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Mamia (Aldi) Supafit Newborn

Mamia (Aldi) Supafit Newborn

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HilWheatbelt, WA

nappy pattern and colour


These nappies have proven to be reliable and cost better value than most. My only complaint is the colour of the 5-8kg line. It is hideous! The yellow pattern on the nappies is an exact match for baby poo and looks like my baby girl is a mess! I would really like to see some thought go into a colour change by the manufacturer Otherwise I am very satisfied with no leakage and no skin irritation.

Value for Money
Ease of Use

Andrea R.

Andrea R.Illawarra, NSW

  • 2 reviews

Cheap but effective! No leaks


We purchased these nappies before my son was born and when he arrived he was 2.67kg and the Aldi nappies looked much bigger than the Huggies ultimate so we used the Huggies first until he got a little bigger. We started trying the Aldi nappies when my son was about 6 weeks old and 3.32kg. We haven’t had any trouble with leakage - they fit him well and they keep even the biggest poo-nami in! Haha I would recommend them to everyone- I’m going to save so much money over time by buying these. The good thing is that I don’t have to wait for them to go on sale and buy in bulk either, just buy 28 at a time.

Purchased in June 2019 at Fairy Meadow for $3.99.



  • 7 reviews

Perfect and cheap!!


I've tried huggies and little one as well but aldi new born nappy is the best for my little boy. No rash, no leaking. Cheap but excellent! Just need to make sure the new born size is quite small, if your bub have leaking problem maybe need to go up one size.

Way too thin, non absorbent.


Wee totally leaked out, my baby was wet from belly to toes and it had only been half an hour since last nappy change. They were a good fit and nice and cheap but they're not very absorbent at all. I personally will be sticking to buggies during the night and baby love during the day.



  • 5 reviews

I don't like them


I really wanted to like these nappies, as I had read and heard good things about them. Being a 1st time Mum I got a packet of Aldi nappies, Baby Love and Huggies to try. The Aldi nappies are massive on a 3.8kg newborn, compared to the other brands. I have also had leaks and find that moisture isn't absorbed into the nappy, so babys skin is wet when you change him. He gets changed regularly, so it's not a matter of poor hygiene, just, in my opinion, not a very absorbent nappy. For me, Huggies were the best, closely followed by Baby Love.


EloiseGreater Melbourne (Inner), VIC

  • 6 reviews

Good price but Beware reactions


Good price, good fit, Cant comment on leaks because I didn’t get to use hem long enough. tabs are more fiddly to undo than other brands. These caused red irritation in my LO after only a few hours, would have been terrible if I’d used them all night. Googling suggest this is relatively common. Guess it depends on your Bub.



  • 30 reviews

Too big for our 3.4kg newborn


Tried thesefor our newborn after seeing they were recommended by Choice. We found the newborn size was much bigger than comparable brands (Huggies Ultimate, Tooshies, Comfy Bots). Will have to save them for when baby is a bit bigger. Otherwise appear to be a good product, no leaks or nappy rash.



  • 5 reviews

For the price, you can't do better.


We tried several brands and yes the well-known H one was a very good brand but this was right up there (a very close second place). Factor in the price difference and it's a no-brainer. The big boxes are available from time to time and they are a bonus because they are even more cost-effective.



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The best and cheapest

  • Verified purchase

Cheaper then other brand but not good as


May be good for others but doesn’t suit my newborn baby. Nappy stick to my baby’s bump which was terrible. Did not happend with other brand. I bought in bulk though will be ok but not good decision. Will suggest you to buy any products in smaller amount then try then buy in bulk.



  • 3 reviews

Not the best product


Husband and I not impressed by these nappies, they smell (even when the nappies are changed regularly) they don't contain all of the urine as it should, and they leak , the only positive aspect is the price, unfortunately I had to buy other brand nappies which cost more and are more affective

Good for wees, no good for poos.


Good for wees as the materials is absorbent, no good for poos. Poo seems to leak to back as there is no pouch to catch poo from leaking. The huggies design has a pouch at the back to prevent leaks to the back. Hoping this brand with incorporate a pouch at the back of its nappy soon.



  • 8 reviews

<4kg poor fit. >4kg very good fit. YMMV.




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Value for money but fit can be better


Experienced leaks especially for poo when bub was 1-3 weeks old but fit became better (less blowouts and leaks!) when bub starting filling out the nappy. Bigger than huggies newborn so it's good to use right before the Infant stage. Price can't be beat but I prefer Babylove for the fit.

Gloria Tung

Gloria TungSydney, NSW

  • 17 reviews

Perfect fit and never leaks!


We were using both Mamia newborn and Huggies newborn when our baby girl was born. I love Mamia's design and it fits great on her. The water mark at the front helps identifying if the nappy was wet. It did not leaked once with Mamia comparing to the few accidents we had with Huggins newborn. The only downside was the red mark on baby's thighs when she was getting chubbier.
With very affordable pricing, we recommend Mamia newborn to other new parents.


ReePerth, WA

  • 12 reviews



I found these newborn nappies to be a fantastic price being so cheap and great quality I like how the yellow line turns blue when wet so you can see straight away if nappy is wet. They are the perfect size for a newborn and lasted from 2.5kgs I just folded the top over till my baby reached 4kgs


KloBeaumont Hills

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Great and cheap


We found these nappies at Aldi a bargain. They were so much cheaper than huggies, didnt leak, could hold a fair amount of pee in them, easier velcro tabs to use when your baby is kicking around and visually easier to reconise front and back with the illustrated characters. Cheapest nappies and well worth it.

Matteo M.

Matteo M.Adelaide

Great product


I see people giving bad reviews because nappies doesnt last a whole night . I tryed expensive brands and they last the same as mamia. For what concern my experience is a very good product . If you are looking for a nappy that make disappear wee and poo I tell you are dreaming mate



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Won't buy again


If you accidentally leave them on your baby for too long they leak and you can smell the urine quite strong. No chances to go through the night without changing nappy! The material also looks quite cheap (as it is). Won't buy them again. After trying these and few other cheaper products I went back to Huggies...

Love it.


These nappies were a absolute blessing. They don't stay in newborn nappies for long so having these in a small pack is great.
They held ones and twos very well.. No rush.. Oder free.
Have now moved one to infant size and they are still great value for money. Very happy

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I have opened 2 packets and there were only 26 nappies in each packet but the packaging says there is 28. Anyone counted the nappies before?

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Lisa L.
Lisa L.

No but I think I will now, how rude! Definitely be writing to them to complain, freebies alert maybe or at least what you paid for lol!

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