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6 questions from our users

Venkat. P
Venkat. Pasked

Normally running chain side smoke coming what? Problem sir

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My chainsaw' silencer is getting too much hot in few minutes. Its like red colour ..
What is the problem?

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Hi my chainsaw is smoking badly from then chain side
Smells like oil burning. What causes this

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Kaidan B.
Kaidan B.

Can possibly be a hot bar or chain that is burning the oil

Justin Smethurst
Justin Smethurstasked

How do I tighten the chain on my makita ea3201s petrol chainsaw

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Aldric M.
Aldric M.

You turn the wheel to make the blade move then you turn that plastic wheel, if it doesn't move you have same problem as me, it gets stuck all the time and it's a bad system! That sucks about this model. It always gets stuck

Denis T.
Denis T.asked

My brand new Mikita EA3201S works really well until it heats up. After about 6 logs or 10 minutes work, it stalls when I pull the trigger. It idles ok then just dies when I try to rev it before making a cut. It’s better if I squeeze the trigger slowly but even then it still stalls after 20 minutes of use. Is it starved of fuel or flooding? I have fresh petrol properly mixed and the chain moves easily. Any ideas? It’s going back under warranty tomorrow. Not happy. It should run properly out of the box.

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John C
John C

It sounds like the high speed mixture is wrong. There is an adjustment for that on the machine. Mine used to stall at idle, once it warmed up. I sorted that out by increasing the low idle mixture, using the adjustment on the side of the machine. You don't need to pull anything apart to adjust the mixture and the manual has some info on how to do it. Try making small changes to the high speed mixture, with the engine running and then give the trigger a squeeze to see if it has done the job, Failing that, warranty is the best way to go,


How to tighten chain?

1 answer

On side of chainsaw there a black semi circle lever which you lift up and push in and turn anticlockwise wise to loosen bar slightly. Then there is a black circular dial next to that which you turn to tighten/loosen chain, once tightened to right spot push the the semi circle lever in and tighten bar.

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