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Mamia (Aldi) Gold 2

Mamia (Aldi) Gold 2

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Seems ok but ...


Seems like good value formula and was fine for baby however, worth noting a few things about the consistency and production. The consistency is a bit thicker than some of the other we tried, it takes a while to dilute even with intense shaking and some powder almost always gets stuck inside the bottle. The label states that it’s ‘packed in Australia from at least 68% Australian ingredients’. I’m not sure about that. Where is the other 32% packed ? I’ve asked ALDI but have not received a response yet.

Purchased in February 2019 at ALDI for $13.00.

Value for Money
Breastfed Child No
Caused Unease / Sickness No


Becca89Victoria, Australia

  • 13 reviews

Very Bad for us


I’m writing this review purely as a warning to other parents.
We decided to do a slow ween from BF prior to returning to work in May so I bought some mamia gold to try. It didn’t occur to me to test some out on my bub before giving a full feed because it’s for babies, so I have my son 240ml and he guzzled it. Around an hour later he had developed a full body red welty itchy rash which hung around for 8 hours before it resolved. I looked on the can and the formula contains milk (no allergic), soy and fish (both not introduced). I should have read the can and the onus of that is on me but I was really surprised that a formula for babies would contain allergens.



  • 21 reviews

Great transition from 1


From birth i used Mamia gold 1 and once i started her on solids around 4 months, i switched to this. She made the transition with no issues, maybe a little more constipation but i can't say it is from this. I just make sure she is having water as well. Bub loves it and it is prepared the same as the others. At 5 months we are having 180ml(3 sccops) and the tin lasts about 1.5wks



  • 5 reviews

Don't let the price fool you!


Fantastic formula that we moved on to for stage 2 to save some money. It's about half the price of the one we were buying before and it's just as great. It does bubble up quite a lot, fortunately for us gas has never been an issue for our daughter so the bubbles didn't make a difference for us. Sometimes you do need hotter water to have no sediments but if you mix it well enough it should be fine. For the price it is definitely comparable to the best and the rest on the market, especially when you have a look at the ingredients, vitamins and minerals used, you'd be surprised!



  • 7 reviews

Quality product with good price.


I like this formula as it went with my baby. I tried few other but none is as effective as Mamia gold products. I am glad that i tried this product. It's only available in Aldi which is only the drawback. We have to go to Aldi store to buy this product.



  • 6 reviews

Gave my Bub Constipation


My Bub loved the Mamia Stage 1 formula, but the switch to Stage 2 gave him constipation. We tried offering extra water between feeds and prunes, pears, paw paw, but constipation only slightly improved whilst on this formula. A little disappointing as we had to research which formulas were best for constipation. We switched to NAN Optipro HA Gold 2 and had no more issues with constipation.



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Pretty much s 26 gold


Love it at only 13$ it's the best Iv tried my son was on s26 gold but when I compared ingredients and tried him on this he didn't even notice the difference never had any problems and doesn't seem to smell as bad as other brands definitely two big thumbs up

Amanda F

Amanda F

  • 4 reviews

Good price, good product


Mamia Gold 2 is very easy to prepare. The formula can comes with a tight fitting lid and scoop. We have noticed no side effects noticed and my bub is happy to drink it. The price is especially helpful and it's easy to grab on our weekly Aldi shopping trip.



  • 6 reviews

Great formula, zero complaints


We started out using Blackmores formula when my son weaned at six months old, however at over $20 a tin we wanted a more affordable option. After trying a couple of other popular brands, we tried Mamia from Aldi and I was really happy with it.
The consistency is super fine like Blackmores, and doesnt sound like squeaky sand like Karicare does.
Also like Blackmores it doesn't froth.
My son adjusted to it straight away with no issues.
Even better it's about half the price.
Highly recommended.



  • 22 reviews

Great formular and great value!!!


Very happy my son transitioned from mamia gold 1 to mamia gold 2 easily with no problems or upset tummy. The price is great value $13 a tin and same price as number 1 most companies charge more and with the current formular crisis we have i am lucky i have never had an issue with no stock at Aldi!



