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Martec Lifestyle DLS134X (Halogen/LED)

Martec Lifestyle DLS134X (Halogen/LED)

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Very Happy

Got a bit worried after reading these reviews but the store I bought from said they sell 100s of these fans every month and rarely have any warranty calls. I am so happy i listened to the stores advice. They are quiet, have had no problems with the light (I like the 3 stage dimming) and are balanced perfectly.

Date PurchasedJul 2018

I bought 3- Buy something else

I purchased 3 Martec Lifestyle ceiling fans 2 1/2 years ago for the bedrooms in our house. The fan in the main bedroom had to be replaced under warranty, as the fan only ran on slow speed from the beginning.
The 2nd and 3rd fan are in the kid's bedroom and guest bedroom. They make loud ticking noises. The 40 year old ceiling fan in our dining room is quieter.
Back to the main bedroom- there is now an electrical issue with the lights on the first fan, ( the fan that was replaced under warranty.)
The Martec warranty system is a pain in the backside to deal with- I understand it needs to be installed by a licensed electrician, but dealing with the warranty department with statements such as Martec will charge a service fee if the Martec electrician considers the fault is not their's etc- makes you reconsider lodging a claim with their warranty department.
I'm currently looking into replacing all 3 ceiling fans. Not sure what I'm going to replace these fans with- either something more expensive, or a cheapie from Bunnings, but I'm sure Bunnings would happily just issue a refund without question if their fan was faulty.
I feel like I've outlaid good money for something that should have lasted longer.

Date PurchasedMay 2016

Worst fans on market.

I be very clear I purchased 3 Ceilin fans they are noise and worst fans on market.
Looks ok bad product must replace after one year do not by Martec will cost you money.
Customer service is bad they come to fix one and is worst than before newer again .

Date PurchasedMar 2017

So Far So Good

I cringe reading the negative reviews.
Purchased a factory seconds martec Fan c/w LED (I rent) and it looks sensational. I replaced an old Omega Casablanca model that was making shorting noises at full speed. So far it is quiet and very powerful.
The wifey is pleased with the new fan as well so that's always a bonus.
The light is brighter than a single LED e27 globe I had in the old unit, I was hesitant at buying the LED version but I'm glad I did now.
My main criteria was price, after scouring 4 different shops on the weekend I was shocked at the exorbitant prices for Ceiling Fans.
I went online and honestly couldn't go past the look and price of the Martec lifestyle series. Although early days I'd be happy to buy more of them if it continues to perform.
Sorry to hear about other peoples issues, I can only say that compared to what I've seen out there the Martec unit looks great, is powerful, bright and well made, most of all exceptionally priced.

Date PurchasedNov 2017

Terrible product

The model I bought was the one with 24w dimmable LED. The LED went off in one week. Terrible quality for a fixed light that I cannot replace easily. Called for a warranty service but was told they don’t cover DIY installation. Now I have to chuck the whole fan after just one week. Stay away with this brand.

Date PurchasedOct 2017

Great so far

I did read a bunch of reviews about the Martec lifestyle fans and decided not to buy based on the terrible reciews. I decided to buy a different brand, the Franco Urban fans, turns out, it’s just a rebranded Martec fan. When I was un boxing I panicked when I saw the Martec badge but the electrician was there so we continued with installation. So far the fans are great, very quiet, provide a lot of air flow and very bright (which is what we need). The electrician also mentioned that they felt very good build quality. So far we are happy with the purchase. Also, we purchased online in Adelelaide on a Monday afternoon and they were delivered 9am the next day, very impressed.

Date PurchasedNov 2017

Worst product

Purchased four of these in 2014.

1 x replaced under warranty within two months of install - quite the debacle which took 2 months of complaints and Consumers Affairs being involved.
2 x wobble like crazy when on...
2 x tick loudly when in use... (was told they need to warm up and that it'd go away in a few weeks...)
1 x no longer changes speed. Unfortunately we're out of warranty now by two months. Martec not sending out a technician but have offered to send out a replacement control mechanism which 'might' be the problem.

We foolishly bought a number of martec lights at the same time... they too are shizen, with the ballast in one blowing within two months.

