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4.9 from 329 reviews

Great service - positive, courteous attitude. Very quick and efficient.

Short move - approx 5km
2br apartment to 3br townhouse with stairs
Started slightly late (10 min) but that was ok because they phoned ahead to let me know.
Finished within the quoted time!

Helpful and well trained

Jack was prompt, thougtful and punctual.
Efficient with all my boxes and containers and carefull and polite when placing items and moving them around my property.
This business has grown amazingly since the 90s and I was glad to use them for the first time.

Two top men

Alex and Xavier were incredibly efficient and a pleasure to be around as they moved my house. They moved some extremely heavy items without complaint and were still able to amiably chat or crack a joke.
Coincidentally, Alex had moved me a few years earlier and it was his goodhearted energy and personable professionalism that had me contacting Man with a Van again. Was just good luck to have him back. Both he and Xavier were a reminder that these guys are the best in the business.

Reckless with property

The move was quite small; a bed frame, washing machine, fridge and small mattress from a unit to an apartment about 10 minutes away. At first I though that the boys were being a bit rough with our things but trusted that they knew how to do their job. I was wrong, the fridge had a small scrath that I was willing to look past but the furniture had massive scratches on it. It really showed how they did not care about someone elses property and doing a professional job.

Can’t imagine moving any other way!

It started with an easy over the phone booking, and then on the day of the move I get a call from Jake asking if it’s okay if he and Luke arrive a bit early - yeah of course! The boys arrived, did a quick once around the house, planned their strategy and then executed it in record time. Not even my industrial strength (and weight) gym bench intimidated them! When I cautioned them about the IKEA mattress weighing a ton, yeah they joked about it being full of concrete but then lifted it like it was helium filled balloon - my turn to be intimidated! Really great guys, easy to talk to, shared a few laughs and they took amazing care of our things. Moved a 2 bedroom house in less than 3 hours and even helped me arrange the sofa in the new place. Jake and Luke made the whole day a breeze - couldn’t recommend them highly enough

Best in the Biz!

The boys give excellent customer service, are punctual, friendly, careful with your things and super efficient! I have used MWAV on a few occasions and wouldn’t use anyone else! Can’t recommend highly enough. Makes moving a breeze!

Exemplary removalists

I can’t speak highly enough of the moving team who showed up to my 3 story walk up townhouse to move us this morning. They were highly efficient, hilarious and moved our possessions with great care. 5 star service. Will definitely move with Man with a van again!

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Thanks for the great review Sophie, glad it went well.

Just super!

The lads are just fabulous. Have used them twice in the last few weeks and they’re always punctual, chatty, friendly and efficient. Couldn’t be happier, wouldn’t use anyone else!

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Thanks Lucy, appreciate the review.

Very appreciative customer

Danny & Danny were extremely friendly, positive and energetic. Being 30 weeks pregnant they were highly polite, considering and eager to assist in the relocation of our home from Hawthorn East to Seaholme. Well done boys on getting so much done on a 36 degrees day. Two trucks later, we are moved in. Highly recommended.

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Thanks Anastasia, that's great to hear.

The guys were AMAZING

Last time I moved I had unfriendly, unhelpful, slow and lazy removalists from another company. Needless to say I was worried that I may have a similar experience this time.
I was blown away by how friendly, efficient, strong, careful, punctual and hard working the staff were.
Thanks Michael, Simon and Ben, I will be recommending you to anyone who needs removals done.

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Thanks Sally, great to hear.

Prompt, careful, efficient, friendly and hardworking

We moved on a day that was 43 degrees... the worst possible scenario. But the men with the van called the day before the move - when the forecast was looking dire - and organized to come earlier so we could be done before the hottest part of the day. Our moving crew were so friendly, hard working, communicative and super careful with everything - we just couldn’t fault them. I’ve moved house a lot, and this was by far the most efficient and positive experience I’ve had. If you need to move house, don’t look anywhere else.

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Thanks Sandra, pleased to hear it all went well, despite the very hot conditions.

Excellent removalists

Dan & Luke were the hardest working, upbeat removalists I’ve ever encountered. On a 36 degree day they worked flat out, chatted, supported each other. I can’t compliment them enough. A two storey house to a two storey First floor apartment half a block away with no lifts & lots of curve balls thrown in & nothing upset them. I would definitely recommend this company based on my experience.

