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Becca89Victoria, Australia

  • 13 reviews

Very Bad for us


I’m writing this review purely as a warning to other parents.
We decided to do a slow ween from BF prior to returning to work in May so I bought some mamia gold to try. It didn’t occur to me to test some out on my bub before giving a full feed because it’s for babies, so I have my son 240ml and he guzzled it. Around an hour later he had developed a full body red welty itchy rash which hung around for 8 hours before it resolved. I looked on the can and the formula contains milk (no allergic), soy and fish (both not introduced). I should have read the can and the onus of that is on me but I was really surprised that a formula for babies would contain allergens.

Danny V

Danny VSydney

We've got twins and both babies love it.


We tried quite a few baby formulas before settling on Aldi. The main reason that we changed was because our babies were getting stomach cramps at times when using the other formulas. We were amazed when we tried the Aldi formula because it just worked and also stopped the need for any burping too. We've used stage 1, 2 and just about to start now on stage 3. We also buy nappies and other baby stuff there as well.

Never look back


My bub has been on this formula for a couple of months now, previously we were on karicare and since changing her to Mamia Gold she is now not gassy at all, has regular poos and loves the taste. We can’t be happier. We went from goats milk formula that was $36 to Karicare which was around $20 to now $12 for Mamia gold and it’s the best formula she has been on!



  • 8 reviews

Not for my baby but good


Many of my friends were using this formula and thought it was wonderful so I thought I'd give it a go. As I was transitioning from my old formula to this one it seemed to go OK but when I was using just Aldi on its own it cause a lot of reflux with my baby and it upset tummy which he never had before. Disappointed because I know a lot of people love it and it's half the price of the one that I've had to be buying. I'll give it a go with my next child


shoppahholick26Greater Melbourne (Metropolitan), VIC

  • 7 reviews

Used since the start, highly recommend


I have been mixed feeding and this has been my formula from the start. Easy to prepare, easy to purchase or always available, great value for money at $12.99 which is helpful to our single income, and no complaints from lil bubba. At this price, I have no issue purchasing a full back up tin for storage so I am not worried if we "suddenly" run out.



  • 11 reviews

Constipated my baby badly for 6 days


I previously posted a review on the first day we used this formula. I continued to use this formula for 3-4 days and then i had to cease using this formula as it had constipated my baby. It took seven days of exclusive breast feeding, bicycle legs, water and a trip to the family doctor not to mention the 24/7 worrying and concern about my baby being constipated, upset, grizzly and straining and straining to poo unsuccessfully until one entire week later. From reading many product reviews... it may be that baby to baby, formulas react and are processed differently by each child.



  • 6 reviews
  • 1 like

God sent


After trying 4 different formulas from $17-$30 this was the only one that didn’t constipate my son, or left him unsatisfied.
We now finally have regular bowl movements and a good sleep from 4-5hr between feeds which is now increasing as he’s intake has increased aswell!
Plus $12 saving so much $$$$ this has been a god sent!



  • 6 reviews
  • 1 like



Great formula! We compared ingredients on the back with leading brands and its the same stuff but better. It kept my baby full throughout the night and he enjoyed drinking it more comoared to others. We experienced no side effects or reaction from changing to this formula. Its easy to prepare and so much cheaper! Love love love and highly recommend people give this a try

Sarah B

Sarah BCanberra 2600, ACT

  • 3 reviews

Flared up reflux and caused constipation


We put our baby onto this formula at around 2 weeks old. He was often straining hard to poo but one particular day he was screaming for two hours and was so constipated so we had to move him off this formula.
Our baby also has reflux and since moving off this formula it has dramatically improved.
He did manage to have long stretches of sleep on this formula at night however, that was the one plus side.



