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How many jobs per fortnight do i have to report, i am 64
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none. no job search for anyone over 60 if Max empolyment tells you any different which they may so they get the commission off the Govt check with centrelink They cant force anyone over 60 to do job search its the law. but knowing Max they will try to force you. plus appointments can be either in person or by phone once a month.again max will tell you different check with center link or check center links web site all the correct information is on thereno job search requirements for any one over 60 No work for the dole requirements for anyone over 60. its the law the job active agency cant force anyone to do it. so the answer is 0 jobs per fortnightZero jobs per fortnight for anybody over 60 If you are going thru Max employment they will try to force you to do job search & threaten to cut off your payments if you dont do it. Its the law they cant force anybody over 60 to do job search or WFTD. Max only does it so can get their commission off the Govt. They really need to be reported & shut down.

Who can I go to to make a complaint about Max Employment and how incompetent they are ???
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Right here: https://www.jobaccess.gov.au/complaints. Also, avoid these employment agencies: The O.R.S. Group Limited employment agency, Olympus Solutions Limited, and Ability Options. The last two employment agencies are conjoined together. O:-|Go to your local federal member of parliment ^& complain to him/her in writing. there has been so many complaints about Max to the job access complaints & nothing gets done so take the next step. or contact a current affair they need to be shut down.Iam waiting for the day that somebody ACTUALLY reports them a lot of whinging on here but nobody has the balls to actually report them. jobaccess/complaints.gov.au or your local memberof parliment

How much money does max employment make
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Millions a year for doing nothingThe average pay for a (job search) consultant is AU$24.71 per hour.

With so many reviews written, is Centrelink aware of the harsh situation we jobseeker are in? Is the relevant authority paying any attention to all these voices here, I am curious to know.
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centrelink know and really dont care, the only way to get something done is go & see your local member of parliment & put in a complaint if that dosent work approach a current affair It takes more than 1 person to complain if there were multiple complains Then centre link & the fed gov would have to do something. Max has been in trouble with the gov back in 2009 for exactly the same thing makes you wonder how they got the contract back

Has anyone ever had a Max employee admit or apologize for a mistake that they have made?
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No I don't personally know of anyone who has had a max employee appolagiseThat will never happen they are right even if they are wrong.Pffft not gonna happen, they dont care so they wont apologise for anything.

Will max pay for work clothes and shoes after doing a course?
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Yes, they have funding from government.

I was told that max employment can pay for courses or tafe is this true?
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maybe ask themGood luck with that you can try,I was with one of those employment mobs & I was told they cover costs for tafe courses,I was in a course for 3 weeks but kicked out for failure to pay, Asked the job agency what's going on & was told they didn't approve because apparently I won't get a job out of it! You would think by trying to better yourself & doing a course to gain further employment or opportunities would benefit them and yourself but apparently no!!Dont believe what they told you.Ask them to pay directly to school .( never use your money pay first.).

How much do they be compensated for active people seeking work, just to sit at tables n bamble bullshit about seeking employment. As we know how to handle interviews, we not that hopeless that we be sat down n listen to n do idiotic string games in Gladstone, qld.what , or who benefits, n how much?
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Im in Gladdy too bro, its rediculous hey, then answer it "too much" regardless of the actual amount. Max is an American company and they only still exist because they could afford to undercut other companies like epic when the gov opened bidding on the next 2 year contract for employment agencies due to the fact that they are international and have enough cash to do so. I've asked for a transfer before to neato as when I was with them I got proper certs and lots of temp jobs and after all the paperwork they refused to transfer me and I hear the only way they will is if you become too difficult for them to deal with. Looks like im gonna have to go in there and throw a tantrum like a 5 year old just to get swapped to an agency that helps me find employment.Hey dude, yeh Mex are hopeless THROUGHOUT Australia- they are all the same; useless. You have the right to change job providers at any time- you can contact the National Customer Service Line to lodge your complaint- from here you can send an email of your dispute- they will also do the transfer over for you- OR call their number on:- 1800 805 260 to do the same- they are awesome and very quick to respond, and they are nation wide so can do this from any state within Australia.Senator the Hon Michaelia Cash was sworn in as Minister for Jobs and Innovation on 20 December 2017.

who do i complain to about a govenment recruitment agancie
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If it's Max employment I would try quality@maxsolutions.com.au.Thank so much for your the response though the website you provided will not be any assistance in this circumstance of will listen to you and then have a chat with the department in question & nothing changes while the Department of Education and Training will investigate for the quality of their performance and accountability rules . max solutions can be questioned if they aren't meeting the expectation of all non-corporate , that's the every day Australian. Max Solution/Max employment have to answer to https://www.education.gov.au/ 1300 566 046 Direct no 13 33 97 They spent 40 minutes listening and asking questions .then it was read out to me word for word and my call was escalated to an investigating manager who called me back within 10 minutesWe all must report Max in order for a better agency to come fourth. May the force be with us........

