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Poor after service and standards

You will see from my reviews that I tend to write balanced reviews, based on facts. I leave emotion out of reviews as it often clouds what I am trying to write, or confuses potential customers of the experience. I know that every service provider can vary, along with individual personnel.

1. The people engaged to move my belongings turned up 45 minutes late, without any notification.

2. They damaged two items of furniture that they then denied taking responsibility for.

3. Their subsequent customer service appears to lack the balanced, complaint resolution company that you would expect from a company who advertises a more dynamic approach then their competitors.

Overall, I would urge you to think twice about what you have to move and look more closely at other service providers - particularly at their final costs, and their contractual obligations.

I do not rate this as a value for money service. For the one hour move, it has cost far more in monetary terms in now trying to work out how to repair two brand new pieces of furniture that were moved carelessly.

I would strongly urge caution and particularly, when asked to sign "confirmation of the move", that you actually read in more detail what that means.

I have now commenced litigation against the company and hope their insurers are more engaging that the service standards I have so far encountered.
The actual staff who arrived were pleasant
Inflated hidden charges. Curiously aggressive customer support manager and ambigious contract terms

Thank you for taking the time to review our service, and outlining to our customers what can happen when things don't go quite right during a move. I would like to apologise for the issues that have arisen - we do try as punctual as possible, however in this instance we were outside of our 1/2h arrival time, which I certainly apologise for. We ask that our customers notify us of damage at the completion of the move, and we are happy to take responsibility for damage that we have caused. Unfortunately, when advised nearly a week later, its very tough to take responsibility as there are a range of ways in which damage could have occurred outside of our control. We try very hard to make sure we get it right every time, so its really important our customers talk to us carefully about the details of their move so they understand what we can, and can't, do in these situations. As a gesture of goodwill, if you do need to move in the future, please contact me and I would be more than happy to offer a discount on the move. Once again, my apologies, and I can be contacted on 9417 3443 or via our website to discuss this further. MatthewI have requested your insurance details to pursue a claim, and you have refused that request. I will not be using your organisation again for fear that other items are damaged and you hide behind "damage not being observed" at the time it had occurred. I was helping your staff with the move and it is a tragedy I was not with them, supervising their every move so I could not have picked up on marks on NEW - dark - furniture. By all means hide behind your organisation, but don't for a second assume these marks were pre-existing as you indicated in your emails.

Nothing was too much trouble.

I needed some chairs picked up from an auction site and I needed it within 24 hours. Man with A Van to the rescue! A solid quote, van was there on time, with two of the nicest guys you could imagine. Alex and Costa were efficient, polite and respectful and...fun! I certainly recommend Man with A Van and I know that I will be using them again.

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Glad we could get it sorted for you.

Very slow and missed the mark

Charge 30 mins for 11mins. Originally quoted 2.5hrs and it took 4.5hrs. Slow and took their time which was the result of an extra 2hrs and missing my allotted building move in time. Found them plugging in appliances which I didn't request (A fridge should be left for an hour at least after movement to let gases settle). Not impressed. Go with a company that will quote accurately and not rip you off.

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Hi Tia, I'm sorry to hear that you weren't happy with the service. Please feel free to give me a call on 94173443 or email to managers @ manwithavan.com.au so that we can discuss your move and see if there's anything we can do to make amends. Alex (manager)

Could probably find cheaper

1 BR apartment
The movers were friendly and on time
Some damage did occur.
I don’t like the fact that I had to pay an hours travel time for them to get to my site and to their next site, I don’t get paid to drive to my job?
Wouldn’t use again, wouldn’t recommend- based on price not labour.

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Hi Lisa, Thanks for your review and for using our service. We do charge a travel charge to get to and from addresses on a job, and we try to be totally clear about this prior to confirming bookings (we confirm all our charges - both over the phone and via email - prior to the move day). I'm sorry to hear that you don't agree with us charging for travel, but we believe it's fair and reasonable. I don't have a record of any damage occurring on the job we completed for you, but I'm certainly happy to look into a solution for you - if you can send through any images and details to managers@manwithavan.com.au we can go from there. Thanks, Alex (Manager)

Always so good and reliable

The team are always a delight to deal with and personable.
I have never been let down and the team are always helpful and courteous. A rarity!

