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I’ll never use another structured carrier


I am so in love with my Manduca Carrier. It literally saves my sanity some days. I wore my first son practically daily til 2 years old, even while pregnant. And now with my second son. He’s a big boy so being able to comfortably carry him is everything. Wearing my babies is such a beautiful part of my day and there’s no carrier I’d prefer to use than my Manduca.



Exceedingly helpful


I only wish I had bought one earlier! It is exceedingly helpful around the home and out and about. Wonderful for getting the shopping done with your free hands. Plus, who doesn't love baby cuddles next to your chest? Additionally, because it is supportive and has the built in hood it is truly great for when baby is feeling ill and needs to be close to mum or dad.


j_crompoGold Coast

wow.. just tried the manduca- amazing! I want to trade in my current carrier for one!


I tried the manduca for a kangatraining session. I have a carrier I use regularly and thought was great but after using the manduca I would love to convert! So comfortable, didn't even feel like I had bub on or that had to provide extra support for her, I could exercise and move around and she felt super secure! she even fell asleep in it- this never happens! It was easy to put on, the fabric was soft and lightweight. would definitely reccommend the manduca carrier.



Has been a life saver


Having a complicated and stressful pregnancy my baby boy cane into the world early. He was very unsettled I tried everything and several carriers none helped he just cried more. With 5 children it was hard carrying him in my arms all day. I went to a kanga training class and used a Manduca and he loved it. Not only was he not crying he was laughing and he went to sleep. Has made my day so much easier. I have the pure cotton one as my baby has bad eczema it’s a great product could not live without it

Can't Live Without It!


Best Carrier by Far!




  • 4 reviews

Better than so many I've tried


Since having my first son I've tried many baby carriers- both that I've bought or been given as gifts. But, for just over a year now I've been using a Manduca and I can honestly say that it's been the best I've tried!!! So adjustable, so snug for Bubs and so easy to put on! I'm still using it now with my 2 year old and ensure I always have it in the car! When friends ask me about baby carriers I always tell them to do their research but tell them that they can't go wrong with a Manduca!

Quick easy and very comfortable!


I have tried almost every carrier on the market - and the Manduca is one of my farorites.
They are so easy to use. Very adjustable for all body types and can be used from newborns through to toddlers.
The carriers also hold up to everyday use and regular washing.
So many of my clients are amazed about how comfortable, supportive and easy to use they are. I won’t be changing any time soon.

Barb B

Barb BDunsborough

I don’t go anywhere with out my manduca


I tried numerous other brands of carriers and found the Manduca was the most adjustable to me and my baby, getting a beautiful supported carry is easy in the Manduca, and so comfortable. I take my manduca every where I go, when ever needed baby will be on me in an optimal position for her spine and hips, and happy to sleep or watch the world go by.



Manduca is my go to carrier!


I have used my Manduca from 4 months with our first and still asks to go ‘up’ in it at 3.5yrs with the x-tend added to provide wider leg support. Very occasionally but she says it’s comfy whilst others she refuses to go in anymore. I have used it again with our 2nd from 2 weeks old and was impressed how well it suited the newborn size and stage for support. We used it with the size-it to have legs out as recommended and the eliptical zip-in yo optimise support and now can confidently recommend it from absolute newborn through until little legs don’t tire as much.

Sam b

Sam bGriffith

Fantastic! Get stuff done around kids


I purchased a manduca carrier a month after my second child was born as it was on clearance. I wish I had had one when I had my first! I can throw Bub in on unsettled days, do the groceries and run errands with ease, and even do housework while she sleeps on me. Found it easy and discrete to breast feed in.



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So comfortable!


I've used my beautiful petrol coloured manduca for years and my now 3 year old loves it. It has been great to be able to rely on it for so long, and I'm excited that my child and I are so comfortable with the manduca that we are heading overseas on a holiday soon without needing to lag a pram along with us. Fantastic carrier!

Tam Trel

Tam TrelMelbourne

easy to use


I bought the manduca recently after trying on a few. I found the manduca was lighter and easier to use than some of the others. I love that it has s built in hood for rain and sun and the newborn insert means I didn't have to buy a separate one. Overall a pretty good and comfortable carrier.

