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Makita 2 Stroke Petrol Power Cut

Makita 2 Stroke Petrol Power Cut

DPC7331 and DPC8132
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Makita 2-Stroke 355mm Petrol Power Cut Concrete Demolition Saw

I have one of these machine, I use it for demolition and concrete cutting as a builder. Its excellent, provided you follow the book by the letter and have the correct fuel, two stroke oil is very important and mix it perfectly. Starting the machine in a breeze again, if you follow the procedure correctly by the book. It has well and truly paid for itself by now and has a little ware but as good as the day I purchased the machine. I note some negativity, perhaps they should leave it to the professionals. Builders and construction Australia.
Reliable and fast cutting and very versitile. I'm quite pleased.
Nothing is wrong with it but perhaps too small fuel tank if I have to say anything!

complete waist of money

i bought one of these from a tool show in dunfermline fife, it cost me around 550 pounds, the very next day a tried to start it and it went for 3 seconds then cut off, i proceeded to try again following the protocall to no avail, i waisted a whole day trying to start the thing, the pull cord snapped god knows how many times, i took it back to get a refund and went mental at the staff for selling rubbish like this, they took it in and repared it saying it was flooded and didnt have enough 2 stroke in it (which by the way was nonsense) ive used stihl saws for years and never had any problems like this before, so anyway, they fixed it and it worked perfectly for about 2 days, then all of a sudden im getting the same problem that i had in the first place, they showed me what to do if it floods again eg; removing spark plug, cleaning inside etc, since then ive took the thing apart a million times and each time it takes me around an hour to get it started, if im lucky. ive seriously had it with it, i cant sell it knowing this happens, i know im not the only person who has complained about these, everyone ive spoke to on building sites have told me the same thing, Makita power cut saws are [censored word removed] if you want my advise go for the stihl saws, there much cheaper and work every time.

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