  • 6 reviews

Bubba loves it and gentle on the tummy


We were looking to change formulas due to some containing too much iron and was upsetting my daughter's tummy. We were on a more expensive brand but decided to try this Aldi one since we shop there a lot. It's very simple to prepare and my daughter seems to enjoy it with no side effects. Don't let the fact that it comes from Aldi sway you, it's a great product and very affordable at half the price or other brands.



  • 5 reviews

Didn't want to change


We only recently switched our toddler from this formula. He loved the taste and it was so easy to prepare. We love how the instructions are the same across the whole range. We had put our toddler on this as soon as we could transfer him from the lactose free formula he required at first. We had no trouble with him adjusting. He made no complaints about the taste difference at all.



  • 10 reviews
  • Verified purchase

Nice taste


We bought this one was just for a substitute when our usual baby formula was not available, and surprisingly that our baby does not mind this baby formula, it is easy to mix in the warm water and smells good too, decent price for a test to see how baby accept it.


RachelPakenham, Victoria

  • 8 reviews

After many different formulas, this was the best one!


After trying numerous formulas to find the right one for my son, I Came across an Aldi Formula. I was a bit hesitant at first as it was an Aldi brand but gave it a go. This formula was the best! My son absolutely loved it. Never got a sore tummy or wind from it. Highly recommend!



  • 4 reviews

Quality formula from Aldi


When we had to supplement our babies feed with formula we were extremely frustrated by the formula shortage at the time.
Then we found Mamia that ticked all the boxes -
Australian made,
Always in stock at Aldi,
Good nutritional additions such as Omega 3,
Didn't upset our little ones tummy.

Its been great for our little one and I would recommend it to any mum.
Only con I can think of is the smell - but I am guessing that is just a trait of all baby formula.



  • 4 reviews
  • Verified purchase

Cheap and fantastic


Have been using Mamia brand since my baby was born. Best formula and it's so cheap compared to other brands. Only $12.99 a tin (others are uo to $26 a tin). No constipation or anything. Would definitely recommend anyone to try it. But make sure you stock up because sometimes they can run out because it's so popular.



  • 6 reviews
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My baby loves it


After trying many different brands I'm so glad that my baby liked this formula. It's half the price of most other brands and he is thriving on it. It's easy to prepare and doesn't get lumpy or have the strong oily smell that some others do. This is a great formula


SharolClaremont Meadows

  • 4 reviews

Milk my baby loves


The instructions are very clear so it's easy to prepare and my little one likes drinking it. I find that it helps her get the complete nutrients that she needs for the day. It has become part of her morning and breakfast routine and she really likes it a lot.


e_wolfeSouth-Eastern Region, NSW

  • 6 reviews

Our child didn't like it


Our child was breastfed exclusively for the first 6 months. With mum returning to work, we decided to try the Aldi formula given the cheap price. Unfortunately our baby always vomited up this formula. We also tried S26 Gold with the same outcome. We now use Aptimal Gold+, which she is able to keep down.
Aldi were very good and gave a full refund.



  • 3 reviews

My son loved it!


I have done a lot of research on formula before I put my son on the Aldi brand formula and we loved it. easy to make, not many air bubbles, he loved it and it was never as sweet as some of the other brands which was a plus for me.
Will be using the same for the next baby.

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Questions & Answers

Rosy P.

Rosy P.asked

Can anyone tell me the percentage of whey?

No answers



My son is currently on aptmil stage 2 was wondering is aldi stage 2 is a similar formula and the ingredients?? Is it worth trying him on this formula as I do my aldi and jave to travel to get his formula and nappies

1 answer

Hi, I’m not qualified to recommend :) but I just researched the different brands, reviews and compared ingredients by looking at the back and made a call on which one felt right. We also tried one, than changed and really happy with alternative. I think all of them are very similar ingredients wise but differ in where they are produced, using organic ingredients, consistency etc



Apparent there is bad chemicals in this formula, one in particular stops the intake of calcium, anyone know more about this?

1 answer

Im sure they would not be able to sell this product if there were any bad chemicals added, the Australian and New Zealand standards for baby products are very high and i doubt they would pass if this is true.
If you are really concerned i suggest emailing the company directly as they will be able to answer all your questions directly.
I had both my girls in this formula both as follow on from breast feeding and i have had no issues with it what so ever, but in saying that the safety of our babies is always going to be number 1 priority so i would email the company directly

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Release dateOct 2012
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