Perfect from newborn to 2yrs (with some accessories)


With the manduca accessories (size it, eliptical zip in and extend) this carrier is awesome for babies comfort and parent! from brand new baby straight out of the hospital to over 2 years old!! The accessories make sure your baby is fully supported in optimal positioning meaning they are comfortable, happy and getting ALL the advantages of babywearing!
I start my mummy jourmey with one of the more common brand carriers and i couldn't believe the difference when i tried a manduca!! My husband loved it, i loved it and most importantly my bub loved it! He still loves being up in the manduca and he is now 2.
How anyone survives without a good baby carrier is beyond me.



Best All Rounder!


Wish id bought earlier


My cheap carrier used to hurt my back but this one is ridiculously comfy and makes carrying a baby for longer periods easy as. Perfect for babies who are unsettled or dont like to be in the pram, baby is comfy and can still kick and move arms. Unlimited hands free kisses

Jacki M

Jacki MBrisbane

Most valuable baby item!!


Purchased manduca carrier when my now 5yo was 4 days old, and used it every single day until he was just over 2 years old. Both my husband (6'2") and I (5'6) used it interchangeably, first on the front then on the back when bub got older.
With baby no2, it was invaluable from the get go, I had a c-section but still was wearing baby from around 10days old. again have used almost every day, multiple times a day, school drop offs, grocery shopping, cooking dinner..absolutely our best baby buy, and when you actually calculate the cost per wear, it's miniscule!!

Now pregnant with baby no3 and think I'll treat myself to a brand new manduca in a different colour!!
Thanks Manduca for making such a good quality product.

Best carrier ever!!!


I love my manduca as my lil princess is very cuddley when it comes to nap times, so wearing my manduca means i can exercise and cuddle her while she naps. The manduca material is so soft and comfy to wear, it doesnt feel like your wearing it :) love it for kangatraining and walking :) . Very easy to use and transport :) .


SarahSouth East Queensland, QLD

  • 3 reviews

Still using mine after four years!


I bought the Manduca Classic Carrier four years ago to make baby carrying and walking our dog more enjoyable. After two bebes (one is now four and the other is two) and our third on the way, the Manduca carrier is still going strong. I'm still using it to carry both my children on my back, when needed. My only issue is baby can't face forwards when wearing the carrier on the front but being able to carry an 18kg child on my back far outweighs not having the forward facing option for a few months (I ended up transitioning to back carrying when the children were big enough).

Best purchase


This has been the best purchase, from newborn (thanks to the incorporated insert) to toddlerhood! Loved carrying my children in my manduca and hubby even gave it the seal of approval! Thanks Manduca! We don’t just have one we have 2, always kept in the car and easy to use. Love it!

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Questions & Answers

Rebecca D

Rebecca Dasked

How is the Manduca in Australia's 30-40 degree Summer?

1 answer
Sean R.Manduca

Sorry we took so long to answer your question Rebecca. The feedback we get indicates that Manduca works well in warm climates - obviously wearing any baby carrier will be a little warmer than normal, but Manduca is made from natural fibres (organic cotton and hemp) that are breathable and naturally promote moisture wicking. It has a hood/sunshade that will help shade your baby too - and a large hat for you also helps.
Some other commonsense ideas are to dress lightly, keep baby and yourself well hydrated and to consider cooling pads that are available for babywearing from a number of sources.



Can this be used for child facing outwards of the body?

2 answers
Sean R.Manduca

Thank you for the question. Manduca isn't designed to be able to face children forward. We believe that a baby learns most from watching their parent at very close range, and this improves their ability to read and sense emotions, and helps develop language skills. If you're interested in these thoughts, you could read our blog article here: http://www.manduca.com.au/#/babys-bq/4590158633


As Manduca official already answered...it's can't be used for facing forward baby.
If you are in Sydney...and you have Facebook account...feel free to join baby wearing group....we all talking about baby wearing alot...I guarantee that most mummies and daddies not recommended about facing forward baby.
These some reasons :
1. It's over stimulating for baby
2. We can't face the baby so we don't know what's going on to the baby
3. The more heavy the baby the more baby put pressure when you carry facing forward...it's not good for your back also for the baby

It's save facing forward it's just not recommended but Manduca definitely can't facing forward.
As I said manduca maybe not the prettiest baby carrier on the market but definitely the safest!!



Hi. My daughter has downsyndrom and her joint is hyper mobile. Do you still recommend this carrier for my daughter?

1 answer

I would check with a physiotherapist.

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