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Happy to help out again, Mel. Thanks for the review.

Super fast and efficient!

MWAV arrived bang on time, quickly planned out how to pack the 2x trucks effectively and got stuck straight into it, great stuff!

This was not a home that they were relocating, in was almost a whole restaurant!

We were quoted for 3.5hrs and they quickly completed the job in in 2hrs which was a massive bonus and $$$ saver for our business.

Will definitely be using them again!

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Cheers Alan, glad we could get it done it good time for you.

Very efficient and careful removalists

2 bedroom apartment on the 2 level with narrow stairs. Moved about 10minutes drive away and they did it all within the 3hrs. Very efficient and careful with our stuff. Never complained even though the couches were massive! Would recommend.

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Cheers Matt.

Always reliable

Will and Tristan were brilliant. Lots of fun, calm and highly professional in difficult circumstances. Lost count how many times I’ve used MWAV for moving. Every move has been made so much easier with them. And the guys are always lovely to deal with. Thank you!!

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Thanks Andrea, that's really pleasing to hear. Glad it was another good move.

Skilled, Professional and Freindly !!

The team I had today were outstanding! With tight turns and low bulkhead stairwells they negotiated 56 stairs across 3 levels and all sorts of furniture with ease. I underestimated how much furniture and boxes I had so was able to get a second van with short notice and equally as impressed with the second team. Friendly, professional and hard working all the way. Fantastic job from both the A team and B team !!!! Thank you so much again.

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Pleased to hear we could sort the move for you, Lou. Thanks for the kind words.

Very poor - not what we expected.

Unfortunately the removalists they sent were arrogant and full of 'attitude'
Man with a Van under quoted the job - it ended up costing hundreds more (we've been reliably informed since that this is common with them to under quote customers)
And several items were damaged by them.

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Hi Jack, I'm very sorry to hear that this job didn't go well. Please feel free to give me a call on 94173443 or email managers@manwithavan.com.au with the details of your job, so I can look into it for you. Regards, Alex (Manager)

No fuss

Office and personal move.
Short distance (10mins).
The move finished before the estimated time.
Efficient, friendly, competitive and they get the job done without any fuss.
And they only charged me for the time they took, which was less than i estimated.
Absolutely i'll use them again.

As good as it gets...

I needed a fridge, washer and pot plant moved from my second floor apartment in Fitzroy (via stairs) to Eltham. Apart from a small dent on the fridge door I was really happy until I saw the invoice. Expecting it to be about $200 I was surprised it was over $400... I hadn’t received the email outlining the pricing. I spoke to someone at the office and after he reviewed the booking call he realized there had been an error at their end including the incorrect email address and a failure to divulge all the necessary information. We met half way on the price. The movers were super friendly but, overall my experience is just good.

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Thanks for your feedback Simon, and apologies that there were some issues during the booking process. I'm glad we were able make amends through a discount on the day of the job. Hopefully we'll have the chance to move you again in future. Thanks, Alex (manager)

