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Matrix TPLT5616

Matrix TPLT5616

4.1 from 8 reviews

Would definitely buy again!

Very easy to use, compared to other brands on the market. Supports different width cable too, which is unique. The battery is easy to detach when charging and it charges fast as well. I would recommend this product and the service from the seller. A plus ebay customer service. Done

Date PurchasedMay 2018

not bad

This wiper sniper/brush cutter is very powerful, and great value. The only issue is the battery doesn't last very long. This is fine for home use, as you can just do half an hour one time, then charge it up, and the next day finish your lawn, but unless you had several batteries, or at least one other battery, you couldn't use this, if you were mowing lawns as a job for instance

Date PurchasedMar 2018

good buy

powerful does the job and works well have no problem with the unit so far would recommend this item to anyone who need a reliable and effective tool good response from seller. transaction was smooth with no problem price was reasonable so consider it is a worthy purchase to last a few years

Date PurchasedMay 2017

Best trimmer I've ever had.

Exceptional machine, high quality manufacture very easy to operate,I particularly like the feed mechanism, works like a charm with regular line feed, no more fumes, no more unable to start woes, just a great innovation all round.I would highly reccommend this product to anyone with complete confidence. also I know from past experience that I have the backup of Outbaxcamping if anything happens to go wrong with the machine

Date PurchasedFeb 2018

Good Machine

Easy to use and works very well. Cuts woody material with ease.
Parts are well made. and the unit is easily assembled.
As usual the instruction book could be better.
A year old haven't replaced any parts and used extensively last summer and the past few weeks.

Would highly recommend

Date PurchasedAug 2017

great device

Powerful for battery operated device and cuts well and is very well ballanced for a hand held.
The Machine feels well-made, and well-balanced to hold and use. I haven't owned it for long enough yet to rate its battery/charge-life or if the whole thing lasts well... so this is a preliminary report.

Date PurchasedFeb 2018

Great device except for original cutting head which wore out in six months of light use.

Powerful for battery operated device and cuts well.
Replacement cutting head difficult to open and close. Needs a strong hand to push and twist.
Original cutting head wore out in six months of light use. Replacement head is much stronger but difficult to use
Harness is also not very user friendly.

Date PurchasedNov 2017

Does the job

Bought this 56V cordless electric line trimmer on sale (for less than $200) at Ebay from an online seller known as Outbax Camping. The machine is quite large - a similar size to other trimmers available with comparable power - although online their measurements are not accurate as to the length of it. This is not a problem as the dimensions given online are way too small.
The 56V battery is a 4.0Ah unit and is huge - as is the actual charger. It slots into place easily and well. So, being 56V it has plenty of charge and power. When pressing the 'on' trigger buttons to operate, the electric motor is slow to respond. It does not instantly rev up as in other units I've tried but takes a second or so to get going at a useable speed. This seems annoying at first but it is fine once it's going. The trimmer takes a thicker 2mm line and seems good for even thick grass. Also included is a solid disc for trimming ultra-heavy weeds etc.

The Machine feels well-made, and well-balanced to hold and use. I haven't owned it for long enough yet to rate its battery/charge-life or if the whole thing lasts well... so this is a preliminary report. Like so much we buy these days, you can buy expensive or budget items, and the most expensive doesn't always mean 'the best' - this probably fits into the medium-level range. You can pay extra for more well-known brands but if you're searching for a cheaper option this might be worth looking at. So far I've found it sufficient for my average-size yard. In my opinion, it's probably not as good as some more expensive machines such as the EGO or other big-brand units - but then again, you'll often pay much more for them. This is a lot of power (at 56V and 4.0Ah) for the price I paid. So, if you can get one of these at a good price I'd recommend it - and the sellers/agents seem reliable.

Questions & Answers

Where can we get the spool/cord replacement for these?
1 answer
Go to your local Stihl dealer and buy a spool of 15m 2mm trimmer line - for under $9! If you're lucky the dealer will measure off two armlenghts of cord and thread it into the bumphead

Hi Are you still happy with your Matrix Brush Cutter Cordless Line Trimmer. The price is now $269 do you think it is worth it?
4 answers
Hi and thanks for your question. Yes, I'm happy with the Matrix trimmer thus far. I've used it quite a bit and it's very powerful - just as good as a large full electric or small motorised unit - but without the hassle of cords or, in the case of petrol powered, the fuel. It uses 2mm line and is solidly built. I'd say it's worth the $269, although I'd suggest waiting until it's available at a more discounted price. The reason I say this is the following: unless in a potential warranty claim, there appears to be no spare parts available. For example I wrote and asked if I could buy a spare battery, but the sellers responded that none were available except for a warranty claim. The battery is huge and one charge is sufficient for me to trim my 750m2 yard at least 3 times before needing to recharge. Nevertheless, without the ability to buy another one when it wears out (hopefully it will last a few years) the machine would be rendered useless. So, I'd balance the price with the amount of use you'll get and the convenience. I've noticed there are other 40v trimmers on Ebay for only approx $165 - and I would imagine that they too would be quite powerful. In short, however, the Matrix is solidly built and very powerful. It's battery lasts extremely well and it cuts through heavy grass and weeds if needed. I'm happy with it thus far and use it once a week. In terms of the machine itself, yes, I'd recommend it.Thanks for the reply It has all positive reviews on Ebay so when Ebay offered a 10% off today I ordered one. Especially wanted the option of the metal blade. If the battery ever needs replacing you might be able to get it repacked at Battery World they were able to do that for an old video camera battery I had.Hi. I also have one of these trimmers and was concerned about not being able to get a spare/replacement battery. I have just found that the Baumr-AG battery looks to be identical (I have closely studied the pics and it is very common for power tools made by the one manufacturer to be found under several different brand names ...) check it out for yourselves....https://www.edisons.com.au/4-0ah-lithium-replacement-battery-pack-bpk-4/


Matrix TPLT5616
Price (RRP)999
Power SourceBattery
Handle TypeBike Handle

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