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Makita ER2650LH

Makita ER2650LH

3.5 from 10 reviews

Dont waste your time

I bought this new and took it home and i could not get it started its supposed to be easy start i broke my back it started for a minute and stopped i took it back the guy started after 10 pulls but i got a refund. Dont waste your time.

Date PurchasedJan 2019

4 Stroke Home Line Lawn Edger /Trimmer

Great machine really.
You ask yourself should I pay an extra $100 over a comparable 2 stroke ? My answer was yes eventually.
I read all the positive reviews of 4 stroke motors being first pull start (true indeed) against fickle 2 strokes like my old one, though it had a faulty spark plug HT winding open circuit, I think from new 40 years ago.
This no name has been why my right arm has twice the muscle of the left arm (sad joke).

The Makita motor is a product of Subaru and has a universally used carby made by Wabco, so parts are readily available from the Mower repair shops if you ever want a rebuild kit.

Negative reports found on this site seem to revolve around the line spool wearing away from contact with the ground. This was why I is humming and haring over several months before giving up on 'fixing' the old girl (coil parts non existent, and the line spool wore down to zero and no replacement parts would fit today's bolt thread size). There are several replacement spool heads at Bunnings but not under Makita's name.
A replace spool part for this Makita is available at Bunnings and elsewhere under a non Makita name for around $50 and they said that part sells well, so that me more worried !!!
Anyway, Bunnings sold me the trimmer for $100 off as damaged stock (water damage to the cardboard box only), so that was 2 replacement tap & go line spools paid for, heh?

I found the reason for this wear very early in the first few minutes of real use. As the line wears away, I found myself dragging the base of the spool head (the tap & go spring holder) against the concrete path.
Of course, spinning plastic against hard concrete loses out very quickly, and the thickness of the plastic (the wear surface is tapered as new) is about 2 mm give or take, and the bevel face is about 3 mm.
So there is a very small amount of plastic to wear through before the tap & go spring as one Reviewer found, is flying off into the never never.

So what to do?
Always be conscious of this, so extend the cutting line to full length by tapping it out on grass only, and not concentrating 100% on your cutting, as the line wears away more quickly than you are will be aware of.
When the line is worn to half of the full cutting length, the plastic bevelled wear point is very close to contacting concrete, and by this stage it is not cutting so well anyway.

It cheaper to buy 100 metres of cutting line than buy a replacement tap & go line spooler any day.
It would be possible to fabricate a metal push on and glue on cap over the affected area, but if you are aware, you will have no trouble, trust me.

The are 2 negative things that do stand out.
One being the weight.
The unit weighs 6 kg, with most being 95% motor, and the handle control grip (not the handle closer to the cutter) is the centre of balance. If you are using it for over 30 minutes, you will feel the weight in your arm as the other hand is really taking no weight. 3 by 2 Litre bottle of milk = 6 kg. Then add some vbration, and the muscle holding up that weight is soon trembling. It pays to swich arms often, and that means swapping over the direction of your work if you want to see what your cutting.

Second Negative
I found it best not to cut with the Makita at 90 degree to the direction of cutting, as the flying junk hits me on the body and face. It is best to walk parallel to the cut direction and the protective guard works very well.

Third Negative
The line head is seperated into 2 sections splitting the line into a separate compartment for each side, so there is no tangling and melting together from friction like my old clunker, but the head has embossed left and right winding arrows.
Some trimmers apparently go the other rotation, so that's confusion HQ, till the penny drops that both sides of your line are to be wound in the same direction, NOT half one way and half the other. That trust me is wrong.

I found it difficult not to rev the motor like a 2 stroke. I works best at a constant speed, and then the petrol use is very frugal. The first tank went very quickly and I refilled the tank again to finsh the suburban yard.
Now I just use half a tank (and the tank is very small), now after about 3 hours of total use.
The motor is very very quiet and I expect to get another 40 years out of it till I am 110 y.o, just like the old one and the 4 stroke mower.

I dropped the review one star really because of the weight and that no shoulder strap is provided as in the professional use angle headed straight drive 4 stroke Makita trimmer model which is a further $100 dearer.

Great Line Trimmer! Starts very easy!

Starts very easily. Its a little bit heavier and a bit slower than other 2 stroke line trimmers I've used although it runs well and is extremely quite. I haven't experienced any bump feed issues as of yet. Would highly recommend as its about half the cost of a Honda.

