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CHEATS SCOUNDRELS Worst Service Ever..another Just another Indian Dodgy Company... We were planning to travel to India with our 3 month old Infant. So we thought we should talk to a "World Class Customer Care" agent at MANN TRAVELS....
We requested 1) DIRECT FLIGHT to India Via DUBAI, and 2) Need a Bassinet for INFANT.

They sent us a itinerary, a INCOMPLETE itinerary and asked us to Acknowledge it after checking the traveler's name. The Customer Rep, was persistent that we pay him and acknowledge the Email. Once Payment was done, they said they will take 24 hrs to issue ticket and all information ( Details) will be there. Until this point we TRUSTED Maan Travels to do the Right thing - Given we spoke to a Employee of MANN TRAVELS to Helps us with the booking of the DIRECT FLIGHT.

Next Day , they Issue a Return Ticket, with 2 STOP OVERS, one way. Such an inconvenience when travelling with a 3 months old baby. Given that we will have 6 take-Offs and Landing, which baby's don't handle well.

After calling them to Resolve the issue, the call center probably in India or wherever, BLINDLY REFUSE to help and ONLY Blamed us for accepting that Dodge Incomplete email they sent us to check our name etc. After closely reading that email 2nd time around they have actually removed the information of the Stopover to Fool people, and have actually forgotten to remove the flight duration in that email..and so the email reads, flight from Melbourne to Dubai = 7.50 hrs.

When we pointed this out, he put me on hold, and tried to come up with another dodgy trick to answer the Q regarding this missing details!!

We have currently COMPLAINED to VICTORIA Consumer Affairs, and will get help from them to get my money back from this "WORST TRAVEL AGENT - Mann Travels"

No Respect for Customer Service, Cheats, Misleading

kill yourself some other way

I don't have Negative numbers. I paid extra for booking not because i was paying from credit card,but the system of mann travels was having problem. Secondly my dates booked wrong as i asked that i am not familiar with time zone changes from one country and told precisely about my travel dates. When I asked for recorded conversation, been told that they can't access. When ask to change dates then i was waiting for their call back, After call back I've been told no date changes can be done. Lifetime worst experience. Will kiss you before booking and will kick you after booking. I can write a book what I have gone through. Instead of arguments should listen to customer request. NEVER NEVER NEVER EVER

Never book with Mann travels!

Cheated us with $250! When we rung again, before the ticket was issued. They immediately sent the issued ticket!!

Please NEVER BOOK with them as they will steal your money away. We dealt with [name removed] and he is only kind until the amount is paid to them, after which he will speak very rudely.

Very Dishonest Travel Agent!!!!----Do Not Book from Here

Charge me extra for $76 but did not inform me. Very dishonest.
Contact Numerous times but no response.......
Want to cancel- Not allowed-----Please be aware ----think twice before you pay--Once you pay---Game Over!

Worst ever experience

Do not book with MANN TRAVEL. Forget refund even when they agree in writing, you simply will not get it. They will reassure though every single time. They will always blame the airline rather than taking any responsibility. Over five months and still waiting for an agreed refund.

Fraud, overcharging and dishonest.

I ask mann travel to book tickets in an emergency and taking benefit of it they try to sell me the same ticket which I had already seen online for $400 more than it was selling online and when I ask them in reply the guy who was serving me over the phone just laugh and hung up on me. I had a very dishonest and bad experience with these. And it was hard for me to believe that our Indians are still the same doesn't matter where they are. Friends be careful and do check the tickets online yourself and double check with some other agent never rush as they push you to buy the tickets straight away.
Thanks and good luck.

Dishonest & Scammers

They are dishonest & scammers. Worst possible travel agency. They would not admitt there own mistake. They made an error in issuing the ticket & when asked to re issue the ticket. They were asking for $600 cancellation fee and would refund my payment after 3 months & want another $1250 + fare difference to re issue the same ticket. They are crooks its better to go to Flight Centre or STA travel. Would not respond to emails have to take them to VCat to get my refund.

Very good service & very helpful staff

I have booked several holidays through Mann Travel and have no intention of using anyone else in the near future! None of the other travel agents could (or would?) match the price. Would definitely use them again.thank you guys

Really bad customer service and dodgy.......Please dont book ticket with them

The customer service team is poor quality. I could really here them laughing when I was talking to them over an serious issue. They don't care about the customers and have made their terms and policies to trick the customers.
Please go to other travel agency or airline to buy your tickets. Dealing with them is just like putting your money in bin.
I will never again to them. They are dodgy and hired untrained staff who dont know how to deal with customers.

Dodgy and poor service

Dodgy and worst service ever. Got stuck at the airport along with little one for 8-9 hours. Not worth it. Would never recommend anyone and never going to take their poor services.

