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Makita BHX2500

Makita BHX2500

BHX2500 and BHX2500V
3.5 from 44 reviews

Needed fixing 3 times

At first when new it was good but in summer it doesn't perform properly as the heat doesn't want to start the blower after 2 minutes of doing nothing and in the shade the last service cost me 160 dollars as the blower needs a new carburetor which is hard to get have to order from America genuine part which will cost about 75 dollars if I purchased a honda blower from before I would not have any problems as I have the line trimmer in 35cc and lawn mower in honda never had any problems in the heat with them

Purchased in August 2018 at Bunnings Warehouse for $300.00.

Build Quality
Value for Money
Ease of Use
Cleaning & Maintenance
Noise Level

Good speed and cruise control

This blower has been in service for about the last 12 months and has never missed a beat. It is a 4-stroke and has a function enabled the throttle to be locked off. I.e, cruise control. This allows the air to come out at a constant speed while you focus on holding the leaf blower and blowing the leaves where they need to go. There is the option of purchasing a sucking kit for this blower, however, I prefer blowing and then sweeping up into a bag if required as I find there is less dust created.

In coming from an Ozito petrol blower previously, this is certainly a good investment - However, one thing i miss is an added support handle on the side - this blower only has one at the top and non at the side which is helpful for more than 10-minutes of leaf blowing.

Date PurchasedJan 2018

Can not fault

Had my blower for 2 years now , hasn’t missed a beat . Starts first pull every time no problems
I have a large yard and use it 2-3 times a week
I can’t comment on the others reviews but
All my makita equipment have been great .
Wound buy again

Date PurchasedJul 2017

So Much for 4 stroke reliability

Bought this From Bunnings after a Bad Echo Experience. The first few months of ownership was a good experience. That However was short Lived as it Became increasingly Hard to Restart after a few minutes run time. The last time I Tried to use it from a Cold Start it Was Locked Solid. Best Part was Buying it from Bunnings, No Problem Getting a Refund

Date PurchasedJun 2017

Won't start when hot

Started well the first time, as I used it more I couldn't get it started. Cleaned the spark plug and away she went. Now it works the first time I start it during the day, after that it's touch and go whether it'll start again that day. If I do nothing, it usually starts the next morning. Seems like I have to clean the spark plug each time I use it unless I give it time to "rest" in the shade.

Date PurchasedJan 2018

4 Stroke is the way to go

Straight out of the box this blower is lighter than the 2 stroke blower it’s replacing.

Read the instructions, attach the blower tube to the motor, fill with oil (normal auto engine oil if fine), and fill the tank with unleaded fuel and you’re right to go. A small oil bottle is provided to assist filling the motor. A nice touch would have been to include the amount needed. I could not find this in the instruction manual. The bottle is marked with increments and holds about 100mL.

Right to go........you need to locate the carburettor primer bulb that hides towards the back of the engine under a plastic cowling. It’s location is not apparent, but found it after looking again in the instruction manual. Pump the bulb to get the fuel flowing to rime the carburettor.

The pull cord is short and light. Not as hard to start as my old 2 stroke blower ever was and the engine purrs to life. Firstly you’d notice that the engine is quiet. So out of the box to taming leaves took just under 15mins.

Right away leaves are being blown about with the motor just idling. A squeeze on the trigger and they’re flying out of the way to clear the pathway.

Markita have positioned the exhaust to face forward, away from the operator whereas other have it either on the back or side. With the exhaust located this way you can easily use the machine left or right handed. The STOP button is a little confusing with arrows facing forward and back - push the button forward to kill the motor.

A good buy and happy so far. This is the 2nd time I have purchased a Markita garden care product (also own their 4 stroke line trimmer - and happy with how easily it starts too).

Look after this product with regular maintenance like oil change every 10 times (recommended in the instruction manual) it’s used and keeping the fuel fresh and it will reward you with years of service.

Date PurchasedApr 2018

Don't waste your money

Had this blower for a few years and maybe has done about 2 hours work?
1st issue was a leaky fuel pipe (see plastic hose) from fuel tank. This failed about 18 months from purchase
Now the plastic priming bulb seems to pump fuel every where except into the carby.
I thought Makita was Japanese quality? or are they living on their reputation?

