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ALDI Mamia Gold 1

ALDI Mamia Gold 1

196 reviews

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196 reviews
TanvirSydney, NSW20 posts

Too much protein in the milk

Recently, I have bought Mamia New born formula for my daughter. The formula is Ok until we have consulted with the community nurse where she told us that the formula has got more protein contain in it, compare to the other reputed brand. When I compare the ingredients I have seen that difference. She told us that is a major cause of obesity in children and is not suitable for children. Due to high protein contain the price is cheaper than other brand. Think twice when you buy the formula for kids. consult the right person re the rand of the formula.

BelSydney, NSW2 posts

love love love

Hospital and midwives told me nan formula ha is the best but after baby had foul farts, constipation and dark green to black poo’s we switched to aldi mamia and it has fixed babies foul smelling farts they have no odour.. no more consitpation and regular daily poo’s and saves you money!!! 10/10 no complaints

emmadyrobina7 posts

Love this product

I have tried this for my last baby (4).. the price is great,my bubba loves it and no constipation!!!which the other brands did. I definately recommmed this brand over all the others! i was sceptical at first but I’m so glad I gave it a go. hands down my choice.

BryonyPerth2 posts

Loved it!

Loved Mamia stage 1 & 2 so much cheaper than other brands by almost 50%! Not a big fan of stage 3 tastes like there is a lot of sugar in it and my boy got spots on his face but not sure if that was linked. He’s on whole cows milk now anyway

AlieAustralia6 posts
KateIpswich8 posts

Great and affordable

We used nan from 10 weeks old then switched to mammia around 14 weeks due to cost of formula and noticed no changed in her at all. She gulps it done and has had no troubles drinking it. She’s had two days of not pooping but she also had a cold but went back to normal after that. Has also had some dark green poos but I have read that’s also normal (?). Can’t fault this product, happy healthy baby.

Kristin J
Kristin JAU2 posts

Happy baby

Mamia was great when I had to slowly change from breast feeding to bottle feeding. My LO loved it and has had no troubles with his tummy or poo when using this formula.

I find it very easy to follow the instructions and I also love the price compared to other products on the market

VivaliciouschicGreater Melbourne (Metropolitan), VIC6 posts
Jacro2 posts

Not for us

Made our baby very spewy unfortunately as the product is a great price and was great for keeping him regular. Disappointed this didn’t work for our little baby. Also found he was quite rashy around the mouth which could of been a bit of a reaction from him as well

Kate3 posts

Happy with Mamia

We have been using Mamia Gold 1 on our 8 week old since he was born. We haven’t had any issues with wind or reflux and it doesn’t seem to upset his stomach (he has regular, normal bowel movements). We will happily keep using this formula, with the rate we go through it the price is also a bonus for us!


So far the best formula as compare to other expensive a brands

This is the best formula milk as compare to other so called expensive brands which causes constipation to my baby whether it's s26 Nan or Blackmore's tried all of them...but this mamia gold is best..keep up the good work Aldi stores

Highly recommended cheap and best..if ever I HV another baby I'll go for this only

MadSaigaSydney2 posts

Affordable formula for babies

I've used Nan Pro Gold previously for my 2 older kids which was over $20 & my babies got constipated. Ever since we've tried Mamia Gold for our 3rd baby, it's cheaper and been the best that she has been to open bowels easy and bring her wind up easily. I'd highly recommend this as we've had no issues ever since. Love how cheap it is too.

Aleksandra K
Aleksandra KGold Coast13 posts

Affordable yet great ingredients

Tried this on my bub who is mixed feeding, she absolutely loves it. Some of the vitamins in it are even higher than in a more expensive formula like the $30 aptimal, honestly recommend it to anyone looking for either a full time formula or just to top up bubs who is breastfeeding.

Lisnewcastle8 posts


I have a newborn and been topping up breastmilk with this formula. Bub loves it and has had no problems such as reflux, so far (4 weeks). Great affordable price and comparable to the bigger priced formula.

Bub is gaining weight and very healthy! even though the midwives frown upon formula feeding, i can't recommend this enough.

Emma A
Emma A6 posts

Good formula so far

I have just started using this formula with my newborn as a supplement to breast milk. She seems to be having no issues with it so far and enjoys the taste. I have not noticed any differences between this formula and more expensive brands of formula that I was previously using.

