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Masport Bunnings 490 4'n1

Masport Bunnings 490 4'n1

4.4 from 32 reviews

I stared my business with this mower and it served me well for a year before I sadly had to dis own her

Easy to use and very reliable never had a issue with it until the end only thing was it was a little hard to start but otherwise good mad my money back 10 fold

Purchased at Bunnings Warehouse for $399.00.

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great multipurpose mower

So I bought this along with a new whipper snipper ready for the rainy season. Our old one still usable but struggled to keep up. This machine does heavy duty works, large and heavy enough to stay on the ground and mow our entire yard evenly in one go. the catcher is roomy so I don't need to keep empty it up unless I mow green branches and weed from my veggie garden. The engine is covered properly, made by Briggs&Stratton (625exi). Overall it has a great design with wood chipper although it is a bit lame since we can only put 35mm branches, this is mainly good for palm fronds. Easy to start, so far no problem. Noise wise, it is bearable.

Purchased .

Build Quality
Value for Money
Ease of Use
Cleaning & Maintenance
Noise Level
Product is used: Weekly

Not perect but pretty good

Had it a couple of months, paid $599 and it is apparently a Bunnings only model? It started first pull and I have used it only with a catcher to date which is sufficiently large and works well as does the catcher level indicator. It has enough height levels to suit most users and it is easy to adjust. I too also experienced an annoying squeaking noise mentioned by someone else and discovered that it was coming from the chipper port where it protrudes above the main base, some dry PTFE lubrication and it's gone (for now).

Fuel tank is ample, the air cleaner is easily accessed for cleaning and the cam lock handles make compact storage much more convenient if you have a small shed. Reading up about the engine on the B&S site, this engine apparently lends itself to vertical storage (mow and stow) and requires no oil changes (just regular top ups) That to me suggests that unlike my old B&S powered Victa which I rarely ever checked the oil level as it hardly went down (let alone change it), this one will require regular checks and therefore if like me you are upgrading after such a long time between mowers, don't forget to check it regularly.

It's reasonably quiet and is not really that heavy and compared to my 22 year old Victa, it feels lighter. Overall I see no reason not to recommend it as lets be honest, it's just a mower for which it does the job well.

Date PurchasedDec 2018

Great mower.

I recently purchased this mower based primarily on the reviews here. I have used it several times and am really pleased with every aspect of it. The mower has started first time every time with no choke or priming to fiddle about with. As a left hander, I find the pedal to allow the handle to tilt forward when emptying the catcher very useful. As the mower is so easy to start I now can switch it off when emptying the catcher. The engine also has a governor which means you set the throttle to maximum and it will automatically rev up or down depending on the height/thickness of the grass. I don't imagine I will have any issues with this mower but will update the review if I do.

Date PurchasedJan 2019

Very good impressions after first use. Starts first pull.

So I have been struggling with a borrowed cordless mower and finally had enough. After a bit of research I bought this one over some other highly reviewed mowers based on affordability and the built in chipper.

On unboxing I was pleasantly surprised to see the Briggs and Stratton '625EXi' logo on the side when it was only advertised to have the 625EX, which means a 'starts in 2 pulls' guarantee from the motor manufacturer.

After filling with oil and fuel the mower started on the first, half hearted pull.

My grass had gotten to about knee hight, with some weeds getting up to about hip level. The mower didn't bog down once, and I was surprised that the 'full catcher' indicator actually worked, I had assumed it was just a gimmick.

One of the main reasons I purchased this mower was because there is a youtube video showing the built in chipper being fed palm fronds. It works exactly as advertised, although I wouldn't recommend doing it on a paved surface like I did. Made too much of a mess, I will be doing my chipping on the lawn in future.

The only real gripes I have with the machine is that the manual wasn't very helpful. The manufacturer has some helpful videos on youtube which helped explain how to tip it to clean and use the chipper correctly.

Also many other modern mowers have a self cleaning hose attachment, for $600 it would have been nice to have, but with the handle being able to stand straight up it was easy enough to tip back and use the hose.

EDIT: I soon realised you can just spray the hose into the chipper chute while the mower is running, and that worked a treat.

I cannot speak for the catcher size as my lawn was untypically long and I did some chipping with it also. I would say that it would be fine for a more typical mow of a medium sized yard with only one catcher empty.

Date PurchasedNov 2018

perfect mower worth it for price

Great mower not much you can say about it but does the job and sarts every time so and for around 500 bucks it great value just one thing with this mower is the blades are crazy high in price all tho you can run just two blades which cheap option

Date PurchasedJan 2017

Suprisingly Starts First Pull

This mower is fitted with a Briggs and Stratton petrol engine which surprisingly starts at first pull every time, like they say it should.

Briggs and Stratton engines have come a long way operationally over the last few years and this engine is matched well to the mower, giving ample power for a tough mow.

I have owned it for two years now and have never used the catcher as the mulcher mode works really good.

The mower its self is good quality and the four cutting blade system works really well.

I would recommend this mower to a friend.

Date PurchasedSep 2017

I never thought it would be possible to love your lawnmower!

After moving to a house with a very large yard after 14 years of apartment living - add to that the fact I'd NEVER mowed a lawn in my life - It took me a while to choose the right mower. I ended up choosing the Masport 490 and definitely have no regrets. SO easy to setup, and due to our large lawn I love that I don't need to use the catcher & have the choice of mulch / smart chute.

