooking was a whole new world to us but thankfully the Cook Expert allows you to cook by 'feel' with the glass lid and the various set programs are really useful. The rinse cycle is surprisingly effective but the blades do waste a little more than old style beaters as you can't get under the blades.

Date PurchasedJun 2016

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where can I buy in usa?
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Where can I buy another bowl ?
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This is about the cook expert when using the short blade for making bread dough, the unit while mixing will make noises this sounds like a clutch is slipping when it loads up, even though the ingredients are weighed in at under the 1.8 kilo limit. Is this normal is what want to know?
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Hi Rumbleguts, We recommend calling our customer service line on 1300 624 469 and a team member will be able to assist. Thanks Magimix Australia.


Cook Expert 7CO18900A
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