Never use them

Very stubborn staff, manager doesn't even care to talk to you, worst service.
If you want to waste your money and time, better to throw it in the bin rather than giving it to them.

dont buy ticket

mohit was excellent. other staff like vikash was so rude. Dont ever buy ticket from them. stupid customer service. asking for money repeatedly rather than waiting as bank takes 24 hours

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Dear Mr Nazir, I hope you had a wonderful trip to India. Thank you for the sharing your feedback and liking the services of Mohit. We will definitely check on the other staff to improve our services. On the payment issue, we recommend our customers to pay via Poli ( a online payment method ) as both the parties get confirmation at same time. In your case, it was a manual transfer which took time and if agent asked to pay again, it was just to avoid cancellation & fare increase on your booking. We are sorry for the inconvenience that may have caused. We appreciate your business and look forward to serving you in the future. Thanks Mann Travel


Got the date change they have charged me $822.now I got know if I call direct a airline ,they don't even cost u $200.its ridiculous .just want to know if we can complaint to any authority about it.
Thank you

Dear Sir/Madam, We are sorry to hear about this issue. There must be some fare & tax difference in addition to the penalty. Could you please share passenger & ticket details to check the booking and break up of charges ? Thanks Mann Travel TeamRajrani-4311 By abhishek. I paid$860 I have lodged the application with ombudsman and consumer affairs as well.thanxx Booking references no-4s4nusWhat happened guys did not check what was the charges?????????

Siddharth to the rescue!

Thanks to Siddharth and his excellent customer service, I was able to re-book my trip with a marginal increase in airfare. Some of the staff need to have a training in customer service. They seemed to care less when I decided not to go ahead with the initial booking due to a change in the airfare quoted.

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Dear Ms June, Thanks and we appreciate your genuine feedback on our service, we will investigate the conversations and try to rectify the problem by providing required training to the respective consultants. We value your business, and will do our very best to continue to meet your price and customer service needs. Your continued patronage and suggestions are a vital part of our growth. And for that, we are most grateful.

Very rude and not responsible

I booked a ticket yesterday n acknowledge it n was going to pay,but i forgot the exact amount n called them,but they were closed.n in the middlenight(australian standard time) they called n asked why i didn't pay.i had a meeting next morning.i couldnot sleep after their call.i had to cancel meeting as i was feeling awful.i was frustrated,agitated.if you give your staff excess to international flight timing,why dont you tell them about time difference.can they call anytime? Very irresponsible and rude.

Extra charges on peak

They charge me 420 dollars for extent my return ticket never ever use their service again. I asked thai airlines they gave me quote of 50 dollars.They just have money minding game.

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Dear Mr Yuvraj, After the investigation, it has been found that you paid $ 350 for the changes of Thai airways ticket. Other $ 70 payment was made for new ticket from Amritsar to Delhi. Thai Airways penalty on your ticket was $ 150 plus fare difference of $ 30 and tax difference of $ 1.30. We have only charged $ 124 as our admin fee.The amount paid to airline can be verified from them anytime. We always send a copy of the terms & conditions ( alongwith penalties) to our customers. If there was any difficulty in understanding the conditions, you should have asked us at same time or before doing changes on the ticket. We value your business with us. If any of the airline staff informed you less charges, please ask them to provide in writing and we are happy to take the case to Thai Airways for the refund. Should you have further queries, please feel free to email - info@manntravel.com.au.

Bad service

Partap is the worst customer service guy . I don't want to book any ticket from you guys . You guys Charged extra bcz of him only . Other agent giving ticket with less price but you guys are charging 100 dollar extra . Bad service

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Dear Harmandeep, We are sorry to hear about your experience with Pratap. We have investigated the issue and found that price was fluctuating from Airline side due to the availability of the seats in particular booking class. Since Airline fares and availability are not in our control, we always suggest our customers to pay instantly. It is unfortunate that you had to pay $ 100 extra. This incident was duly noted and an action was taken on this issue . We hope your experience was pleasing with other consultants and you are happy with the overall solution. We appreciate your business and look forward to providing you with the best possible service in the future.


Recently booked a ticket to India which was a breeze. The staff Mona was extremely prompt, patient and cordial. Got a great deal and a fantastic service. Will be using it for all future travels.

Poor Service

Called to check return fare.
One of the agents offered me 915 AUD and I told her would call back again to enquire about the fare in 5 minutes.
When I called back to enquire the fare it was a different person, he knew who I spoke to and said the same fare was not available and increased by 35 dollars.
When I asked him to put me through the agent who I spoke in the beginning, his response was that the agent finished for the day and was no longer available.
Worst customer service experience.

Excellent Service

We always book ticket with Mann Travel as they always offer good rates One of the staff member Farooq gave us a good deal - good value for money.

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Just wanted to see if anyone else is getting security notice for this company's website? Seems like they have really good reviews here, so we're interested in contacting them regarding our trip, but google search warns us that the website (www.manntravel.com.au) is not safe???
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