Date PurchasedApr 2014

Great blower

Having researched a few since my old blower gave up the ghost, I came to like this Makita Blower. 4 stroke, easier to start and although quieter to run than the 2 stroke it has good blowing capability. A little bit heavier on the wrist than others but I only have to use it for about 8 - 10 minutes.

Date PurchasedMay 2017

Leaking oil after 3 years

Was a good blower, now not worth repairing cheaper to buy a new one. Waste of $300. Never buying makita power garden range again. Lawn repairer machenice told me makita spear parts are expensive. Very disappointed with this blower. Always hard to start I would use at least once a week

Date PurchasedJan 2015

Can't fault blower

Don't have the blower vac model, as I was talked out of it by the guy in the shop who told me the vac is rubbish. After reading other reviews on here, I'd say he obviously just saved me $50. Have used the blower a bit, haven't had it long, but so far it's amazing. Blows around 30mm stones no worries. I can barely see my grass for all the leaves at the moment, and this made short work of my large back yard. The only thing the service guy at the store warned me of is to take good care of your Makita - because while they are good products, the customer service is horrible should you need any help from them.

Date PurchasedMay 2017

Best in class

I purchaced this machine after extensive research .Also after a friend had purchaced one . I find the vaccume function a little fiddly to set up , but very happy with blower function, Always starts first time , quiet compared to a 4 stroke , very efficient in cleaning up my yard . I have a very large area to clean with a dry river feature full of stones and rocks , this machine has no problem blowing all the leaves and rubbish from this area. Just make sure to change the oil on time and never use E10 fuel , Definatly reccomend this product .

Date PurchasedMar 2015

Reasonably happy

Easy starting and strong air stream. Disappointed with vacuum attachment, cumbersome to attach and weak suction. with hindsight should have purchased blower only.

Date PurchasedOct 2016

Great blower, easy to use

I have had my BXH2500 for about 10 years now and have never had to have it serviced. It gets used about 7-8 months of the year and most of the time at full throttle. I always checks the oil level before starting and never leave gas in it during the off season. It usually starts on the first pull even after the off season and idles smoothly plus no need to mix fuel. I do take care to avoid tilting it too much since it is a 4 stroke so I use my electric blowers for odd maneuvers. The priming bulb has started to leak so hopefully I can easily get a replacement soon as we are entering the peak of autumn leaf season.

Date PurchasedApr 2007

Has not lasted.

Ours has holes in the blade cover housing so leaves and debris shoot out over your fingers and all over your yard. Only a year old. Cost around $180 to fix, not worth it. Vac suction not as good as 2 Stroke models I've used. Changing from Vac to Blower is a nightmare, you need a screwdriver to do properly. Will go back to a quality 2 Stroke now. Was bad to spend so much on something that didn't last.

Date PurchasedAug 2015

Never Missed a Beat!

I've had mine for 4 years and it hasn't missed a beat and starts first pull every time. Not interested in vacuuming so went for the standard model as there seems to be no reliable options in the market. I use mine for 30-45 minuets every week and now has over a 100 hours of use. With regular oil changes of which I do every 3 months it won't give you grief. 80ml of oil is a 2 minute oil change! Love it and will buy another one if this one ever dies.

Date PurchasedJan 2012

Very Impressed

I Have only Had this for 2 Months & Already Glad to Give it the Thumbs up, Love the 4- Stroke Quietness & Smoothness, No Mixing Fuel, No Smell or Oil Leaks. Starts First Time Every Time . My 2-Stroke Days are Over. Well Done Makita, Easy to Give 5 star Rating

Date PurchasedMay 2016

New model is underpowered. It simply isn't up to the task

Starts almost every time on the first pull. Nice and easy pull too.
Not too loud
4 stroke petrol engine

Seriously underpowered. I'm trying to pick up autumn leaves and they just get stuck at the nozzle entrance. It doesn't have the power to pull them up. Yes, some are dry and crispy, but it should have the power to fold them or pick up a few at a time. I find myself swinging back and fourth on the ground trying to break them up, kick them off the nozzle and try again. It's a real technique, and even then it shouldn't be that hard.

