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Makita 9207SPB

Makita 9207SPB

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How the product was acquired

I had a filing sander. These are the little belt sanders which use a very narrow belt: anyway, the one I had broke down and I though I'd replace it with a Makita, as I've used lots of Makita power tools over the years and they've been very good. This review isn't really about the sander, it's about the way the replacement was acquired.
Price for a new Makita sander in Sydney? About $450. At that price, I wasn't sure I needed it quite so badly. That I didn't really need it at that price was given added impetus by the sales assistant's delivery date of 'about three months from date of order'. Yeah, right.
The short story is I then used the 'net and found the Makita unit from a retailer in the UK., at a vastly more reasonable $A180. I then ordered the unit from the UK on the Wednesday and it was delivered to my door the following Tuesday, for a landed, freight included, all-up cost of $A260.
I'm sure the Australian retail fraternity would come up with all sorts of (valid, to them) reasons why the cost to me was so exhorbitant, but the process by which a product manufactured in Japan, is sent halfway around the world to the UK., it is then retailed to me and sent, again, halfway around the world, across the world's most expensive waterfront to arrive at my door in very good time and order at $90 less than the Australian price.
Just how does that work?
Lesson: shop online.

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Release dateJan 2011
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