LorettaSydney, NSW4 posts

Fantastic so far! The price and product is top notch!

I have been using this product for a month on my newborn as I was unable to breastfeed. I'm really happy with this product so far! The price is great and it's gentle on my little boys stomach. He's thriving on it! Highly recommend it! I don't see how the expensive brands can be any better!

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sumtengBrisbane7 posts

My little one loved it

Mr happy loves the formula and had no reactions or constipation. Had plenty of dirty nappies and a great increase in weight proportionate to his age. We saved a ton of money for the same results. Was a great relief when my milk dried up and I could no longer breastfeed, this answered all our requirements.

Lynn m
Lynn m11 posts

Great formula. Baby enjoyed it better than the $28 formula

Great value. My son prefers it better than the $28 formula he had been on for 6 months, he was starting to refuse the bottle more and more so I decided to change as it was becoming a waste of money with him not drinking it. He was gaining little weight from drinking less and now he's drinking more. Not sure if he was sick of it or not but he took well to Aldi's formula. Same nappies too. No problems. I save more, he drinks more. We are both happy. Also means I can get him his formula on my weekly shop without going to Coles :-) Thanks Aldi.

Joseph Gozum
Joseph GozumBlairmount4 posts

Bang for buck!

The formula is easy to prepare with no hassle. Our babies are liking so far with no unwanted constipation! The ingredients are close to a breast milk according to the nurse we spoke to but for a lesser price & Australian made. This is the cheaper alternative with no compromise unlike other well known brands may cause constipation.

StephenafCentral Highlands and Goldfields, VIC9 posts

My baby seems to enjoy it

We had to give our newborn formula and decided to try the ALDI brand due to its low price. We have had zero issues. He takes it just fine and it doesn't affect him at all. He is putting on weight and he seems to be thriving on it. For the price I would highly recommend!

AnnSydney4 posts


I bought this as the nurse in the hospital recommend it to me as the only Australian baby formula. My baby loved it and she never had problem with it. She gained weight and also loved the taste. She did not get dependent on it and I easily switched to cow milk after she turned 1 years old

Sarah4 posts

Best Formula Around!

Used Mamia all throughout our bottle feeding journey. Great price, available all the time, had just as much nutrients in it + more than some of the leading brand. Bubs loved it and had no issues and we had no issues with it beig too thick. Just perfect for the price and for bubs.

LeeseySydney Surrounds, NSW6 posts


This formula is so cheap (only $13 on aldi) its easy to prepare. My baby has been using it since she was 1 week old (shes now 9 weeks old) and ive had no problems with anything using it. She never shows any bad side effects and she seems to love the taste. dd


Not good if baby has reflux (just my experience)

Only because of my experience I'm giving this 1 star. Baby was chocking on the formula and we had to call 000. Was the scariest day of my life!! My baby has reflux and the formula became very thick after a feed and she started screaming, with very thick vomit causing her to choke.

samanthanaidu948 posts

Best newborn formula

The price of this formula is one of the best things about it besides the fact that it gave my baby all the nutrients she needed and kept her happy and healthy. We has tried a few other well known brands like s-26 and karicare but they just weren’t working for my little one. As soon as we tried the Aldi formula it all just clicked!!! This formula is definitely underrated!!!


Great value! U gotta try it!!

Tried a few of the expensive formulas, but baby wouldn’t have any of them. Never thought to try the aldi brand, until it was recommend by a friend. He took to it straight away. Love that I don’t need to use a knife anymore to level off the formula - winning!!

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ReePerth, WA24 posts


The formula is easy to prepare has easy to read guidelines for a first time user, Australian made and is great value for money my baby seems to like it it doesn't make her have any side effects she's very happy drinking it can't wait to try the other formulas in this range as she grows

ShayneAberglasslyn4 posts

You must try it!!

I never thought I would use ALDI formula, when we had our first child we started off with the most expensive thinking nothing but the best for our child, but the price doesn't dictate this and all the brand names and dearer formulas disagreed with our bub and on a whimb we thought lets give it ago and now bub has been on it for atleast a year.. once we started mamia our constipation and wind issues were just gone... love this formula LOVE THE PRICE

Rhiann W
Rhiann WMelbourne5 posts

Good quality formula at half the price of others

We were originally using a $30 formula when we decided to give this one a go. Was about $13/tin.

