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Masport Bunnings 490 4'n1

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4.5 from 34 reviews

Great Buy

Very good mower for the price and for the store (Bunnings). I have had the mower 2 years and i serviced got it serviced 6 months ago due to oil leaking into the carby. Great cutting on my thick lawn and it is very light and easy mower to use. Would buy again hopefully 10 years down the track

Date PurchasedFeb 2016

Good mower and only two small gripes

The basic mower is reliable and lets do the bad news first. The catcher is a struggle to locate and you often get a face full of clippings if you insert it wrong... it is a little unforgiving. the air pressure from the mower is high if you are not right down on idle and you are in long grass overloaded with clippings.
Just make sure you don't over fill the catcher, idle down all the way and ensure air can escape out the sides.

The Mulcher is handy every now and again but I would rather have a model without the mulcher because I have a Ozito Silent Shredder 2400W that does a better job, don't buy it thinking it will do a lot of mulching it isn't good as a dedicated unit.

The rest is brilliant and starting cold or hot this has never let me down, it cuts well and adjustments are easy, what more do you want? It is great for an area where you need a bit more grunt.

If you are elderly or just not a 70-120KG user watch this one, it is heavy like so many in this class, consider that carefully and go for a lighter unit. This is 33.72kg and lifting it in a car boot yourself is way beyond what you would call safe. Some of the 2 strokes are 12KG lighter than this one, consider them.

Well done Masport.

Date PurchasedJun 2016

Great so far

I'm on 1000m2 with some thick buffalo grass that can be really tough to cut through, however, putting this on the smart chute I could just waltz through it so much faster than my old mower. Took it out of the box and it started with the first pull. Definitely happy with the purchase!

Date PurchasedJan 2018

Very happy with this great Mower

There's nothing to complain about this machine, it meets a lot of expectations and it always starts with just one pull. It has a powerful engine in which I just used 80%-90% of its power, the petrol tank is quite huge compared to my older Masport which needed two refills to finished the job, whilst the one I am currently using only needs one round of petrol. The cutting and mulching works great, and I also had tried the chipper which worked fantastically, I was able to feed 10mm up to 20mm sizes of the varying twigs/sticks, but 10mm (personally recommended) was also great. In my opinion, I don't like the sounds of the chipping process with the 20mm. In this model you can also fold the handle in an upright position in just one step with the folding lever, which comes in handy when storing.

With the cleaning, I usually clean the air filter after every use simply just by blowing air from my air compressor and the air filter cover is users friendly, there's need to remove bolts and nuts, it's just the simple actions of snapping the lock with your finger.

Date PurchasedOct 2017

Quality machine that does what it says it will do.

After owning a Masport/ Briggs & stratton for over 10 years,we decided we needed 2 mowers after moving to a larger lot. The first Masport is still going strong after those years, several home moves etc etc. At first, the 490 4 in 1 appeared to be "lightly" built to the old one, yes its lighter but it is tough.
For me, having to mow a large area, this machine really does offer a variety of features. Having no green waste pick up, the mulch option is fantastic and it worked a treat in LONG wet grass, only stopping a few times in the worst part. The "smart chute" works well, acting like a side discharge mower on short grass, and the catcher is tough. At first I thought I'd break the catcher by spilling water on it, but no way.
The chipper.....well, going by the instructions, you have to have it on the lowest height level...forget about trying that on grass, it needs t be over a hard flat surface....and it will leave marks.Not scratches, but more like heat marks. And when doing a lot of palm frongs, be prepared to sweep. But hey, its a lawnmower, not an industrial chipper.
Basically, yes I recommend, cuts thru a jungle even on mulch, easy start and gives mowing options.

Date PurchasedOct 2017

Great Mower

Very happy with the cutting, mulching and chipper. Have not used the smart chute as yet.
I mow two yards a week in summer and every 2-3 weeks in winter, she handles the work load with ease and plenty of grunt for long and thick grass.
Over the last 2 years I've changed the blades, air filter, spark plug and oil once, very easy to maintain.
I got 20 yrs out of my rover with 190cc briggs and Stratton, so far 3 good yrs with the masport!!

Date PurchasedAug 2014

Versatile mower.

Upgraded from a Bosch battery mower to this one because the Bosch couldn't cope with the heavy grass and the charger failed. Given the price of a replacement charger, a new mower made sense.
The Masport has been pretty good. Cuts well, can handle the overgrowth if not pushed too hard, and the chipping feature is handy for small branches and such. Lacks the power of some of the 2 strokes but, it's adequate.
The width is nice and it handles reasonably well, although heavy compared to our last, mostly plastic electric.
General maintenance is typical of 4 strokes. One problem I encountered was a small choke spring that slipped off and caused the mower not to start. This was difficult to diagnose and very difficult to reconnect, being behind the fuel tank. Once reconnected, however, the mower started with one pull.