Date PurchasedFeb 2017

4 years no problem

Like I said 4 years no problem. Bump feed still operating as it should. Starts easily . Can be used in any position. Four stroke . Quiet , fuel efficient . I use the trimmer for domestic purposes only but in saying that I am a carpenter by trade and I have always used and trusted Makita products . Like most of those in the know I would still prefer 'made in Japan' however I cannot fault this trimmer to date. I would recommend .

Date PurchasedApr 2013

Bump head issue

Great piece of equipment but the bump head clip seems to be an overall issue for many customers including myself.

Date PurchasedJun 2016

2 years of use and still awesome.

This whipper snipper is a revelation. It starts first go, it's quiet, is easy to use and just works.
I originally went out to purchase a Honda 4 stroke snipper, which was on special at the time for $499. I was talked out of the Honda by the local mower shop as the cheaper Honda is not able to be put on it's side for more then 8 sec to do edging (something to do valves and injection system not working when the snipper is on the side and the whipper snipper cuts out). Not willing to stump up the $690 for the Honda that will do edging, I went back to the drawing board and did a trip to Bunnings.
I am glad that I did, as ended up with this beauty. It's was only $299 and will happily use the entire tank whilst on it's side doing the edging. And, being 4 stroke, no more having to the mix oil and petrol. Just change the oil every 12 months.
I can definitely recommend this snipper to anybody.

Date PurchasedJul 2014

Bump feed issue

After 3 turns trimming grass at the edge of my property the bump head broke. This was under very light use. Disappointing as there were alot of options in this price range. Not covered under warranty according to bunnings. The line trimmer motor starts first time every time, but the bumper? An additional $50 every three options seems very uneconomical

Date PurchasedAug 2016

Simply, a good line trimmer

After an ozito battery line trimmer which carked it after about 5sm, the makita ER2650LH was a dream.
The 4 stroke feature is neat, as being able to use unleaded straight up is quite convenient.
This has a lot of power and starts quite consistently.
I dont know if it's excellent, however, I cannot fault it for anything after 1.5 years of use - so, I guess a 5 is fair.
== EDIT 05-Feb-17 ==
After losing the bump head spring, it turns out that you can order small parts from Makita (they'll email you a pdf of the parts list), or you can make a special order from Bunnings and they'll track it down for you. Replacement cost of $9.40. Pretty good value after 2 years use.

Date PurchasedJan 2015

Failed after only 2 uses

I bought this from Bunnings for $298, used it twice with no problem. When I tried it next, I couldn't pull the starter rope further than 100mm - it couldn't be pulled further, so couldn't start it. It's almost brand new ! No mention of this in the troubleshooting page of the instruction manual.

Hopefully Bunnings will give me my money back, so that I can buy something that works !

Bump head FAIL...

We purchased this particular line trimmer after checking the Choice reviews and because Makita usually has very reliable products. This purchase was to replace our old electric Ozito line trimmer that lasted us for many many years but was temperamental. Unfortunately on only our second time using the trimmer on our suburban backyard the nylon bump head tore. Customer Service was quite prompt in advising that the bump head was a consumable, but gave us the contact details of two warranty agents near us, one of which also advised that this was a consumable. As we just paid $329 at Bunnings for our new 'toy', you can understand our disappointment at its failure less than three weeks after purchase, compared to our cheap Ozito trimmer that had the same bump head till retirement. We now have to pay an additional $40-$50 for a new bump head - how long will this one last?

Questions & Answers

Can you fit alloy head onto makita 2650?
1 answer
No idea. The original seems to be long lasting if you keep the spinning bottom bit away from concrete which is not difficult at all. Bunnings sell a non Makita head (like original for $50. Have a look, it says it fits makita, and see the connection end so you have a vague idea of what is it. I seriously doubt I will need a replacement for many many years. The last 2 stroke no name trimmer from 30 years still had it's own head till I scrapped it for this makita 4 stroke. So don't let that lack of any metal head option be a problem for you, as everything can be modified to fit if you throw money at it making an adapter between the head and the trimmer, by that's not going to happen is it?

How do you replace the cord ?
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is this a fourstroke?
2 answers
Yes it is 4 stroke.Yep, 4 stroke.


Power SourcePetrol
Price (RRP)299

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