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Makita DUR364LZ

Makita DUR364LZ

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Weed Apocalypse

I've owned many other line trimmers and was never really happy with any of them until now. The Makita 36v trimmer is genuinely more powerful than many petrol trimmers I've tried, far quieter, lighter and easier to use. This is the first battery trimmer I've used that could do a whole house of overgrown weeds or mow both lawns without a drama. It is very powerful, the electronics maintain the set speed almost independent of load. It doesn't matter if I am cutting through a little bit of grass against a fence or chopping through waist high weeds it just keeps powering through. If I tangle the head up in a bundle of greenery a quick tap on the reverse button will unjam it easily and get things moving again. Balance is comfortable with the two batteries at the back and noise is low enough not to need earmuffs or earplugs although a face shield is essential, this puppy launches rocks into orbit. The replacement model DUR366LZ is almost identical except it spins in the opposite direction and has a 10mm instead of 8mm shaft for the spindle thread for greater compatibility with accessories. Neither change alters how well they work. I'm really impressed with this trimmer, it's strong enough to use commercially if you have enough Makita batteries and does anything I have needed it to at my or my relatives formerly overgrown and neglected gardens. I'd honestly rather use it to do a lawn than sort out a recalcitrant petrol mower. It does not just clean the weeds from brick paving but with 2.4mm line at 6500 rpm it blows the sand piles from ants away as well. It spins so fast that even cheap round line cuts well and it's easy to re-spool when it runs out holding around 3 meters. You can use expensive high density square or figure 8 line but I found at 6500 RPM it sometimes tends to melt together on the spool from friction with the vibration and won't unspool when bumped. The motor casing soon gets covered in a coating of green grass mulch in use but seems to still keep cool. I used to wash it clean after each outing but now just leave it as it seems unnecessary and drying everything was a pain. This is a seriously capable line trimmer and the best i've ever had the pleasure of using.

Date PurchasedOct 2016

36v Brush cutter one of the best

Please note that this review is for the DUR364 36v (18v x 2) Makita Brush Cutter, this is the only section on product review that will accept the review.

I was doubtful in the beginning about giving up my petrol brushcutter but was over petrol powered units. Having already built up a large collection of Makita 18v equipment I decided to take the plunge and give one of these a go.

Our yard is 800m2 and involves quite a lot of edging with paths, gardens, driveway etc. The battery powered Makita gets through this with ease. I have tried long grass and weeds up to near knee height and surprisingly cuts through it similar to a petrol powered unit.

I use 2 x 5ah batteries (the cheap generic type off ebay, only a fraction of the price) and get an easy 25mins of hard work in the high speed setting before they even look like going flat.

The unit has 2 speed settings Hi & Low speeds and a reverse button for clearing grass around the cutter head (unit spins slowly in reverse and only turns whilst holding the button depressed)

The cord supplied is not the best and changed to a heavy duty 2.4mm cord which cuts quite well.

The only downside I have noticed is that it doesn't allow as much line to protrude from the cutter head as a petrol unit therefore you need to hold the head closer to the edge being trimmed.

The cord is easily replaced, one if the easiest I've seen and holds a reasonable amount and is a typical bump and feed design.

It has been a great brush cutter and whilst ever the batteries are charged its just a matter of pressing the on button and pulling the trigger and its away in a matter of seconds regardless of how long its been sitting around over the winter.

Date PurchasedMay 2018

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