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Wish i knew about these bottles long time ago

AMAZING. After my 2week old son having a very bad night i knew i had to find something to help with colic and fast. I came across these bottles and after reading many reviews i knew i had to order some. Hand on heart, best thing i ever did. I won't use any other brand from now on.

I just have one thing to say... i wish i knew about these bottles for my previous children.

Flows to fast but easy to clean.

Mother-in-law swore by your MAM pacifiers. Said it was the only one her sons would take to. So when the Tommie Tippee bottles didn't work for my daughter. She ran and got me your MAM anti colic bottles. I love how you can completely take them apart to clean them. The only down side to this bottle is. That for my daughter it seems to flow to fast. Making her choke. Which then makes her cry. I've had to switch bottles for now but can't wait to be able to use them again. once she's older.

Great Bottle But Nipple Flows Too Fast For Newborn

We tried several bottles for our BF baby but she wouldn't tele any of them. We love that she will take the MAM teat but it still flows way too fast. We are using the number 1 slow flow but find she chokes on the breast milk and gets very upset. It would be nice if there was a slower flow nipple for newborns.

So glad I found these!

When I started using Mam Anti-Colic for my baby she feels more comfortable and satisfied . The Ultra soft silicone nipple helps her adjust and the vented base allows her not to swallow air while feeding that may cause burps or gas.What’s more amazing is the self sterilizing in the microwave!

life saving bottles for my son and mums sanity

These bottles are amazing! My son from birth until i brought/switched( he was 2 1/2 months) to these mam bottles have been amazing. He suffered from bad colic to the point i was loosing my sanity trying to settle him. I was using closer to nature bottles and they were letting in alot of air, mam bottles seal perfectly around his mouth and the air is released out the back. They are easy to clean. I am so happy i found these bottles

Amazing Bottles!

Honestly, I absolutely loved these bottles! I tried EVERYTHING but my baby boy would get such bad wind. Then I found these when they had the number one spot. I ordered 6 and never looked back. I used them for 6 months and never had any leaking problems. sometimes you just have to make sure you put the teat in properly.

Good for the first 3 months

My baby had a lot of trouble with bottles as a newborn. These are the only ones he would take initially but after 3 months old wouldn't have a bar of them! So definitely recommended if you are struggling to find a bottle your baby will take. I think he didn't like the shape of the teat as he got older plus the teat flows are quite fast.

Huge reduction in wind after first bottle

My baby had bad colic and every bottle was followed by crying, fussing and/or discomfort. He hated the Dr Brown's teats but after the first bottle using the Mam anti-colic bottle he was visibly less distressed. My mother was with me at the time and also noticed the difference.
Cannot recommend enough - the teat seems to perfectly mimic a nipple, they are easy to clean, self sterilising, and cute bottles too!

worst ever

Bottle leaks. Contacted suppliers & received new seal apparently this is normal. Was recommended by babyshop to me as I was travelling. Who wants wet baby after a feed. I read instructions & never overheated seals. Babyshop should have done refund on the spot. Not happy. I bought 2 bottles. Was told by shop it was bestseller, obviously no-one else had bothered to complain as by internet research afterwards I can see I am not the only one w problem.

Mam anit-colic

On the up the bottle looks attractive, easy to clean and comfortable to hold. Down side the 0+ still flows to fast for a newborn and if you don't dry it properly around the base it will dribble with excess water.. I would recommend this bottle for a baby who is going from being breastfeed to bottle as the teat is very soft from 6+

Colic bottles a life saver

My Grandaughter suffers from bad colic doctor has given medication to take 20 minute prior to a feed and medication to put in her bottles as well none has made any difference . My daughter ran into a friend who told her about mam anti colic bottles so thought we would try even tho we have tried others that have made no difference but what a surprise they really have made a huge difference right from the first bottle .no more screaming in pain it has changed their life around recommend anyone with colic to try the mam anti colic

Too many parts & leaks

I purchased these in a three pack and also brought the next size flow teats so I would be prepared for later, as these bottles were hard to find. I have only used these twice, as I very quickly got frustrated with the leaking- and yes I did as others suggested with letting them cool right down and using a tea towel etc, but if they didn't leak while feeding bubs, they would leak in the pot of water. Not to mention all the parts you have to was anyway before stacking it up in the microwave for sterilizing.
I am normally a very patient person, but when bubs is hungry and wants her formula right now and you heat up a bottle but it leaks out the bottom and the formula ends up in the pot... well that isn't good. Means you have to organise another bottle and start all over again while bubs is now crying. A pretty looking bottle isn't worth the stress.

