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Makita RST210

Makita RST210

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I have had my RST 210 for about 3 years, it has never let me down. Great Jap quality in a superb brush cutter. I told a mate to grab one from Bunning's but they don't sell them anymore, he got a China Makita EM2600L disaster, first time he used it the fuel lines leaked petrol all over him, it was also difficult to start and idled on the ground like a goat. He ended up trowing it away and purchased a Ryobi which seams ok .
Ah well I suppose Makita quality is no more just the same as all the China junk.

Date PurchasedAug 2014

Japanese built quality and reliability

Very happy after two years use, starts first time and dead reliable. With one tank I can continuously cut for about an hour, fill tank again and it just keeps going - the Makita never complains. No oil leaks or overheating and zero maintenance required so far. I have previously owned two Ryobi units built in PRC and poor cutting ability unless revving the hell out of them. Both failed prematurely, last one after a couple of hours - drive shaft detached from motor. Would definitely recommend a Makita.

Date PurchasedApr 2015

Light and reliable

I had this trimmer for about 7 years, (purchased at Bunnings) it was fine for what I was using it for (suburbian house). Never had an issue with trimming the edges, it did it perfectly. Only changed the spark plug once in its 7years of service and never had it serviced. Took about 3-4 pulls to start, with the odd 5&6 pulls. It was only a small engine and very light so my son could use it helping me out with the cutting of grass when he was only 11. It finally gave up because I over stressed it cutting some high grass for over 1hr without given it a break on my brothers property (stuffed the clutch). I was so happy with it that I brought another one which is an ex-demo as these are now discontinued. These are made in Japan, not China like the newer ones now, and because I had one before, I was confident with the product, so far so good just what I expected. The only thing I replaced like the first one was the line holder (spool) with a Council type.

Date PurchasedApr 2017

Worst whipper snipper I have encountered

First one bought I had to take back because it was leaking petrol. Dripping onto my legs not from the cap but from the fuel line.
Second one I had so much trouble starting it...once started it kept conking out...after three times of use I am now on my way back to Bunnings to get my money back. Also bump feed did not work in either one.

Date PurchasedDec 2016

Makita cuts all the edge grass in my yard, damn right, it's better than yours!

easy to start.
easy on fuel.
feels right, solid, like a proper tool, not a plastic toy.
a bit heavy on big jobs, just make sure you have a shoulder strap setup.
This is a line trimmer / whipper snipper, not a brush cutter, not suitable for heavy duty jobs. big jobs yes, taming the wilderness, no!

Date PurchasedAug 2016

Great light weight reliable whipper snipper.

I've had mine for 3 years, no issues in that time.

• Light weight
• Value for money
• Value for money
• Starts first time every time

• Less powerful than others
• I always seem to end up holding in a fashion that burns me - a guard (heat rated plastic) would be nice on the exhaust section.
• Not rated for thick whipper snipper cord - I find it snaps easily and if you don't wind it on exactly right it doesn't spool off easily.

Great Product But Flawed For Semi-Heavy (Marginally) Rural Work

This is a brilliant product for city/suburban environments in Australia but suffers 'clogging' of the head area whenever you confront long grass/spinifex which is abundant in the Hunter Valley and most semi-rural environments.
You cannot dismantle the metallic head (which you attach the spinning plastic cutter reel to) so you wind up with a machine that the whole cutting head fails to spin on, even when flattening the engine. You can remove the problem material but it is a slow painstaking process to get your machine running again but it does run again and well, so long as you steer clear of the danger spinifex stuff.
Good Japanese engine & quality machine for the price (<$200 at Bunnings) but flawed.

Quality at reasonable cost. Customer feedback ignored by Makita Australia

After reading reviews of the Makita R S T210 in this forum I decided to compare line trimmers at Bunning's. They had a Ryobi at $160 and a Homelite at $102. Not satisfied with the feel and finish of these cheaper units I bought the Makita and have not regretted it....once I understood the instructions.
Simple assembly and easy to start I tackled an overgrown path The machine was well balanced, powerful with easy to use controls.
Within a minute the line had disappeared. I read the instructions about re-spooling it which I found confusing. The line supplied seemed weak so I bought 'Lawn Keeper'' brand 2.7mm trimmer line which was stronger and worked well . After eventually stumbling across the correct winding procedure of the double spool, it made short work of tough grass.
On Makita Australia feedback website I posted my concerns about confusing line re spooling instructions for first time users and made suggestions on how it should read.
Also mentioned was the low quality trimmer line of which only about 2 metres was included in the purchase price.
I have never received a reply to my email which is not consistent with their stated policy on how they value feedback and always respond.
Therefore, what we have here is a quality reasonably priced appliance backed up with rubbish customer service.

End of choke button broke off, lost spring

One problem I found was the choke button, called Starter Leaver end broke off and I lost the spring, called starter spring. A bit expensive to replace, starter leaver $21.00 and starter spring $8.00. So far managed starting without using the choke. A bit reluctant to pay that price to fix it.

Great value

Great value domestic line trimmer overall great value but do yourself a favour and change the bump feed mechanism . Starts easily everytime and is light enough for most women to use but the line feeder spool is impossible to load and I changed it for a fixed mechanism that doesn't bump feed .It is easily a machine that I would recommend to the average person for non commercial work .
Light and easy to start
Bump feed spool not easy to load

Can you let me know what "fixed mechanism" you put on. I too am having trouble withe the feedWhat fixed mechanism did you put on? having trouble as well

Questions & Answers

Only 18 months old. Got a puff of smoke and it stopped working? What could be the problem?
No answers

Where can do get new cylinder head piston and rings for a rebuild as motor has froze as mate didn’t use 2 stroke from new
2 answers
It’s a rst210Sorry Jonathan I don’t know. Its a discontinued model so it’s probably gonna be hard to find parts for it.

How to remove the whole head of MAKITA ER2650LH ???
2 answers
Hi Nitesh, I took my one to a shop where they changed it, so I can’t answer your question, sorry about.Above the guard you will see a small hole of the round silver alloy tube, put a very small screw driver in the hole while turning the head slowly. The screw driver will suddenly go further into the hole. The shaft will now be locked, simply turn the plastic head anti clockwise to remove the head.


Price (RRP)199
Power SourcePetrol
Handle TypeLoop Handle

  • GTIN14: 00088381063067

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