Second con is that the petrol fumes seem particularly harsh. I have to wear a gas mask, otherwise my nose burns.

On a side note. The old model from 2015 seemed to be more powerful and get the job done better. Unfortunately it broke after 3 weeks and I took it back.

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An update after using it 3 months; The housing around the rotating blades cracked in 3 places which sent fragments into my legs. Very painful. Before this, I have been increasingly having problems sucking up leaves and replaced the bag twice after it wearing out. It's also constantly covering me in dust. Back to Bunnings for a full refund luckily. NOW I HAVE THE RYOBI FULL CRANK VAC and it's AWESOME! The Ryobi is a 2 stroke and a lot louder, BUT it actually works extremely well. It's a fantastic machine and I give it 4.5 stars. It leaves me clean and I can't really fault it for the task. The Makita is downgraded to 2 stars in comparison.

Don't tip it over the wrong way while it is running..

I bought the BHX2500/V at Bunnings after getting rid of an electric one because of having to drag an extension cord behind me.
Also felt at the time that being a four stroke motor would be good as far as not having to store 2 stroke fuel as well as four stroke for the Pope mower and Honda whipper snipper.
The Makita went great for a time with no problems until recently when I accidently tipped it over the wrong way causing it to blow white smoke out of the exhaust .I thought I had blown up the motor as I couldn't start it again.
Took it to my local mower repair shop who had to clean out it's internals.
So after a layout of $100 it's working again thankfully.
If you own one, take the time to read read the Owners Manual and don't make the same mistake I did.
I have given it 3 stars because despite it's good points ,it is quite heavy ,overpriced,and fitting the vacuum bag is time consuming because you have to dismantle the fan cover and fit a rather cumbersome bag and extra tube to it.
Checking the oil level is also difficult because of the strange dipstick on it.

Great just as a vacuum

I bought this product a couple of weeks ago based on the reviews I read on this website and wanted to post up my comments in the hope it helps others when making a decision. My purpose for purchasing the blower/vac was to vacuum up the multitude of leaves that pile up around the garden and driveway.

- 4 stroke petrol, uses same unleaded petrol as lawnmower, so there's no mucking around mixing fuel as with a 2 stroke engine
- Vacuum bag is well made and looks like it should last a while
- Vacuum is very powerful, I rarely need to use the trigger at full power
- Cruise control is very handy

- More complicated than other machines which can switch between blower and vac by switching a lever. This machine requires removing and installing a different vacuum and blower pipe. I probably wouldn't recommend this machine if I was frequently switching between blower and vac
- More expensive than other blower/vacs
- Shoulder strap for vacuum bag gets uncomfortable on shoulder when bag is full
- The machine is heavier than other blower/vacs available

Starts easy, every time!

Had mine for 2 years now, use it once a month for about 30 min at a time (usually at full noise & blow only, never tried it on Vac as there's too many gum nuts around that will probably wreck the impeller).
I always drain the fuel before putting it away and put fresh stuff in it when I use it, never had a problem. Starts pretty much first or second pull every time!
Heard somewhere the motors are made by Subaru? (Not confirmed).

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Questions & Answers

Hi, Bought my Makita bhx 2500 about 1year ago.It has been going good but last week it suddenly stopt. Had a fractured prime bulb. Replaced it and it does not want to start anymore. Purchased from Bunnings but have lost my receipt. What can i do. Regards Matt Janssen
2 answers
If you paid by card, you may be able to check your bank transactions for a large purchase from Bunnings. Then they should be able to determine your receipt from that.Thanks Nick O. Bunnings did find my transaction . Regards Matt.

Is this made in Japan or china?
1 answer
Sticker on the side of the unit says assembled in the USA

What kind of oil I can use on my Makita leaf blower?
1 answer
SAE10W-30 oil of API Classification SF Class or higher (4 stroke engine oil for automobile). Have a look here at the manual https://www.makita.com.au/media/documents/manuals/BHX2500_manual.pdf


Maximum Air Velocity264264
Price (RRP)298349
Vacuum FunctionNoYes
Release dateFeb 2010Feb 2010

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