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Majans Bhuja Original Mix

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57 reviews

AndySouth East Queensland, QLD

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I hadn’t bought Majan’s Bhuja mix for many years. This is not the mix I remember. Noodles are now the dominant ingredient, with few chips, and far fewer peanuts, peas and sultanas. Way too salty as well. I won’t be buying again. So, quality is down, and they’re way too expensive for what you get.

Wheres the sultanas as advertised??


I really like the flavour but you are lucky if you get one sultana in each packet! Dont advertise sultanas if they are not there! Sultanas really make this mix

Love the flavour and the sultanas


Keep doing your thing Bhuja.


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I like it but please take out the sultanas


I find the sultanas in the original mix kinda ruins it :( please take them out. Otherwise good snack

fantastic so yummy


I found this product delicious.so yummy and gluten free so even better.i eat bags of them.highly recommend.always fresh to.great any time my friends love the to

Bel M

Bel MGold Coast

Absolutely delicious


These are just so good! They're perfect for work as a mid afternoon snack, or to sit and enjoy with friends. The flavours are a great combination, and hubby loves them too. We'll definitely be buying more soon!

So good... my go-to snack!


Love the variety of snacks and always great for entertaining or just as a snack on the go. Yumminess factor 10/10



Best and most delicious trail mix I've ever tried! Nice ingredients and perfect price (Woolworth sale 1.69$)! Highly recommended! Thanks Bhuja!

The perfect mix!


I bought my first mix two days ago and it was amazing! I'm looking forward to eat more of that awesome snacks!


Find out how Majans Bhuja Original Mix compares to other Nuts

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Great quality and flavour. Perfect for vegans and gluten intolerant.


I've loved Bhuja mix for years. It's the perfect balance of savoury spice, crunch and saltiness. I always grab some for parties!

I'd love to see it lighter on the salt and with sea or rock salt instead as I personally find it a little too salty :) An extra spicy version would be good too!

The perfect snack!


I feel in love with Majans Bhuja snacks quite some time ago while traveling. As an American, they haven't always been easy to find stateside - but they're popularity in the USA are growing and they're becoming much more available in our stores and markets. Out of all the delicious mixes, the Origibal Mix (OG mix as I call it) is my favorite! They're crunchy, nutty, and so perfectly spiced and seasoned! Whether I'm looking for a snack while hiking or while relaxing with friends watching bad horror movies, Majan Bhuja snacks are always a welcome guest!



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Love, Love, Love!


I love this product! The mix is delicious! This is a great snack food to serve when entertaining friends and family. Everyone I have introduced this snack to thinks it's great. Spicy, crunchy and with just enough heat...it's a winner!

False advertising of ingredients


Use to buy products because they were easy to carry around ingredients started getting less lnot all of the ingredients



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The product Bhuja original mix is dated to expire in Aug 17 but it tastes oily and has lost its crisp.
Lost all confidence of eating it as I write the comment.
I just came from work and wanted to enjoy with a cup of tea!

Kate. K

Kate. KMudgee

Used to be better


All the varieties have a lot more noodles and chips than anything else. Disappointing. very little flavour other than salt. If it had more of the good stuff, I'd be willing to pay a bit more for it.


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It's gone cheap and nasty


It's a fried noodle snack and hardly anything else. Ultanas are like a needle in a haystack. Seriously every bite has 90% noodles and 9% peas with hardly any sultanas or nuts. Bad business model to start off good then to save some money fill it with cheap and nasty friend noodle. Check the ingredients 51% noodle and chips, 23% fat. They can try to deceive us but they can't lie now we have nutrition info on the packet. Looks like I'm gonna have to stop buying unless they go back to the real " original recipe".

Product has changed flavor


I have bought majans bhuja for over 7 years and i haven't bought it for a while so when i bought it a few months ago i noticed it was very bland in flavor and tasted only like like salt. It's not enjoyable at all compared to what majans bhuja used to be. There's just no spice or flavor anymore, and the noodles are too hard now. Sadly i won't be buying majans anymore. Someone else has said to buy a bhuja brand 'haldirams' and i absolutely recommend it. It is difficult to find sometimes but if you find it it's worth the buy.

Made me ill - long time purchaser


I've been purchasing the nut mix by Majans for ages! The recent pack made me vomit after 45 mins of eating it, thought it was just a coincidence until it happened again, with the same pack! Must be something off in the pack. I too have noticed more noodles and peanuts and less of the ingredients with substance.

New Bhuja mix


I have bought the large one and the small one at coles fr time to time. I found the small pack very fresh. The recent large pack one not sure they have change the recipe as less spicy and not as tasty as the previous one. And I am not sure if they have stop producing the small pack. As i like the small pack.

What happened to the spice in Majan's Bhuja mix?


Just purchased Majans Bhuja original mix which normally was great. But in this new pack it looks like they left 90% of the spice out! Very bland and terrible. Don't know if this is a bad batch (dated 10.10.17 and 10106 19:15) but if this is a changed recipe I will not be buying them again!

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Alexander D.

Alexander D.asked

Hello!. Can anyone inform me if the Majan nut mix is halal certified or not. There doesn't seem to be any certification on the packet and the I.G.A outlet does know but I see they have taken the product off the shelf.

No answers


Why oh Why did Bhuja stop making the "Hot Mix " . It was your best !

1 answer
Tatiana L
Tatiana L

They still sell the hot mix here in Wellington, New zealand

Jyoti D

Jyoti Dasked

Hi there. I've just purchased Majans Bhuja 'Original Mix' and 'Ancient Grain Twists'. Can you please tell me if they contain onion and/or garlic? They're not listed in the ingredients but they seem to have an onion flavour. Thank you.

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