Date PurchasedJun 2014

Poor product no service

2016, I also purchased 5 fans for my home and one for my 78 year old mother, I wish I had done reviews before hand. I thought I was buying a quality item that should last. Mums failed and 3 in my place make buzzing sounds and globes keep blowing, we are changing them all out. Contacted the Martec Warranty number and all the woman would say is do you have the receipt = yes, do you have the installers certificate= No (who does) and I said they are only 4 months old and were installed by a licensed electrician . Can I just bring them to your store for evidence = NO, we must follow the procedure or no warranty can be claimed. Martec are the are the worst at customer service, do not support their customers, never again...............people ...don't buy Martec (my opinion)

Date PurchasedMay 2016

Definately avoid Martec

Had a fan installed two months ago, the LED lights started buzzing and the speed of the fan has problems. Even it is set on "high" seems like it is on "low". The most ridiculous thing is that the fan is spinning but does not give any airflow. Contacted the customer service, was told to wait for two or more weeks to get the technician out. Finally the technician came to fix up the buzzing light but unable to explain why the fan is spinning at the low speed. I have to contact the customer service again as the problem is not fixed but to my surprise, received a rude email saying that their technician claimed that it is blowing at the correct speed and it is my roof structural problem. I have paid for a certified electrician to check on it twice and it is definitely the fan problem but Martec is not admitting to the fault. Very disappointed with our Australian company and being treated like this. If I were to read the review before, I will not even buy this brand. My problems are not being resolved. Still waiting for them to replace the fan which they say they will but it has been over several weeks now.

Date PurchasedDec 2016

Avoid Martec

I should have read reviews before buying!!! You live and learn but hopefully you won't make the same mistake and this review helps you.
2 of my 4 brand new Martec fans are buzzing (motor noise on low speed). A technician came out and agreed 2 were indeed louder than normal. I was so relieved. Sadly, Martec flatly refused to offer replacement motors as they feel it's a normal noise. Madness! To safeguard customers I will shortly be uploading what I've filmed to YouTube and will be progressing legal action as soon as I've finished my latest renovation. I've had an independent inspection too prior to removal. In the meantime I've bought replacement LUCCI fans which come with a 6 speed remote control and are genuinely the quietest most efficient fans I've ever come across. Admittedly they were $25 more but OMG they're amazing and so worth it for the peace of mind. Sooooo quiet. You'd like to think Martec is a great brand who take pride in their company and their customer service, but seriously they were rude, abrupt and condescending. It's such a shame. Oh, and they even have a recorded message on their hold line saying their fans are noisy. It's crazy! I will never buy Martec again!

Date PurchasedDec 2016

Definitely won't buy again

After having Martec Ratan ceiling fans in our bedrooms for 25 years with no complaints, I decided it was time to update to the new Lifestyle fans with LED light, great looking fan but absolute crap!!! The fans are making noises caused (as I've learnt) by electrical pulses sent down our power lines (Zelwinger Ripple) that have to do with the off peak power signals. When this occurs the fans make noises from ticking sounds to zinging type sounds. Google Zelwinger Ripple and you will find out everything you didn't want to know. Martec warns customers about these noises and blames Energex for bad supply but the FACT is that the 25-year-old Martec fans I removed never made this noise and we also have 2 Omega fans in our living area for 15 years now that have never made any sound. It seems BLATANTLY OBVIOUS that the motors or controllers of the new fans are missing something that the older ones had. Martec aren't the only manufactures with this occurring so its a case of buyer beware.

Do not buy the remotes

The wireless remotes will last just over the 1 year warranty period and then fail, requiring you to buy a new remote, a new receiver, and hire an electrician to replace the receiver. DO NOT buy the wireless remotes, they are a waste of time and money. Better yet, don't buy anything Martec as their warranty hotline is not helpful at all and will just tell you to buy a new remote and receiver.

Do not make the same mistake we made!

Strongly advise against anyone buy this fan (or dealing with Martec for that matter) if you want it to actually provide any sort of cooling effect. Bought 6 of these fans and with installation spent close to $2,000. The amount of air they move and thus the cooling effect they give is a joke. On hot days, we have friends come to our house and ask why we have fans on 'low' - err, they are on 'high', they are just poorly designed fans that provide very low air movement. Have been on to Martec, they say its not a 'manufacturing fault' so they refuse to do anything to assist, refused to even pick up the phone to discuss with us and fobbed us of - customer service is a joke. Their design recommendations say this fan would suit a room up to 30m2 - it doesn't work in a room which is less than 10m2.

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Martec Lifestyle DLS134X (Halogen/LED)
CategoryCeiling Fans
Price (RRP) $338.00
Manufacturer Warranty3 year(s)
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