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Makita DUH551Z

Makita DUH551Z

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When you don't enjoy trimming hedges.

I wanted one of these for years already having most other Makita LXT (18v x 2) garden tools. Two things made me finally take the plunge - Cutting for long periods overhead was very hard on my arms and shoulders and I couldn't cut older growth without bending and messing up blades on Hedge Shears. I read reviews and looked at videos most of which were a total waste of time. My desire to mow hundreds of wooden dowels mounted on a plank was limited and what I really wanted was a tool to speed up the job. Why did I wait so long! The DUH551 is the (not light) Light Sabre of garden tools. It is incredibly fast quietly doing jobs that took hours in a few minutes which is ideal because its about as good for upper body strength as a one year old. Some other brands 18v models are heavier, red plastic must weigh more than teal. I have never managed to jam it, flatten the batteries or had any issues at all with it. Cutting back thick older growth is no problem - if it fits in the blade slots it will cut it, from my experience it’s practically unstoppable. The adjustable pivoting of the blade makes the horizontal part of hedges much easier and it's fast enough that dealing with the cuttings usually takes as long as the trimming (Buy a Makita DUB362 blower - your life will never be the same). It has stayed quiet and sharp as new with minimal vibration, out of habit I always clean and oil it before putting it away. This is an excellent tool, fast and easy to use. It is not light but does a similar job to heavier and much, much noisier petrol versions. If you want a Hedge Trimmer that is really capable and easy to use and care for consider one of these.

Purchased in October 2016 at Total Tools Physical store for $399.00.

Another winner from Makita!

This tool is wonderful, enabling me to take down large clumps of vetiver grass on my block with ease. Much more powerful than the 18V version. Has a swivelling handle so that I can easily do the sides of plants as well. Well thought out. It's quite expensive at $399; for that price a brushless motor should have been supplied.

Light enough for my wife to use, and as powerful as the corded version. Great!

Date PurchasedApr 2017

Questions & Answers

Where do I get replacement blades? How much are they?
1 answer
Through any Makita dealer. They'll have the price. You could also enquire at www.makita.com.au


Power SourceBattery
Price (RRP)$399
Blade Length550mm

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