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[name removed] no good please avoid
I booked a flight from him [name removed] he looked ok when i was booking from him when ever I called i was asking for him and he was all ways was there for help once tickets are booked he said he will be there if anything i need . Then after all of sudden i was getting email from flight that it’s cancelled or rescheduled it happened few times so I wanted to talk to him and i had few other questions abt tickets . But there each time a new person was answering my calls i was requested for talk to [name removed] but he always not there and they said they left very strong massage for him he gonna definitely call you soon and it’s been six day i been calling every day for talk to him but i never got call back from him at all and today is my flight which is already delayed again.he stressed me out too much .i always been booking with them never really needed any help again with my previous tickets but this time i did and i never got any help they just sayin call to air line.so why I booked flights with you if i need to speak to airline. Also with [name removed] you have to bargain too much.i had idea that he trying to rip me off so i said to him its not that expensive then he reduced the price . That’s sit am done with maan travel

Ease of Booking

Worst Service I got from...... had to buy a new ticket which cost me $1220 dollars one way and lose of one week pay...

They cancelled my return ticket without informing me... neither the airline or Mann travel informed me about this.... airlines said they informed Mann travels but I had no information... had to buy a another single ticket which cost $1220 one way.... terrible service... they just rip me off

Customer Service
Ease of Booking
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Booking Type Flights

Bad customer service

Lady on the phone sounded rude and not explaining properly. Very casual attitude and unprofessional. Mann travels charges 2 % on visa or Mastercard. There ticket prices were expensive too.would not recommend.

Ease of Booking
Booking Type Flights

Ticket not been issued even after paying for more than 48 hrs....& still waiting

So I’m not a person who writes review so this is my first time.
I have booked maan travels before too but this time I got a ticket from representatives named “[name removed]”. I paid via credit card and they required some further checks, which is fair enough. It’s been more than 48 hrs and I haven’t got my ticket issued yet. After calling them several times and hearing different stories from all the representatives, they don’t know what the customer wants.
I still haven’t received my ticket and I paid straight over the phone. So if you want to pay and attract yourself to a trouble/frustration then I recommend Mann travel. Otherwise don’t even think to book with them. I’m happy to pay $100 or so extra bit at least I’ll get a peace of mind with someone else.
Thank you.

Terrible service

Terrible service. Spoken to a girl "[name removed]", was told that dates on air india cannot be changed and she wasn't interested to listen. I have got it changed directly from the air india. Not buying from you anymore.

Worst Customer Service

Refund process is very lengthy and customer service is horrible.
Suggested the time for refund is 10-12 weeks and they take another 7-10 business days to refund customer money.
Don't understand why???
Very disappointed.

Absolutely Ridiculous

I have used Mann travel services earlier this year. They have absolutely no idea how to communicate and have no clue how to take care of their customers and their concerns. I have been told initially that I will get hotel voucher for my booking at Thailand and for some reason they have changed their statement on every call and every second email. I have booked everything by myself and they are totally rip off. I am utterly disappointed with their services and I would recommend everyone to avoid using their services.

Very poor service..

Cancelled my booking and had to wait 2 months for the refund to come through.. on top I had to experience crap service by the staff..

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Dear Sam, Kindly share your full name and contact details to investigate the matter. We are unable to get any record in the name of Sam. In general, refund processing time is 8- 12 weeks and same has been mentioned in the terms & conditions of the itinerary as well as refund form. We are sorry if you have not read and understood the conditions. I would request you to please go through them once again. Should you need further assistance, please feel free to email on info@manntravel.com.au with your name and contact details. Thanks Mann Travel

Worst service and higher prices

Its the worst service I have experienced. Staff is soo rude and told me that I have to book tickets in just 20 minutes or else u will not able to get this tickets. They made many mistakes while writing name on the tickets, amd they charged too for correction. Charging rate is that higher, that I can buy another ticket from that panelty. However, the main airlines didn't take any charges from them although they are charging $300 for just correct a single letter,even thoughbif wasn't my fault. It was staff mistake. They dont even give us time for review. If we take a little time, they will say don't tale much time or else the airline will cancel the bookings. Its the worst experience ever I had in my life. Never book with this people again, never suggest anyone "Mann Travel". Will take many actions towards this for exploitation of customers. Please make sure any one if u book the ticket please ask some time to review ticket before acknowledging it, they will say its not my mistake. Very very very worst service, wasn't expected. By doing this they are represent the bad service of main airlines also. As they will tell that we are not charging, "Malaysian airlines" is charging. Totally wrong, I made inquiry with Malaysia airline, they won't charge a single cent for correction. Totally worst thing they said about airlines. Airline people are more reliable and giving best service than u guys.

Rude and unprofessional staff

Unprofessional staff asks for your number and email address before they can help you. Hung up on me upon complaining

Worst customer service

I called them and organized a ticket.The ticket price was 990 dollars. They sent me the link and when I wanted to pay they are asking me to pay 1051 dollars.The consultant is saying it's a human error.I had this problem with them before too.I am ready to go to consumer Affairs against them.

Misguide and disgusting

I booked return ticket asked for specific airline. It was all on phone person booked ticket and asked me to transfer money as I got ticket I asked to cancel immediately refused to do so and will charge 550 if you want to cancel.

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Dear First Fool, Could you please share your Name or Email ID to find out the records ? We are unable to find any call or purchase records in which cancellation charges of $ 550 was advised. There is no record in our customer database with your profile name. Please inbox your details at info@manntravel.com.au to investigate the matter. Thanks Mann Travel

Nuisance, do not give them your number!

Complete and utter nuisance! Do not make the mistakes of giving them your number!!!

