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Mamia (Aldi) Baby Wipes

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Not absorbent.


The Mamia Fragrance Free Baby Wipes (made in USA) that I purchased today is cheaper compared to other leading brands. But the wipes are not absorbent, they are too dry and the texture is not soft - not good for babies.
I am going back to the old wipes I am using, price is a bit higher but the quality is better.



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Cheap, effective and great packaging: Our new go-to baby wipes


We have tried quiet a few different wipes and found Mamia best for value, effectiveness, and appearance. I note other reviews commented on USA vs Australian made quality- I have only tried the Australian made and found the packaging to be great - hard-case opening means only one wipe at a time comes out so less is wasted, they stay moist for longer. They don't smell stale or leave an strange odour on the skin like I found other wipes do that are fragrance free. They don't irritate the baby skin. They are soft and work really well to even wipe away nappy rash cream. And - they are the cheapest I have come across!!!!!
Overall - I love these wipes!! I'm so glad we have them accessible to us!



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The wipes themselves are great but..


The wipes are fantastic. I had only used curash on my boy up until 5mo when we decided to try aldi wipes as they are much cheaper for the same amount of wipes. The packaging on the other hand needs to be re thought & done witj better care & quality in mind. We ended up buying a hard plastic wipe container to hold our wipes because the plastic open/close tab always came away from the packet after 1 or 2 uses & we just ended up witj dried out wipes. You definitly can't accidently leave the packet open as they dry out very quickly but otherwise they are great on the skin & get everything from paint to poop off

Were the best, now disappointing


We have used Aldi wipes from birth and loved them. I have just noticed an odd smell with the new package and have realised they are now made in USA rather than Australia.
Very poor quality and I am disappointed to say the latest batch will be returned and I won't purchase any more Mamia wipes unless the Australian ones are returned.
I am happy to pay the normal $2-$2.50 for the Australian made ones.



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Affordable and good quality


I use these wipes for both my kids. I find them soft and easy on the skin. These wipes clean the skin perfectly. They are soft and damp so the skin is not irritated. I use them for cleaning the nappy area, hand and feet and sometimes face as they are easy on the skin. I haven't had any problem witb these wipes on my children's skin. Good value for money.

Mandy C

Mandy CAustralia

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Great wipes!


These wipes are great. They work a treat and don't irritate my son's skin. They are very cheap too and you can buy them in a box of 6. I buy the fragrance free ones. I would recommend these to friends & family or anyone who is looking for a cheap brand of baby wipes that do the job.



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Great baby wipes, nice and moist which helps to clean, decent sized wipes, and they don't fall apart while using them. Excellent on babies skin, no issues with irritation at all. Easy to use package and flip lid. They also have a great large "refill" pack. But I only wish they sold a container to put the "refill" packs into.


ReePerth, WA

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I use the fragrance free wipes I find them to be nice and thick, they don't irritate babies skin, they're cheap.I prefer them to the other brands I have tried quality wise, so now I don't buy any other wipes but the ones from aldi even the package closes nicely after each use

Shelly T.

Shelly T.Sydney, NSW

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Used to be very good, now very bad


They were great, but changed recently.


Have used these for ages and they were great! They have recently changed the wipes but kept them in the same packaging - very sneaky! Bought a whole bunch as per usual and they are dry, scratchy, and you have to use to many more wipes to get the job done. Will need to buy my wipes elsewhere from now on!



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I love these wipes. I buy the orange ones (scented)
I used to use them for my children when they were babies and toddlers. Now that they are grown, I still use them. I practically clean my whole en-suite with them, I use them to remove make up and also to wipe up a spill or stain from clothing (and they still come in handy for #2 when you're not well). The consistency is fantastic, they do't tear or rip or fall apart like huggies do, and the smell is pleasant. And best of all they are so reasonably priced.

Used to be awesome, now have changed for the worst.


I loved the Aldi baby wipes and recommended them to every parent I met. Now, as of August 2017 they have changed them and they are TERRIBLE. They used to be an exact replica of Huggies (but way cheaper), now they are more like the Pampers wipes which I hate. They tear easily, are scratchy, and require many more wipes to get the job done. Very shady of Aldi also because the packaging does not state a change (except the opening clasp changed and they did mark that on the outside of the package, which whatever-I'm fine with either opening clasp) AND it still has the "Parent tested parent approved WINNER" mark on the outside. NO, the OLD wipes were the parent's choice winner, not this new crap. False advertising!



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Quality and size has change for the WORST


Blue package wet baby wipes used to be good when the size was 19cm x 18cm and the texture was good. Now your new version is DISGRACE: 20cm x 15cm size is too small so I had to use 2 instead of one and the texture has become like a sandpaper and too dry. Are you expecting this to be used on a gentle baby bottom? You just lost a customer with your greed and savings on size and quality, customers are not stupid which I cannot say about you or any business who wants to be continually successful.

WIpes have changed - now thin and stretchy


I used to like the mamia wipes but they've recently changed and are no longer the same embossed ones but thin and stretchy. I have checked the package and there is nothing to indiacate a change, but they're rubbish now. Going back to huggies and I'm not buying aldi again.

This product has changed recently.


We've been buying the Mamia wipes for years and they have been great. However, our last purchases have been terrible and left my son with extremely bad rash. They also don't clean as well.
Poor form Aldi. Do not buy these as they are nowhere near the quality they once were.

Shopping Pro

Shopping ProAU

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Value for money


Budget friendly and good quality wipes. Doesn't cause irritation (fragrance free one) or leave a sticky residue. What I also liked about it is that the lid is big and wide. Many of the cheaper wet wipes has a small lid which often makes it hard to close especially when the wet wipe is half pulled out of the package.

Anna T

Anna TIndooroopilly

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Baby Rash!


I want to love the Aldi baby wipes because they are so much cheaper. Unfortunately, when I tried them my baby broke out in rash after only a few changes. She was so out of sorts and I think it was because her bottom was hurting her. Not a risk I'm willing to run again to save some extra dollars.

Why are these wipes not bio-degradable?


Just had to call Thames Water to unblock the sewer in my road. It was full of baby wipes. Problem appears to be across the whole country. Why are Aldi wipes not bio-degradable? Its just like flushing cloth down to loo! No markings on the pack to inform of this either.



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Best Wipes


I used to buy the Huggies unscented baby wipes and thought they were pretty good but gave Aldi's a try and to my surprise, I think they are better because they are thicker and don't tear when I pull them out of the dispenser like Huggies ones do sometimes. They feel a little stiffer but they aren't rough or harsh on the skin when using them.
I like that they fit the Huggies wipes dispenser too :)



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Great product just wish I could buy in bulk!


Aldi non scented wipes are amazing. They are perfect size and tear apart well. Price is great for the budget. Especially with 3 kids under 4! My oldest uses them for cleaning!

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Where are they made?

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Why do these wipes clean other items such as stoves, dirt, grease and yet so kind to skin???

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I think the same i use them all the time for cleaning the house hopefully it is the natural ingredients in them



Do Aldi mania wet wipes contain plastic?

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