Date PurchasedFeb 2017

Perfect for us

We only have a small yard, but we have lots of palms with fronds, and putting them into the garden bag was a pain. Now we just chip them and they are a lot easier to deal with. First day we had it we just stood there, fed it palm fronds and laughed :D
Love it :)

Squeaky mower

My new mower has a loud squeaking sound that attracts attention as I push it around. It is quite embarrassing. I took it back to Bunnings where I bought it and they told me that it is a warranty issue. I am disappointed that it couldn't just be replaced but taken to the recommended repairer and that it would be 4 days before I could expect any result. I wonder if they would have minded if I had oiled and fueled and tested the mower before I paid them the money for the machine. Maybe I could suggest that people should have the opportunity to hold payment for 4 days after they take the mower.
Since none of these ideas are likely to be taken up I have agreed to allow them to take possession of my mower while they get it fixed but I do feel that since no one could possibly have created this problem except during production, the mower should have been replaced without the extended discussions with Bunnings staff before any hope of a satisfactory solution.

Great mower but not enough power

Bought this from Bunnings Warrawong based on reviews thinking it will be great for the next 5-10 years, used it twice and realised I couldn't live with the lack of power, it took me 2 hours 15 minutes to mow instead of the usual 45 minutes because I had to slow right down to avoid stalling. when mowing very short lawn it went well and mulched brilliantly, I tried using the chipper & it nearly tore my hand off, I then tried it with gloves on but it was still very harsh to use. This mower would suit someone that has slow growing lawn as it is clearly a high quality machine, I have kikuyu in a clay soil so it grows very fast. I replaced with a Ryobi 190cc which also went back because it was a cheap pile of rubbish, then replaced with a Honda powered Victa for many more dollars, this is a great mower.

All in one incredible mower and fantastic service at Bunnings Dural

After reviewing several Lawn Mowers I settled down on the Masport 490 4'n1. This an incredible machine. True it's claim, it does mows the grass, mulches the grass clippings neatly when used with the 'Mulch plug'; With the 'Smart Chute' it spreads the finely chopped grass clippings back to your lawn. Additionally, it has a Shredder capable of shredding tree branches up to 35 mm in diameter! The best thing I like about the Masport 490 is it's ability to cut very close to the wall or fence, thanks to it's ingenious design of the blade coverage extending beyond the wheels width!. My Masport 490 4'n'1, in addition to mowing and mulching, does the work of a Whipper Sniper and a Shredder. My lawn mowing time has been cut in half thanks to these features and last but not least the 19" cut width!

Works Well

Purchased from Bunnings for $550 and they gave me the oil for free.
Can't really fault it, starts easily and cuts well, it is quite heavy when mowing slopes but then it is a big powerful machine. I use the mulch plug all the time and again can't fault it, when i do use the catcher it does as it should although the silly little full/empty gauge on the catcher is useless. As with all mowers works best when grass is dry but still performs when damp
It has just recently started refusing to stop which i can see is quite a common problem, easily overcome by just pushing forward where the cable attaches to the engine. I never realized but it is still under warranty so will get it repaired, will update after dealing with warranty.

Good after first use

It's been around 20 years since the last Masport purchase, so I was ready for an upgrade big time. No doubt the new version is China manufactured. The mower and chipper performance was excellent and for a first go the 4'n1 impressed. Improvements might be a more definitive indication of the required volume of engine oil (how many mls for first use from empty?), a less vulnerable pull cord (can see it getting worn or broken in the next few years), and a throttle cable that did not impede the exhaust flap when adding & removing the catcher (annoying). I don't expect the 4'n1 will last as long as the previous machine, but I'm willing to be proved wrong.

Early days but no complaints

Was going to buy a low end Honda but the price went up by $100 so I started looking at alternatives.

The 490 is a Bunnings version of another Masport mower. If you compare the models you can see where the features have been cut back to get to the cheaper Bunnings price.

However it still has a B&S motor which seems good and starts easily.

The mower has had a hard first few months. First job was to get through a whole yard of knee high grass which it managed.

I then used the chipper to get rid of a load of palm fronds. It works OK as long as the stem fits in to the 35mm chute. Most fronds need the base cut off before they will fit.

For normal maintenance mowing it's been fine and mulches well.

The last mower I used was a new Rover self propelled model which I didn't like. The 490 is much better.

Happy with the mower.

** Edit ** after 18 months it's still going strong, pleased with this mower.

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Which machine uses a solid bar type cutter?
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Bunnings 490 4'n1
Cutting Width485 mm
Mulching Capability Yes
Catcher Type Rigid
Catcher Capacity42 L
Height of Cut7 mm to 71 mm
Number of Blades5
Weight30 kg

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