Finally a bottle my breast feed baby will take!

After months of trying a multitude of bottles, teats and sippy cups my 6mth old finally took your MAM anti colic bottles and continues to do so. He enjoys the silk teat. You've enabled me to return to part time work as a more relaxed mum. Thank you!

Perfect! My bub loves only these.

After having a very windy bub and difficult to take a bottle I found these, they were an honest life saver. Great teet & self sterilising! Very impressed.

So glad I found these!!!!

Holy Dooley wow!! I am amazed with these MAM anti colic bottles! Our baby girl was breech and her whole body was tense when she was born. Her poor tummy was so tight that she was having trouble bringing wind up. You could tell she was so uncomfortable. We heard about some bottles that helped with colic and wind so I went to my local big w and found these. I purchased two just in case they didn't work ( I had spent near $100 on other bottles so was a little unsure about these) boy what a blessing!! Like my title says ' so glad I found these', from the first bottle we gave her you could notice a difference. My mum was even blown away and said whether babies had colic or not everyone should be using these bottles! So the next day I went back and got 3 more!! I've just put in an order for a teething ring, two soothers and a thermometer. These products are well worth the money you pay! The steriliser is fantastic as well! I am very much looking forward to the different stages in our baby girls life and the products I can purchase along the way thanks to MAM!!

Best bottles for anti-colic

I have tried every brand bottle to help with colic and your MAM bottles have helped my baby the most. Definitely recommend MAM bottles to everyone, was easy for her to get use to the teat. Ive found she has alot less wind with these bottles


Mam products are amazing the only bottle I will use for my babies, easy to clean, and great for easing wind in bibs belly.


I searched high and low for abortive my baby would take... Then I found MAM!!
The teat is a beautiful silicone that the lips stick to, and I love how air expels from the bottom:-) self steralising means you can ditch the steraliser too! X


These bottles have been the best for my baby. Baby had been suffering from wind issues since birth. Have been using these bottles for about 8 weeks and find them fantastic! Baby sleeps a lot better and the bottles can be sterilised while out visiting family and friends in the microwave.
Truely anti-colic bottles. Helped my baby alot!

The only bottles I use!

These are amazing easy to clean, easy to use stress free bottles! I have previously and now would never use anything else! Definently saves the fuss of windy little tummies! Love it!! I love the fact tense are also self sterilising for on the go, just whack them in the microwave. Easy as when you aren't home or stuck somewhere without a steriliser!

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Questions & Answers

I have the set of bottles, however don't know how to heat EBM in them? I usually put the bottle of EBM in a container of boiling water to warm it up, however the MAM bottle leaks through the bottom air holes when I do this. Thanks
1 answer
If the rubber ring is in properly I don't think it should leak? I heat mine up in a bowl of hot water and haven't had any problems with leaking. I hope youve figured out the issue by now :)

Where can i find these mam bottles in brisbane qld australia?
1 answer
Big w

Mam bottles are good but the rubber in the base stinks horrible Wat to do about it?
3 answers
Are you pulling out the rubber insert every time you wash the bottle? Of not then the smell is probably stale milk and bacteria which wouldn't be good for baby consumption. The bottle should be completely dissembled and washed in hot soapy water then rinsed and sterilised before use.I am having the same issue about the smell. I wash in hot soapy water and sterilize regularly and I always rinse and take a part the bottle as soon as my baby stops feeding but I can't seem to get rid of smell.I have the same issue too. The rubber stinks despite being cleaned and sterelised as required.


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