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Makita DUR366LZ

Makita DUR366LZ

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Never buy a garden tool without being able to handle it prior to purchase

I was so excited to finally go electric with my garden tools. The first box (not suitable for shipping as very damaged on purchase) lacked the allen keys - no big deal except as I found out later it was also missing a cog and a metal guard. So without the cog the head seized and the machine unusable. Back to bunnings for box #2 (even more damaged) With all of the contents and a quick assembly I was good to go. By the second bump feed the spool became warped and unbalanced. It now vibrates the machine with such intensity that it became unbearable after 3 mins of operation the vibration is so intense the battery holder was rattling quite loudly. This machine with the supplied 2x 5 amp hour batteries is also very heavy and awkward to handle. I did about 35 lineal meters before I could not take it any more. Swapping to my trusty petrol Honda 4 stroke I could not believe how light and smooth the petrol machine was - so much for thinking electric was the way to go here. This machine is such a let down. I can not believe it is a makita product. BTW it has been over 7 days and I am still waiting for a response to my email for the original machines faults. They don't seem to care about their customers. This one too will be going back to bunnings for a full refund. What a let down.

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