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Only 18 months old. Got a puff of smoke and it stopped working? What could be the problem?
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Where can do get new cylinder head piston and rings for a rebuild as motor has froze as mate didn’t use 2 stroke from new
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It’s a rst210Sorry Jonathan I don’t know. Its a discontinued model so it’s probably gonna be hard to find parts for it.

How to remove the whole head of MAKITA ER2650LH ???
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Hi Nitesh, I took my one to a shop where they changed it, so I can’t answer your question, sorry about.Above the guard you will see a small hole of the round silver alloy tube, put a very small screw driver in the hole while turning the head slowly. The screw driver will suddenly go further into the hole. The shaft will now be locked, simply turn the plastic head anti clockwise to remove the head.

hi what mill socket do i need to take the spark plug out of myRST 210? thanks mark
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petrol/oil ratio for Makita model RST210?
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How do i change the cutting wire
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If you want to change the bump feed then take it down to any good mower shop and ask them you want a council type. They can do that pretty easily, cost about $20-$30. If u just want to change the cutting line only then you will have to read the manual or figure it out yourself or take it to a good mower shop and they should show you. I changed mine because I just got sick of it, found the council type so much easier. Type in Hitachi aluminium fixed line trimmer head It doesn't need to be Hitachi brand, it's just an example of what the council ones look like. Kind regards Jim

My RST210 runs for around 30 seconds and stops, I restart and it does the same thing over and over again. What could be the issue?
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Odd one Craig, can only recommend if you haven't done it, is drain your fuel out of the machine and re-do the whole fuel mix you are using with completely fresh fuel...could just be stale/have some water absorbed in it. I use 95 octane unleaded & 50/1 in the oil..so 20ml to the litre. If no joy, try a fresh plug as well. If that doesn't work then it is likely you have carby issues (or even a partially blocked filter in your tank on the end of the plastic tube which runs into it from the carby) as it is running on your initial 'tickle' from the pressure you create by that plunger but not then picking up fuel from the tank by itself.

Does anybody know the correct gap between the spark generator and magnets on the RST210 brush cutter, as my machine stopped suddenly during use? I have checked the carby and found it clean throught, my fuel mix is 50:1 and spark plug is also clean.
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When two stroke engines overheat they stop. Give it a few minutes to cool and start again.

What fuel (E10,normal, Premium high octane.)I have to use for my Makita edge trimmer?
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Mate I always run 95 or 98 with no ethanol.Yep John is right, I run 95 in all my outdoor equipment.Thanks, John and Bd51.I used to buy unleaded from a nongeneric petrol station.Last time accidently I filled with E10 and me struggled to start the trimmer. After starting when I start cutting it stopped every time, also found it very weak.My neighbour asked me to change the fuel and he gave me from his can.I worked ok. Now your reply giving me more confidence. Siva

Can u put a blade on the Makita rst210?
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Hello, There is nothing mentioned in the product manual about fitting a blade and Makita don't list a cutting disc for this model. I can't see any practical way to remove the boss securing the twine cutting head so my best guess is no. A straight shaft professional type line trimmer would be designed for other cutting accessories.I don't think so, Phillip, not really designed for such heavy cutting but you know, it is a great little tacker for mostly suburban work although I have managed to equip it with 'ugly' (super strong) cutting line which is way larger than it is meant to carry and it cuts almost anything in its path.

Is there an alternative to the feed out line I.E fixed length short sections of cord inserted into different heads. Didn't appear Bunning's had one to suit the RST210.
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Hello, I have never heard of such an item and doubt it would work. Keeping the cord in place would be difficult given the rotational speed of the head. Moreover, the nylon would snap off real easy and wear awayquickly as it does anyway with a 'bump feed' system. Unfortunately, there doesn't seem to be any way around the current design. With my Makita line trimmer I check frequently when working so as to avoid having to stop and re-thread the line. Each time I need to read the instructions when thread runs out. . Surely someone could come up with a better unit but I'm sure fixed cord would destroy itself in seconds.Probably didn't make me self clear,you can buy short straight lengths of cord that slip into a different type oh head. They basically hold the cord in place with same length out each side. Bunnings have these heads but not to fit the mal its CheersYes bunnings has a universal head for the Rst 210. It is $20 and easy to fix. You can add 2 lenghths of 2.4 chord at a time.