Date PurchasedJul 2018


Just bought it and love it not one complaint yet , cuts great only have to have it on half power for normal moeing if using the mulching plug than full,power is needed . Easy to put together . starts easy , I did a lot of research on a variety of moers and this one lives up to its reviews .

Date PurchasedJul 2018

Still going great and still starting easily. 3 years later.

Bought in 2015 after my old blue Victa retired itself.
Starts first pull 95% of the time and does everything it should.
Chipper chute has been great as whenever I run into a low hanging branch it's just a matter of clipping it off and throwing it in, and it's mulch! (only up to around pinky finger thickness)
Catcher fills very quickly but the mower cuts so fine that I just stopped catching.
Really pleased and the box even fitted in my back seat.(just) Holden Statesman.

Date PurchasedMar 2015

Great value

Love tjis mower. Always starts stright up and gives a nice cut. Catcher can fill a bit quick, nut not really that bad. Nice and quiet compared to my ols Victa. Would purchase another masport when this one conks out. But that seems lime it will be a fair way off.

Date PurchasedMar 2015

Own 2, with 1 return experience

If you get a good one, it works well and is of good value for money. Unfortunately, we had to go through some trouble to finally get a good one. The first we bought wouldn’t start after two months. Initially, bunnings would not refund. We had to take it for repair, and the repairer changed $50 to ‘check’ it but could not fix it. Bunnings took pity on us and replaced it with a new one. Then just on the two-year mark, this one let off black smoke. We took it for repair, and luckily the repair worked and has been working fine. We also own another one for my parents’ house. It has been working fine for 2.5 years.

Date PurchasedDec 2015

A cut above ...

Easy to start first time everytime one pull no priming.
The foldaway handle is excellent.
The mulch plug and blade has seen the old standalone mulcher sit quietly in the corner. For the odd stick the blade works fine but the standout is how the mulchplug pulverises any leaves ect on the ground as you mow over it. Like a NutriBullet for the garden.
Side discharge is a welcome addition for catchless mowing.
It’s easy to turn and push and the extra width cutting has worked out to be a few less up and downs the backyard. Not so good for the Fitbit but great for not cutting into too much couch time.
Rock solid Briggs and Stratton motor with a variable speed control that is actually useful not just full speed or nothing.

Date PurchasedJul 2017

Great mower, plenty of power

I bought the special edition of this mower, which is essentially the same engine but slightly less features. This thing works brilliantly. Cuts the grass, chips my wood, and catches all the mess. Would recommend it to anyone needing a new one. Throw out your old mower, and get a new one like this.

Date PurchasedDec 2018

Great value

Was looking for a good value lawnmower and was only considering Victa. Spoke to a representative at Bunnings and was referred to this Masport which uses the same Briggs and Stratton engine at around $100 cheaper than the Victa alternative. Is essentially the same product at a cheaper price. Great engine with one pull starts every time.

Date PurchasedJun 2017

easy to use mower

Handles 150 sq m of yard fairly easily and has a large enough capacity for a 10-15 min mow. Soes have some reliability issues though. Needs a few cranks to get it going on a cold start and cleaning the mower is a bit fiddily. Very heavy mower so not so forgiving on a hot day.

Date PurchasedApr 2015

Great mower!

Had this for a few years - used it to maintain about 200m of lawn. Never skipped a beat! Mulch plug really handy, but you cant let the lawn get too long if using this (same with all mowers). I serviced it myself - very easy, although doesn't have an oil sump drain, so needs to be tipped upside down

Date PurchasedSep 2016

Great mower!

No problems so far. The lawn mower us great. Then woodchipper isn't great. Can only do small things. Better off investing in something larger. The lawnmower does a great job but is quite heavy for my partner and harder to manoeuvre than some of the others. Overall though it functions well.

Date PurchasedJun 2017

Great Buy

Very good mower for the price and for the store (Bunnings). I have had the mower 2 years and i serviced got it serviced 6 months ago due to oil leaking into the carby. Great cutting on my thick lawn and it is very light and easy mower to use. Would buy again hopefully 10 years down the track

Date PurchasedFeb 2016

Good mower and only two small gripes

The basic mower is reliable and lets do the bad news first. The catcher is a struggle to locate and you often get a face full of clippings if you insert it wrong... it is a little unforgiving. the air pressure from the mower is high if you are not right down on idle and you are in long grass overloaded with clippings.
Just make sure you don't over fill the catcher, idle down all the way and ensure air can escape out the sides.

The Mulcher is handy every now and again but I would rather have a model without the mulcher because I have a Ozito Silent Shredder 2400W that does a better job, don't buy it thinking it will do a lot of mulching it isn't good as a dedicated unit.

The rest is brilliant and starting cold or hot this has never let me down, it cuts well and adjustments are easy, what more do you want? It is great for an area where you need a bit more grunt.

If you are elderly or just not a 70-120KG user watch this one, it is heavy like so many in this class, consider that carefully and go for a lighter unit. This is 33.72kg and lifting it in a car boot yourself is way beyond what you would call safe. Some of the 2 strokes are 12KG lighter than this one, consider them.

Well done Masport.

Date PurchasedJun 2016

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Bunnings 490 4'n1
Price (RRP)579
Power SourcePetrol
Cutting Width485
Minimum Cutting Height7
Maximum Cutting Height70
Mulching CapabilityYes

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