I made the mistake of calling them to get airfares to India.
They asked me to wait on the line for 10 minutes or give my number so they can call me back, so I did.

Since then I have received over 10 calls (and of late calls on Private Number) from these guys even though I have asked them to remove me from their list.

Shameful service and worst part is their prices are not even cheap.


Slowest possible service. I had to make around 10 calls several calls every day to get my ticket. Everyone working there tells ; we will call you back in 10 mins and I had to call back every 3-4 hours. Favourite pharase of everyone ; this service is not available.. very very bad experience.. highly not recommended.


I inquired about a fare but wasn’t interested in going forward. And since that day I started receiving nonstop follow up calls. And to my shock they were bloody calling 11pm in night, which is absolutely absurd. May be Mann Travel look into it and address the issue and make sure you don’t step in someone’s privacy.

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Dear Rav, We are not able to find the details in the name of "RAV" in our system. Can you please share your contact details ( Phone number or email ID) to investigate your concern and address the issue? We usually do not call customers if they are not interested to purchase. We are sorry for the inconvenience caused. Request you to please share your details at info@manntravel.com.au for further investigation. Thanks Mann Travel

Poor customer service

They are really bad service never book a ticket b from them they book my wrong ticket and I told them I want to book my ticket after a week and they book after a month and When I told them to change they told me to pay $500 they are really crap even they don’t apologise they did mistake. For everyone never never go with this agency poor customer service they took my money and now they want me to pay 500$ more..when I said paid already and you book my wrong ticket they don’t bother what they did and just asking to pay more.

Worst Experience

Only interested in sales, after sales they do not care. they only interested in making their profits, I travel extensively, and this was the worst customer service experience. Never recommeded


[name removed] is disgusting women she took the money and never booked my ticket , she is worst and I wanna complaint against her. After 4 hours of acknowledgment they called me and said that your ticket has been cancelled. I paid $36 more to get my ticket confirmation.

Terrible customer service

Their terms and conditions are terrible as they keep changing it even after you sign (acknowledge) and making the payment. Worst customer service I have ever experienced. Different person saying different things during different stages. I wrote them an email with my disappointment but response is not satisfactory. Waste of time and energy while booking a ticket with them. Will never recommend them to others.

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Dear Aryal, We are sorry to hear about that our service was not as per your expectation. According to the procedure, we always send and advise the airline fare rules, itinerary, and terms & conditions to all our clients at the time of booking to avoid any dispute or issue in the future. We just to make it clear that in your case, terms & conditions were not changed at all. The only change was the validity of the ticket, which is from airline side, not from Mann travel. It was a part of airline fare rules which was mistakenly written wrong by the agent in the initial itinerary and corrected later on. The validity of the ticket is the maximum stay a traveler can stay in the destination country and this restriction is from the airline and varies from fare to fare. Apart from the validity, there was no change in the terms & conditions or travel dates. We accepted the error and corrected the itinerary before issuance. As we have no control on the validity of the ticket, so it was your wish to accept the fare rules and get the ticket issued or decline the validity condition and take a refund of the payment. Your ticket was issued after your acceptance. We strive to do our best to provide best to all our clients and will ensure that such errors do not happen in future. We value your business with us and apologize for the inconvenience caused. Regards, Mann Travel

Rip me off

Book over the phone when ask to change the ticket charged $325 where as other agents are ready to do it for $80 but they can't as they locked the ticket. Which can only be changed by the first provider (mann travels). Terrible customer service.

Dear Kawal, We regret to hear about your unpleasant experience recently in regards to your ticket date change. But please find that any re-issuance and refunds, once ticket issued incurs fees. And this is advised to all the customers in advance before the payment is taken for issuing tickets. Same was done in your case. We informed you beforehand and you agreed upon it too. Please check your email sent on Jul 09 at the time of booking. Date change charges are as per airlines fare rules on which we have no control. We also charge our admin fee from all our customers to re-issue tickets and the same were agreed upon by you before purchasing a ticket. Please note all companies charge the fee for the service. Nothing in this world is free. Charged amount of $ 325 includes the airline fee and Mann Travel fee. Airline charges can be verified from airline anytime. No other agent will pay the airline fee from his pocket. You have not been ripped off as the charged fee is genuine & you were agreed upon. You made the changes as per your wish. Mann Travel did not force you to change and pay. We always send and recap the fare rules & conditions at the time of booking to all clients and strongly suggest checking the details thoroughly before purchase. We strive to do our best to provide best to all our clients. Once again thank you for your feedback. Regards, Mann TravelSir you guys have locked the ticket so only you can change the dates. I contacted the other travel agency who has asked for $80 but they could not change it as you have locked it and forget about explaining your excuses for riping me as this is my last ticket done by you.Dear Kawal, It is the policy of Airline that only the agent who has issued the ticket can do amendments or cancellation and this rule applies to all agents. If you would have booked the ticket from another agent, then also airline or third agent cannot change. He can say any amount as he knows nothing can be done. Secondly, the reissue fee of the airline on your ticket was AUD 150 plus fare and tax diff., so it is not possible for another travel agent to change with AUD 80 when the actual cost is higher. The fee charged by the airline can be verified from them anytime. The explanation is not an excuse, it was clearly advised to you at the time of booking, which you have not read and now blaming the agent for ripping. You should have read the fare conditions at the time of booking rather than making issue after changes. For future, we should suggest you try another agent and read all terms & conditions at the time of purchase as travel and conditions can be quite complex. Thanks Mann Travel

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Just wanted to see if anyone else is getting security notice for this company's website? Seems like they have really good reviews here, so we're interested in contacting them regarding our trip, but google search warns us that the website (www.manntravel.com.au) is not safe???
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