Makita RST210 week spark does help need how to fix a week spark, I can't actually see a spark when I crank it, but when I touch the spark plug I can feel a bit of a shock... is this normal?
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I am not a mechanic so I cannot give you an answer. Best to take it to a lawnmower service shop to have it looked at.The trimmer needs a fat spark to run properly. Test as follows. 1.Remove the spark plug and lay against the cylinder. The plug wire remains attached. 2. Move to a shady or dark area. 3.Pull the rope vigorously 4. Observe the spark. 5. Spark across the plug electrode should be electric blue with a crackling sound. If the spark is orange, tiny or invisible service of the unit is required. You can test it yourself and save high charges from a mechanic but overhaul of the spark generator requires an expert. If there is a fat spark and it won't start the problem is fuel. Fuel should be fresh and correctly mixed with two stroke oil 50:1 ratio. Regards, TonyYou need to first try another plug : I am guessing that you have already. Now in the dark pull the starter and check for leakage of high tension electrics arking ( sparks to earth from the spark plug lead through small invisible Crack in the insulation of the spark lead. Finally check the ignition coil and fly wheel stator for corrosion and check the coil gap ( 10000 / 1 inch ) .001 on thickness guagr. Spark should be good

Do you know where to buy a new bump feeder for my makita rst 210 wiper sniper?
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Luke, No I don't but it would be a common part so first place is Makita spare parts, check on line. .If they can't or won't help email the general manager. In the mean time any out door shop can help. Regards, Tony

Does my rst210 wiper snipper need fuel and oil?
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If your wiper snipper (edger) is a petrol engine it will require two stroke fuel which has oil mixed in. You can make this up yourself. Mix two stroke oil with unleaded fuel at a ratio of 50:1 .You may be able to buy premixed two stroke fuel from a service station. Check your manual for instructions as to what fuel it needs.

What is the best fuel ratio for this model? Is it 50:1 or 25:1 as instructions are not that clear.
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The correct ratio is 50 : 1 that is 50mls to 5 litres. Best way to be sure is add the oil to the empty can first then fill up. I use 98 octane such as Caltex Vortex. Same ratio and fuel type in the 2 stroke mower as well. The better fuel keeps plugs clean. The two stroke oil is the stabilizing type so never worry about fuel going bad.Thanks the instructions say 50:1 specified manufacturers or 25:1 otherwise just wondering which one?Hi Pete . I use 50:1 for all my 2 stroke tools , but always use Synthetic as it seems to smoke less than normal organic oil . Very few modern 2 stroke engines seem to need 25:1. I did own a Chinese made 2 stroke post hole digger and they recommended 25:1 and it did smoke so badly I had to wear a mask otherwise I couldn't breath . Quality engines like the Makita and other Japanese company engines will tolerate quite a variation in mix ratio as long as its not leaner than 50:1 is what I believe . best wishes Tom

Is the makita RST250 & makita RBL250 made in Japan or China?
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Hi - my RST 210 is made in Japan and I have seen many later production units from Makita etc coming from China . Personally it shouldnt make any difference , but I prefer Japanese build quality if available .The label states 'Made in Japan.'

what type of spark plug used in rst120?
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Kevin, I looked up the Makita RST210 manual and the spark plug type is BPMR7A. The gap is 0.6mm - 0.7mm. PhillipHello, To be honest not sure. Just checked the plug to find no markings. Starts easy so I'll leave it In other two strokes I use what ever Bunning's has on shelf. The secret is to rev the unit hard which keeps carbon from settling. Once they carbon up replace with new as cleaning deep inside the plug body is not very successful leading to shorting out.NGK BPMR7A is what I prefer to use but a Bosch WSR6F is OK -.plug gap 0.6mm to.0.7mm. Both plugs are quite common to find in mower shops ..local Bunnings only sell Champion where I live and they will argue the point . Sorry but I refuse to use Champion . Never had a problem with any NGK plug even after many years in my blower and brushcutter .

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