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Hi Pam, really pleased to hear it went well. We hope to help you out again next time. Cheers.

Men on the go

Small move only 5 minutes away. Alex and Alex were in and out in a flash.... smoothly delivered to new place and set up in minutes. Dropped off fridge to another place. Thanks guys.

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Thanks Lorraine.

Big Fridge, Tricky Stairs, Skinny Gate. No Problem.

Needed to move a big fridge, queen mattress, kitchen bench and delicate cabinet from an apartment to a house 5 minutes away. Costa and Sacha were careful, quick, creative and very professional. Tricky stairs and skinny gate negotiated with confidence and skill. All done in under an hour, smiles all round. Great job guys.

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Thanks Peter - glad to hear it went well. We hope to help out again in future.

I didn't have to lift a finger!

Amazing! Moved from Reservoir to Mill Park, going up and down stairs in this heat and not one word of complaint. They totally organised the house perfectly, which is grate because my partner has a bad back and can't help me with the moving. I didn't have to lift a finger. It was pretty awesome that the guys were also fans of Dragon Ball and we had a conversation over our figures

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Happy to hear it went well - thanks for the review.

Confident and professional team of men

The 3 Men needed were required to load an extremely heavy and historically valuable Victorian Sideboard that was originally made for the Winsor Hotel. This was completed with great care and in the end presented an unusual risk to one of the Men as a nest or Redback spiders was hiding underneath. The Man wasn't bitten but these are some of the perils faced by removalists that few would think existed. He took it in his stride. The 3 hour move went off with no concerns and I found all Men extremely obliging and friendly. A great team of Men

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Cheers Robin.

35 Boxes and a Bar Fridge

One of the most efficient and trouble-free moves I have had. It was just across town and it was mainly boxes of books from my home office to Melbourne Uni, but it was done in a manner that was pleasant and cheerful - something many removalists couldn't be bothered engaging with. Great job, cheers!

Professional and hard-working, highly recommended.

My partner and I are moving for the first time into our new apartment. The two movers (Tor and Adam) from Man with a Van were professional, calm and helpful. They worked super hard moving all our gear in a good timeframe. They came on time and stayed until the job was completed properly. I would highly recommend for anyone wanting a professional service and have their items delivered safely.

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Happy to hear it, thanks Sylv.

Just the best.

Calvin was awesome. He was so efficient and friendly. He arrived on time, though the move went a little over, thowever, that was due to me packing while the truck was being loaded. I definitely would recommend to anyone. Thanks.

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Thanks for the kind words, Kay.

Move made easy!

Our move was a 2 bedroom townhouse move and it was done in 1.5 hours. Both guys were speedy, made it a breeze! Clear communication from the moment we booked the job. They rang to start the job early, which was great. Handles everything with care.

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Thanks Adara, glad it was a smooth move.

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Questions & Answers

I'd love to get a quote as I am looking for a revivalists? I live in Melbourne from a 4 bedroomed house to same suburb Thank you Linda
1 answer
Hi Linda, thanks for getting in touch. We'd be happy to help out with a price estimate. One option is to put in a booking request on our website, manwithavan.com.au, and we'll give you a call back to confirm the details and provide the prices estimate. Alternatively, you can give us a call on 03 9417 3443 before 6pm, and our phone staff can put together an estimate for you. Thanks, Alex Robb

Hi I'm moving from Parkville to West Brunswick in Oct. It's a double storey 3 bedroom townhouse into a Cal bungalow. Settlement in Oct - what is the ball park cost?
1 answer
Hi Gen, The best option is to make a quick list of what you need moved, then give our office a call on 94173443. We've found some people in a three-bedroom home have twice as much to move as others, so speaking to you to get a feel for it would be necessary. Our rates are available at https://manwithavan.com.au/how-much and include insurance, fully-trained staff, no surcharges and a carbon-offset truck. Cheers, Alex

Are these reviews for Sydney or just Melbourne?
1 answer
Hi Arna, We're a Melbourne-based service. Thanks, Alex.

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