Better than most, but far from the best

I used two men and one of the smaller trucks to move a bedrooms worth of things across the city. Everything ran pretty smoothly on the way to the drop-off. The only critique I had on the way there is that it felt like one of the guys was trying a bit too hard to be personable and friendly. I was just trying to get from A to B but he kept going on and on, talking and asking some fairly personal questions. I'm fine with small talk, and/or more, but it was the first time I'd ever met this guy.
Once we had reached our destination my girlfriend who was waiting for us asked one of the men if he could take his shoes of as he was transporting mud and dirt into the house. He looked a bit put out by her comment and responded with something like, "It will come out if you try to clean it". Not the response we were expecting. Two days prior we had just spent $250 having the carpet professionally cleaned.
The other chap kindly offered to put some old rugs down and they continued.
The job was finished about 5 minutes late and the men didn't charge us for the any over-time. This was also appreciated.
Upon them leaving I realised that I was missing some steel bed braces for an IKEA bed. I called Man with A Van the next day thinking that I had left them in the truck. The customer service rep said he would get in touch with my driver and try to locate them. I waited 2 days with zero response. I called customer service again a few days later, this time the rep told me that there was no history of my enquiry. He informed me that he would contact my driver and someone would contact me. I asked him, just to make sure, "someone from your company will be in touch with me regarding this issue soon, yes?" He replied with a definite "yes".
I'm yet to hear anything from the company, or any of it's employees. So yeah, I real mixed experience. Some nice moments, but generally, very poor service. Wouldn't rush back to these guys.

Magic Moves!

Multiple, huge pieces of antique furniture? Multiple flights of stairs? No problem for these guys. The whole process, from initial enquiry to move completion, was carried out in a super-friendly and efficient way, faster than quoted and they even came early (checking by phone beforehand that this was OK). Thanks, TJ, James and Golden Girl. Will recommend Man with a Van to everyone.

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Thanks Karen, glad to hear it went well.

Fantastic job arrived early and totally professional

We moved from a 2 bedroom upstairs aparment to an unit in a nearby suburb, Michael & Raff were totally professional, careful with our belongs and took great care in placing the items in our new place. Totally recommend Man with Van !!!! Huge thank you - Debra & Damon

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Cheers, happy to hear it went well.

An excellent job!

2 bed unit, medium distance and the guys were excellent. Delievered quickly and professionally. Everything went according to plan and they helped me place some items that I wasn't sure about.

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Thanks for the review, glad we could help out.

Excellent. Highly recommend.

Our guys were absolutely fantastic. Professional and courteous and on time. They took great pride in their work and looked after my furniture like it was their own. Thanks for a great, no stress move.

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No worries Louise, glad to lend a hand.

Excellent service, very efficient

Lovely men Ollie and Costa who did our move and they were so careful with our furniture and artwork. The booking process was also very easy and efficient. Would definitely use man with a van again!

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Thanks Alice, glad to hear it went smoothly.

Great guys, efficient, thoughtful and strong!

I had a complicated 2 day job with different drop offs and locations etc. The team were helpful, professional, friendly and really quick and efficient. These guys are genuinely good helpful guys and a brand you can trust. Thanks Men With All The Vens!

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Great review, thanks Izzy.

Small move well done

Job was done when I needed it to get done. No fuss. Great guys. Friendly. Stuck to the quote and were quick. Highly recommend this company to anyone that wants a pressional job done right.

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Happy to hear it, cheers.

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Questions & Answers

I'd love to get a quote as I am looking for a revivalists? I live in Melbourne from a 4 bedroomed house to same suburb Thank you Linda
1 answer
Hi Linda, thanks for getting in touch. We'd be happy to help out with a price estimate. One option is to put in a booking request on our website, manwithavan.com.au, and we'll give you a call back to confirm the details and provide the prices estimate. Alternatively, you can give us a call on 03 9417 3443 before 6pm, and our phone staff can put together an estimate for you. Thanks, Alex Robb

Hi I'm moving from Parkville to West Brunswick in Oct. It's a double storey 3 bedroom townhouse into a Cal bungalow. Settlement in Oct - what is the ball park cost?
1 answer
Hi Gen, The best option is to make a quick list of what you need moved, then give our office a call on 94173443. We've found some people in a three-bedroom home have twice as much to move as others, so speaking to you to get a feel for it would be necessary. Our rates are available at https://manwithavan.com.au/how-much and include insurance, fully-trained staff, no surcharges and a carbon-offset truck. Cheers, Alex

Are these reviews for Sydney or just Melbourne?
1 answer
Hi Arna, We're a Melbourne-based service. Thanks, Alex.

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