  • 21 reviews

Great transition from 1


From birth i used Mamia gold 1 and once i started her on solids around 4 months, i switched to this. She made the transition with no issues, maybe a little more constipation but i can't say it is from this. I just make sure she is having water as well. Bub loves it and it is prepared the same as the others. At 5 months we are having 180ml(3 sccops) and the tin lasts about 1.5wks


TanvirSydney, NSW

  • 12 reviews

Too much protein in the milk


Recently, I have bought Mamia New born formula for my daughter. The formula is Ok until we have consulted with the community nurse where she told us that the formula has got more protein contain in it, compare to the other reputed brand. When I compare the ingredients I have seen that difference. She told us that is a major cause of obesity in children and is not suitable for children. Due to high protein contain the price is cheaper than other brand. Think twice when you buy the formula for kids. consult the right person re the rand of the formula.



  • 7 reviews
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made bubs very restless at sleep time


Bubs really didn't like this one. The 6 or 7 feeds of this I gave her all resulted in a lot of gas, wind and sleeplessness nights. Wont risk again.
It was easy enough to prepair and really cost effective but it's not worth being exhausted over. Sorry Aldi, its a no from me

Natasha R

Natasha RAU

  • 5 reviews

It's cheap and okay


Yes but I didn't like the way the powder felt and it spilt easy which I wasn't fun
Yes, he loved it
No sides effects what so ever.
It's a great brand if you want something cheap and I used to use karicare brands before it so must taste the same

love love love


Hospital and midwives told me nan formula ha is the best but after baby had foul farts, constipation and dark green to black poo’s we switched to aldi mamia and it has fixed babies foul smelling farts they have no odour.. no more consitpation and regular daily poo’s and saves you money!!! 10/10 no complaints



  • 7 reviews

Love this product


I have tried this for my last baby (4).. the price is great,my bubba loves it and no constipation!!!which the other brands did. I definately recommmed this brand over all the others! i was sceptical at first but I’m so glad I gave it a go. hands down my choice.


DbuzWestern District, VIC

  • 6 reviews
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Cheaper than the others and just as good.


My toddler loves her daily bottle of formula. Baby formula is so well regulated that you know it is going to be of good quality. Perhaps if my bub was reliant on formula I wouldn’t risk buying a cheaper brand, but it has every vitamin and mineral she needs (the reason why I give her a bottle of formula each day).



  • 2 reviews

Loved it!


Loved Mamia stage 1 & 2 so much cheaper than other brands by almost 50%! Not a big fan of stage 3 tastes like there is a lot of sugar in it and my boy got spots on his face but not sure if that was linked. He’s on whole cows milk now anyway



  • 6 reviews

This is the only formula my bub will drink


I went through so many but all the other brands either caused constipation or diarrhoea.

Easy to make
Easy to find!!! Does not sell out like other brands

Aldi is the only retailer for this so uf you don't have aldi near then it would be hard to get.



  • 7 reviews
  • 1 like

Great and affordable.


We used nan from 10 weeks old then switched to mammia around 14 weeks due to cost of formula and noticed no changed in her at all. She gulps it done and has had no troubles drinking it. She’s had two days of not pooping but she also had a cold but went back to normal after that. Has also had some dark green poos but I have read that’s also normal (?). Can’t fault this product, happy healthy baby.



  • 5 reviews

Don't let the price fool you!


Fantastic formula that we moved on to for stage 2 to save some money. It's about half the price of the one we were buying before and it's just as great. It does bubble up quite a lot, fortunately for us gas has never been an issue for our daughter so the bubbles didn't make a difference for us. Sometimes you do need hotter water to have no sediments but if you mix it well enough it should be fine. For the price it is definitely comparable to the best and the rest on the market, especially when you have a look at the ingredients, vitamins and minerals used, you'd be surprised!

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Does your product contain lactoferrin?

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Rosy P.

Rosy P.asked

Gold 2

Can anyone tell me the percentage of whey?

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Gold 2

My son is currently on aptmil stage 2 was wondering is aldi stage 2 is a similar formula and the ingredients?? Is it worth trying him on this formula as I do my aldi and jave to travel to get his formula and nappies

1 answer

Hi, I’m not qualified to recommend :) but I just researched the different brands, reviews and compared ingredients by looking at the back and made a call on which one felt right. We also tried one, than changed and really happy with alternative. I think all of them are very similar ingredients wise but differ in where they are produced, using organic ingredients, consistency etc

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