Daughter absolutely loved this formula. It didn't have a weird chemical smell like the other one we had used and it seemed more creamy in consistency.

It was easy to prepare and no side effects were noticed.

The only downside is that the scoops are larger than the other brand so you have to make up more formula.

J CMetropolitan Adelaide, SA7 posts

Only just OK - you get what you pay for

We had our baby earlier this year. There is a lot of talk about ALDI Mamia formula being the same as S26. This is not entirely true, but note this is the same quality as S26 standard but not nearly as good as S26 Gold. More stomach upsets with this Mamia formula. You can tell also because this looks and smells like powdered parmesan cheese. The only 2 good things to report is that this is made in Australia and the price is half of that of the major brands.

MegGreater Melbourne (Outer), VIC5 posts

You get what you pay for?

Formula was easy to prepare but I think it may have given bub a little bit of constipation as she is mostly breast fed and this was her first formula we tried as a backup. She drank it okay but was a little unsettled later in the day, not sure if it was related. Its a really good price though.

Lou C
Lou CNewcastle8 posts

The only one my baby likes!

The aldi formula is Excellent value for money. My baby likes the taste and she's exceeded all her growth expectations. It's easy to mix and prepare. I've never noticed any side effects from using this formula. I would recommend this formula to anyone who is looking for a great quality formula for their bsby.

Kate M
Kate MHunter Region, NSW6 posts

Just as good as more expensive brands

I used S26 for my 1st child, but it’s so expensive and often out of stock that I decided to try the Aldi brand this time around. It’s just as easy to prepare and seems to be just as good as the more expensive brands. I had my midwife check out the ingredients and she said it was good because it was whey dominant, and because we have such high standards in Australia, I knew it had to be fine for my little one. It is often in stock at Aldi, and boy is it cheaper! Bub hasn’t had any issues with the formula, except for a couple of times of constipation, but I found this happened with S26 too.

SiobhanCentral Highlands and Goldfields, VIC5 posts


This formula was seriously the bees knees! From about 3 weeks old my son had to be on formula he started if in a different brand but when he hit 6 months he started becoming sick from the previous brand.

After trying heaps of other brands we switched to the Aldi Stage 1 formula which was amazing!! So easy to make and dissolved fast. Bubs loved it and stopped spewing, will defiantly use again with bubs number 2.

Tara D
Tara DAU5 posts

Excellent Value

Our little one has been on this since 4 days old. she took it no problem and has never had any tummy issues with it. The price is so affordable for a tight budget and scooping it out is so easy with its inbuild leveler around the lip. will use this next time aswell.

FiTSydney, NSW17 posts

Great formula great value

This formula was about the sixth I'd put my son on. He was on A2 which was great also, but I was hoping for a more reasonably priced option. I met a woman who worked for Aldi and said the formula was made by Heinz. I decided to give it a go, and my son loved it. No stomach issues unlike others. That being said we did start at 7 months.

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Great Value

I can honestly say, that if you follow the instructions on the side of the tin, it is easy to prepare. My baby didn't mind the taste at all. I noticed no ill effects on my newborn, and he had no issues with drinking this formula preparation. I feel that it is not worth spending more money on other formulas, unless they are lactose intolerant, as this works well.

Brit2 posts

This is horrible I'll never buy it again

My baby didn't like she taste she kept hitting the bottle out of her mouth, the formula sticks to the bottle and doesn't mix well, it didn't fill her up she usually has 2 bottles a night and I gave her 5 when I used this, she cried all day and night so I gave her some of the s26 I had in the cupboard and she went straight to sleep, she and my friend D's daughter both kept of vomiting on it aswell

ButterbeakTamworth4 posts

Good for babies

My 2 month old loves this and helps get all the nutrients and minerals into him (he's a picky breast feeder). Tastes okay for a formula and dissolves into water well. Price is great and product is always available. No difference from expensive brands other than the price! Easy on the baby's stomach as well, no reflux etc.

Michele Small
Michele SmallSydney Surrounds, NSW7 posts

As good as the rest

The formula is easy to prepare and comes at a really great price. I dont think there is any difference between thus and other leading formula brands. My baby has a sensitive stomach but he seems to tolerate thus formula really well. Highly recommend this product to any new mums

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