My husband who is 64 and really ill has been made to go through MAX, even whilst fighting for disability. Today he tried to explain that even though he has applied for jobs no one will hire him as he has cardiomyopathy with a defibrillator inserted in his chest and of course no employer will take the risk of hiring someone with that condition. He was told at MAX today that he had to stay and do an hour's job hunting and discussion with other people. He tried to explain his condition which is in the objection stage with disability for the 4th time, but the MAX employee just sent him away. He's now gone down to Centrelink but I fear this will have a dreadful negative effect on his health. He is already under the care of a psychologist for stress, plus he has rheumatoid arthritis and is an insulin dependent diabetic. Any advice please?
4 answers
All I can suggest is the Australian Unemployed Workers Union. Their contact details are: Phone (03) 8394 5266 Email contact@unemployedworkersunion.com. I hope this helps.How have your gone with this? Has he provided Centrelink with a verification of medical condition form with all his conditions listed? This may help get him upstreamed or suspended.If your husband is over 60 he dosent have to look for work or apply for jobs all Centrelink participation requirements for the dole end when someone turns 60 everything is voluntary check out the Centrelink web site.. The same think happened to me but a different agency they try to do it & get away with it because every time they see a person on Centrelink the agency gets paid from the government So in order to keep up the numbers to make it look like they are doing something & keep making money the agencies fail to inform people over 60 what the requirements are so they can keep getting paid.. Check the centre link web site Newstart 60 & over

Where can you lodge a complaint against staff at rosney park office tasmania
3 answers
Sorry to see you having these issues, there seems to be quite a few more people out there in the same boat. For what its worth you can make a complaint or give feed back to the government on this # 1800132468 or go to humanservices.gov.au/feedback for more options. you can also contact the Commonwealth Ombudsman on1300362072 or there web site ombudsman.gov.au if you don't have any success with the feed back line . I never got this far myself so I cant tell you if they would be any help ,I don't know if there are any more providers in your area but you could always ask centre link if you could change, and give some one else a try. I hope this information can help you out, and that your situation improves in the not to distant future,I had an issue. One worker treated me inferior. Like it's my fault where I was ticking the boxes and dotting the eyes. I made a direct complaint to Max at Max. Formal complaint. Had interview. Was treated with respect blah blah. Just that one employee was the issue and it was sorted. Was suggested to Me by a Max coworker to complain. Actually I got home and got a call from her saying I should make a complaint. I have a disability and my carer thought I was being I'll treated and those too had argument which led to the complaint. I got up n left as I thought it was going to. Lead to a punch up lol.Senator the Hon Michaelia Cash was sworn in as Minister for Jobs and Innovation on 20 December 2017.

Is it true that max empoyment get a pay rate that when someone finds a job they get paid..? Or do they get paid for every time a client goes for there appointment?
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I believe it is true, however if they did not help you get the job you have EVERY right to decline giving them the payslip if they had no role in helping you get said jobMax employment only gets paid if the jobseekers go off centrelink and stay off for 6 months. you dont have to give them your payslips but if you are meant to be at work for the dole they use your work hours as your work for the dole. they did that for me once i started work and i didn't have to go back to my work for the dole. they use the payslips to verify how many hours you work and also to check if you are declaring your income to centrelink correctly. i accidentally mis-reported a few times and they would let me know and give me a chance to fix my declarations with centrelink. I can understand if they dont offer you any support, i mean, why would you show them any support back? but i asked and they told me that they make no money from having people on their books, and only make the money once they got off payments. all the money used for courses and work clothes etc isn't Max Employments money its actually tax payer money.Max Employment is a commercial company, and they turn a profit for the services they render through government contracts. They get paid by the government for every attended appointment, for every successful placement, and for every individual who enrolls in one of their improvement courses. This is why they were caught 'enrolling' 141 fake attendees in a 15 person course.

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