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To whom it may concern: Please can you advise me on the actual structure of 2008 Majestic Knight Series II pop top caravan. 1) Is it an aluminium or timber frame? 2) Are sway bars required / recommended when towing on long distances at 100 k's per hour? 3) Can you give me an estimate on: a) fitting an air con b) fitting a hot water system or recommend a brand for fitting. Kind regards, Victor. email: victormarshall@hotmail.com
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Majestic Knight Series 3 12/2010. Van has two water tanks fitted. Are they interconnected? We have been using van and only 1 tank is showing decline in water level. Second tank appears to be full. How do you access second tank?
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Ours are interconnected . Have a look between the tanks there should be a connecting pipe . This pipe should have a tap see if it is turned on . This will then equalise the water in both tanks . We leave that tap on all the time . Hope this has helped ...travel safe .Thanks Susan for your reply. We will have to go searching for a tap. It's not clearly visible.

I have a 2007 Majestic Knight Van. Interior lights only work once battery is fully charged. Do they not work on 240V? Appreciate any info thanks Cindy
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Lights are 12 volt .

Where is the fuse box in 2006 majestic knight?
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Can't help you there we have 2017 model ours is in a cupboard under the fridge .We have 2016 model in cupboard above the stove sorry

We have a majestic knight series 3 caravan and how do I get the toilet to flush?
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Thetford toilet ? We have our toilet flush tank connected to our water tanks when we are in town water it just flushes when we push the button on the top . We we are free camping we have our water pump on . That way you can just push button and it flushes .make sure that the 12V switch is on and water in tank.

Turn refrig on 240 volt throws tripf switch off in house why?
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Have you got the van plugged directly to house ? If so you need to plug into a safety switch you can get from Bunnings . You caravan is wired for 15 amp house is 10 amp .my van is 12v power only

I have a Majestic Knight 2012 2012 majestic knight series 3 edition and don’t know how to replace a brake light, can’t get access to bulb, doesn’t seem to be any screws anywhere to give you access to bulbs, could anyone help me with this problem please?
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Hi..I need to locate the 12v fuses in our 07 Majestic Knight. We've thoroughly checked the whole van but suspect it must be behind a panel somewhere? I see the question has been asked a number of times but no luck with an answer so far? Please help!
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Mine is a 2016 Majestic Knight Garoova with the Finscan touch screen and the fuses for mine are in a box in the top cupboard above the sink behind the Finscan screen I hope this helpsSuggest ringing majestic or get an auto ekectrician to check it outasked the same question from Majestic and they have no idea other than in an overhead cupboard... Not there

I have a Majestic Knight 2012 anniversary edition and don’t know how to replace a brake light, can’t get access to bulb, doesn’t seem to be any screws anywhere to give you access to bulbs, could anyone help me with this problem please?
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I could not get the cover off either. Had a similar problem with indicator and could not get cover off and I went to an auto electrician and it wasnt the indicator at all it was the 12point plug pins that had squeezed together and werent making contact. He rectified it by getting a fine screwdriver on each pin inside the male end and opening them up.Thank you for your answer, I will try that and hopefully that will fix it.

Hi all... My hubby and I are looking at buying a 2nd hand caravan to start.. But we are not sure as its our 1st time.. We're stuck between 2 one is a Coramal Elements 612, 2013 20ft long, independent suspension. Has everything supplied 3.7kva generator enclosed.. Or the 2nd van is a Majestic Tiara 2008 semi off road both look fantastic outside and inside? We've read so many good and bad reviews on both vans??? Can anyone shed any light on to help us decide as I don't want to buy a lemon... Some say the coramal is better as it has no timber frame as the Majestic does and so on & so on... So confused we both are. There is only $3,000.00 difference in price and 5years in age difference... We're not sure how much off road we're going to do but we do want to do quite a bit of free camping too, they say the Coramal can handle going off road too but nothing too extreme. Can any one help!!! Any & all advice would be appreciated.. Thankyou Mick & Connie
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Hi guys....firstly welcome to the caravaning world! to give you an answer to your question: I would personally go for the Corrimal,because I have owned a Majestic for eight years now, bought it new & not that we have had major issues,but lots of small things/ exhaust fans had to be replaced 2 years old/microwave relaced 5 years old/internal lights all replaced they are a sealed unit so had to buy complete light fitting/outside speakers stopped working 2 years/front door handle broke 2year/plastic external grab handles shattered & just fell apart after 4 years/& not to mention lots of water leaks through the roof area,have had to get a proffessional to reseal everthing. Where as the Corromoal we have owned previously, had not one scrap of trouble in ten years that we had it. Oh & the other thing I should mention the staff at the ,Majestic Caboolture sales yard are NOT helpfull at all.......... Hope this info is of some help!

