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Makita HP1640KSP / HP1641KSP

Makita HP1640KSP / HP1641KSP

HP1640KSP and HP1641KSP
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You do get what you pay for

Ok so I bought a cheapo Ozito Impact drill a few months ago and it kinda did the job but it also let me down.

After trying to put some pictures up in my unit (with a very hard mason wall) using the Ozito that just couldn't do it, I wanted something good not something cheap.

I also wanted a keyed chuck, a hard thing to find these days! So I bought the Makita simply because it had a keyed chuck, Makita is a good brand and it was the dearest of the impact/hammer drills before going rotary (and I already had a rotary hammer demo drill).

Well the Makita is streets ahead of the Ozito, it just works and is a knife through butter for the masonry wall... I use good quality Frost drill bits and the Ozito couldn't cope so I thought it was the drill bits at first but no it's the drill. The Makita is just burrrr and then jobs done.

In short, Makita hammer drill is a great tool.
Keyed chuck, seems to be a qualiity itm
It's expensive!

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Price (RRP)$142
Release dateJan 2011

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