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It's really good functionaly but there are things and improvementertainment to be fixed.




Defective Mower - returned under Warranty. Fixed locally but won't return mower until I pay for rep


I bought a brand new mower in a box. Had trouble with it from the start. After using it 3 - 4 times, I returned it under warranty. They sent it to a local repair guy and they fixed it. They replaced a few new parts and said it was not covered under warranty.
They threatened to sell my mower if I don't pay the repair bill.

No wonder this business is going. Woolworths - you should be ashamed.

Trevor Ballard

Trevor BallardBallina

  • 3 reviews

Beware Discount Tags Take yr Calculator


What a joke Just loaded up some mulch and paid for it.. about to put in the car and thought Check the Discount the LABEL clearly stated 25% BUT the Register takes off 20%.
Come on guys STOP CHEATING. The best was yet to come I asked for refund at Register NO go to "Service desk" NO I will have to ask Manager. Seven people all chatting nearby, one was the guy who said Yes give refund. NO SORRY NO APOLOGIES NOTHING just a waste of MY time its worthless obviously.
Good riddins Hello Bunnings
This was Nerang Masters I had spent over $1500 previously at the Store

Sam L

Sam L

  • 10 reviews

Closing down discount is not real


Visited Masters Oakleigh South 5-10-16. I needed several different household and hardware items. All, without exception were particularly expensive after discount supposedly substantial discount. Do not waste your time.

Amanda R

Amanda RMelbourne

  • 3 reviews

Nice surprise that they still accepted our gift cards


Customer service...


I understand that Masters is going to be closing down and that it will affect staff. However if you are still working there at least make the effort to be there. My family waited around an hour and in the end the person who was suppose to serve us never came and another employee had to help out. Although we did get what we intended, it took far too long.


HariPerth, WA

No refund because they are closing down


Robert W.

Robert W.South East Queensland, QLD

  • 15 reviews



Buyers beware


Spent 500 dollars on equipment that turned out to be second hand. Opened it and the motor part was broke. The staff agreed to replace it with the managers approval. I bought this item in its box the previous day. The managers said that it was not seriously damaged. It would be repaired. He recommended that I take it to be repaired because it could be weeks before they had it repaired. When I said I was not willing to bring it to be repaired. He went OK. Your going to be waiting. He was very rude. Any when I argued back he asked me to leave the store. His eyes were roaring red either over tired or something else.

Security poorly handled.


Store [ Forrestdale] was teeming with bargain hunters on the long weekend, but as we hadn't chosen anything we headed for the garden area exit doors. I was with my husband and we headed for the door, but were abruptly stopped by a security man who didn't even make an attempt at being polite. I opened my small handbag [ less than A4 size], allowed him to look inside and he [unsmiling] allowed us to leave.There was no pleasantness, no thank you or "enjoy your day"- just a scowl.We had not been acting oddly or picking items up in a suspicious manner.My husband and I both have police clearances due to our work.If this is how customers are encouraged to be loyal it's no wonder Masters is going under.



Not Staff Fault


Unfortunately it's not the Masters staff that control the prices, the stock no longer belongs to Masters so they can't discount anymore. Also if Masters have a estimated closing date in December if they slashed there prices right down now they would close a lot earlier than the date set because they would have no stock to sell. People are not looking at the bigger picture. They need to start with smaller discounts to reach that end date.
The no returns or exchanges policy is not set by the staff it's completely out of there hands and I've heard them getting a lot of abuse over it.
Every time I have shopped there I have been greeted by friendly staff who love there job.
My view is if you are a great customer you'll get great service.

Phil S

Phil SPerth, WA

  • 19 reviews

Love it.


I have no complaints with this store, the store is well layout out, has good range of products on sale and better service. Would highly recommend giving Masters a go.


CarolineSouth East Queensland, QLD

  • 2 reviews

Kitchen purchase


My cabinets arrived with parts missing. Ordered a stone bench top it was cut using an off cut and measurements aĺl out. Was offered compensation and withdrawn. Took 8 weeks to get a new bench top re measured and installed. Ordered a back spash it was not the colour i selected. Terrible service all the way through. [name removed] oh and emailed head office who never responded.



  • 8 reviews

Liquidation sale - frustrating


went to buy a mower .


wouldn't sell me one doing stock take told me to come back next day when I wanted to buy one there n then



  • 42 reviews

Will be sad to see them go.


I have really enjoyed shopping at Masters in Mornington. The staff there have always been friendly and helpful unlike their Bunnings counterpart near by. Even today as the store is in close down mode I was greeted happily and asked on several occasions if I needed any assistance. I wish the staff all the best and hope their future is a lot brighter than Masters in Australia.



  • 2 reviews



Staff at Cairns Masters are untrained, have no knowledge of products and have a don't care less attitude. Funny how the management do their little staff pep talks. If only they spent more time teaching staff to have customer service skills..



  • 2 reviews

What a fire sale! Prices and service well below par.


No joy to be found at masters Chullora, asked a staff worker at the counter for a price check, he said ok, and proceeded to continue his conversation with a female co worker. Over minute later I said "never mind" and as proceeded to walk away came the reply "are you sure?" Please hurry up and disappear, will stick to Bunnings.

Fed Up

Fed UpNorthern Rivers Nsw

Masters Staff acknowledge ineptitude of management and associates


Several experiences confirm .
Items paid for and advised ready to pick up sold to other customers.
Advised that items ordered and paid for were never in stores .
Misinformation about processes and then blame customer for their mistakes.
Managers with bad attitude.
No comprehension of Trade Practices.
There is more but why bother.

Closing Down is the result of performance.
Some justice
Ps. Just spoke with store manager and typical of inept operators he used the" well@ the end of the day" metafor to skirt any recompense due to store operations.

Travel Bug

Travel BugMelbourne

  • 14 reviews

Big Liquidation sale?....yah right


Needed 14 light fittings for my house. Saw the 'big liquidation sale' advertised on tv. Most items were only 10% off but pricing was already inflated. Found a light fitting I liked @ $45 each after discount ($640 for 14). As they did not have 14 of them, went to bunnings. Found the same fitting for $25 each. Almost have the price. While at masters I also looked at a fridge I purchased a month ago at Harvey's for $799. Masters discounted price $1199.. I think masters will be left with a lot of stock when the doors close if their discounted price is up to 80% higher than other stores. To any body wanting a so called bargin, do your research first.

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Gail L.

Gail L.asked

Does anyone know what brand toilets Masters sold. I have a hairline crack in my cistern and am wanting to buy a replacement. Thanks Gail

No answers



Has anybody tried to assemble one of the kitchens ? The detail on the drawings is terrible . trying to assemble rawer & have no idea how to do it. No video tutorial available & scared I will damage the drawer trying to prise out a fitting to attach to front board . I will never buy the Profile range again

1 answer

Why am I receiving this email?
Please delete my email ,




how do you get onto the big boss at their h/q? It is hard to contact anyone

2 answers
Werner S.
Werner S.

Sorry didn't....spoke to telephone receptionist and asked for directions to complain...explained my problem....she then spoke with manager and arranged for replacement blade from stock on floor.... extremely bad product because of lack of parts ...I had been in touch on 2 previous occasions and told that they would ring back...which didn't happen...xtremly bad customer service


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