I have purchased a 2012 Majestic Knight. I am very new to caravanning. If I want to go 'free camping', I have lights, fridge, water etc, on the 12 volt system, but can I plug in a toaster or an electric kettle?
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HI, to use anything 240 volt you need to install a Inverter. This converts your 12v to 240v. I would be talking to the professionals because there is so many combinations I hope this helps you.Thanks for the advice.No toaster or kettle they run on 240, your stove should be able to be run on gas boil the jug and make the toast at the grill. Cheers

Where is the fuse box in a 20 ft 2006 pop up majestic knight caravan? Can't find it it any cupboards or in the boot. Hope you can help,thank you.
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Sorry cant help on a 2006, mine is above the stove in a cupboardThank you. So neither of us know. Why doesn't Majestic answer our questions.? Puts me off buying another Majestic Van. Not good public relations.....not good for business.Hi Rusty...I'm having the same trouble with my 07 Knight so really hoping you can tell me where if you found the fuses?

Can anyone comment on the Majestic Navigator semi off road? Thks
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Hi I am unable to comment on the Majestic Navigator but we have a 2014 Majestic Knight Phase II semi off road caravan. It has the rock and roller suspension with shock absorbers. We did a four and a half month trip last year clocking up almost 24,000 kilometres and not one problem. Some of our travel was on gravel roads eg going into Lawn Hill National Park and it handled it very well. When we got into Lawn Hill we heard that other vans had problems for example one lost a fridge door, another broke a fridge shelf and draws coming open but we didn't have any problems at all. It travelled very well. We are very happy with our van and can recommend. Hope this helpsHi Bryan, thankyou for your comments and pleased to hear you have had no problems.Hello Brian, We have a Navigator- took possession last October. Would be pleased to discuss if you care to give me a call - 0407322215. Murray

We have a problem with our 12vt in a majestic knight 2009 model. The light want turn on but there is loads of charge in the battery, the fan on the fridge is the only thing that is working. Could it be a fuse? If so which fuse is it? Thanks for any help in advance :)
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Hi mine is a 2016 model so could be different the fuse panel is above the stove in an over head cupboard. Cheers

Can anyone tell me where the 12 volt fuses are in a 2006 majestic knight. 16 foot pop top. We are having problems running our fridge on 12 volt when hooked up to the tow vehicle and can't find any fuse box anywhere in the van.
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sorry cant helpI would suggest firstly checking the 7 pin or 12 pin plug, whichever you have, to make sure the pins are clean, there is a small gap in them and then give the plug a spray with Contact Spray. In our full van the fuses are in a cupboard above the stove. Hope this helps.Hi..we are also trying to find the 12v fuses in our 2007 majestic knight. Hoping you can tell me where you found yours please? Thanks

I have a 2015 that I purchased late 2016 from the original owner and tha only problem I have is when we went away for three weeks half the fridge fins would ice up. Running on 240, tried turning it down but it froze up again. Read somewhere that you have to turn up, not down. This too didn't work. Rang Majestic at Caboolture but advised I had to call the manufacturer of the fridge and they stated I may not be entitled to the remaining manufacturers warranty. Called but no response as yet. Can some provide advice on : 1 fridge issue 2 Does the warranty transfer to the current owner Thanks Jim
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Hi Jimbo. We purchased our 19'6" Knight in November 2014 and it is fitted with a Dometic Model RM4605 185 litre fridge. We haven't had any problems with the fridge fins icing up either running it on 240v or gas. The majority of the time we run it on the highest setting. We have done a fair bit of travelling with the van and last year we did a trip to WA, 4 and a half months, and no problems with the fridge. If your fridge is a Dometic you can go onto their site and under Literature find the Instructions. I found the one for ours under AES Operation Instructions. Not sure about the warranty. I would follow up the fridge manufacturer again as we have found that on the occasions that we have rung appliance manufacturers they have been very helpful. Best of luck. Bryan

We have a problem with the fridge it will not start on 12volts. Gas,240 ok .The four lights and AES come on but the 12v won't come back on. Charger is switch over to car. Can you please help? Lou
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We haven't had any problems like that. Once we unplug from 240v and then plug the van into the car it automatically finds the 12v. You may have to get it checked out by an auto electrican. Best of luck. How old is your van?3 years old

Where are the fuses located for a Majestic Knight please?
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Hi Keith,my fuse's are in the cupboard above the stove with the Genius battery management system. Hope this helps. Some times they move from model to model. Tony RundleHi Keith. Ours is a 2014 Majestic Knight and the fuses are in the cupboard above the sink. Cant say all models would be the same. Hope this helps.

What would be a sale price for a Majestic Knight 2006 18 ft toilet shower full van.
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Sorry I'm unable to suggest a fair price for a 2006 Majestic Knight

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